No Traffic To Your Blog? Here’s Why…

After spending that much time in writing that piece of article which then you published it on your blog, only to find out later that no one is actually reading it, you might be wondering what went wrong. Well, there’s plenty of reasons why no one is reading your blog content. Apart from SEO related reasons, there are also some common sense reasons that might be getting in the way. You need to understand these simple and most likely neglectable reasons so that you can figure out what really went wrong and do something to rectify the problem and over all increase your blog traffic.

Here are a few reasons why there’s no traffic to your blog.


The rule of thumb is never ever copy content from anywhere else. Identify the subject in which you’re interested in writing. Writing your own content and get it to be published on your blog and eventually received some readers’ comments is a satisfactory feeling that money can’t buy. Using copied content on your blog not only is unethical, but you’ll also lose the trust of your readers that supported you. Also your blog will be most likely to be penalized by search engines for having duplicate content.

Too Many, Too Much

When people started a blog, they tend to blog on a variety of topics. The downside of this is you’ll not be able to devote quality time to each category, thus you ended up in writing articles with poor quality that bored readers. Readers will soon feel that you’ve lost direction and most likely they’ll say good bye to your blog.

Poor Writing Style

 Your writing style matters a lot. Remember you’re not writing for just a few people on the Internet. You’re focusing on diverse range of people with various backgrounds. Your writing should be easy to follow for each one of them. When you write an article, always remember not to make readers feel that they’re reading an instruction manual. Your writing should be creative, easy to read, has good sentence flow and proper choice of words. If you use poor writing style, chances are you may not be seeing your readers coming back again.

You’re Not Sociable

You’ve made your blog more social by adding various social media share buttons all over the place so that your readers can share your content on their respective social network sites. It’s not that your blog alone should be sociable; as the blog owner you too should be sociable. Have you came across a blog that never had replies to readers’ comments? Have you seen a blog that only approved comments made by their own friends or buddies but not yours? Would you visit these kind of blogs? I bet you won’t! Is your blog one of those? I hope not! You should communicate with your readers, reply to their comments in the comments section. Thank them and let them know what you’re up to through email newsletter. Give away useful freebies that are relevant to your blog to show your appreciations on their support. Win the love of your readers.

The above mentioned are a few common sense reasons why you don’t get traffic to your blog. Ofcourse there are also reasons that are SEO related such as, poor site navigations, no keyword research, no backlinks and etc.. Bottom line is, traffic is so precious to a blog and your blog won’t make it to the top if there’s no traffic. Whether it’s common sense or SEO related reasons, you better find out what slows your blog’s traffic down and do something about it!

Apart from SEO related reasons, what do you think would cause a blog to have no traffic? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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Peter Lee is the webmaster of He had recently moved his blog from Blogger to WordPress. He also wants you to check out Google Gravity which is an awesome trick for your browser.

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