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No Traffic To Your Blog? Here’s Why…

After spending that much time in writing that piece of article which then you published it on your blog, only to find out later that no one is actually reading it, you might be wondering what went wrong. Well, there’s plenty of reasons why no one is reading your blog content. Apart from SEO related reasons, there are also some common sense reasons that might be getting in the way. You need to understand these simple and most likely neglectable reasons so that you can figure out what really went wrong and do something to rectify the problem and over all increase your blog traffic.

Here are a few reasons why there’s no traffic to your blog.


The rule of thumb is never ever copy content from anywhere else. Identify the subject in which you’re interested in writing. Writing your own content and get it to be published on your blog and eventually received some readers’ comments is a satisfactory feeling that money can’t buy. Using copied content on your blog not only is unethical, but you’ll also lose the trust of your readers that supported you. Also your blog will be most likely to be penalized by search engines for having duplicate content.

Too Many, Too Much

When people started a blog, they tend to blog on a variety of topics. The downside of this is you’ll not be able to devote quality time to each category, thus you ended up in writing articles with poor quality that bored readers. Readers will soon feel that you’ve lost direction and most likely they’ll say good bye to your blog.

Poor Writing Style

 Your writing style matters a lot. Remember you’re not writing for just a few people on the Internet. You’re focusing on diverse range of people with various backgrounds. Your writing should be easy to follow for each one of them. When you write an article, always remember not to make readers feel that they’re reading an instruction manual. Your writing should be creative, easy to read, has good sentence flow and proper choice of words. If you use poor writing style, chances are you may not be seeing your readers coming back again.

You’re Not Sociable

You’ve made your blog more social by adding various social media share buttons all over the place so that your readers can share your content on their respective social network sites. It’s not that your blog alone should be sociable; as the blog owner you too should be sociable. Have you came across a blog that never had replies to readers’ comments? Have you seen a blog that only approved comments made by their own friends or buddies but not yours? Would you visit these kind of blogs? I bet you won’t! Is your blog one of those? I hope not! You should communicate with your readers, reply to their comments in the comments section. Thank them and let them know what you’re up to through email newsletter. Give away useful freebies that are relevant to your blog to show your appreciations on their support. Win the love of your readers.

The above mentioned are a few common sense reasons why you don’t get traffic to your blog. Ofcourse there are also reasons that are SEO related such as, poor site navigations, no keyword research, no backlinks and etc.. Bottom line is, traffic is so precious to a blog and your blog won’t make it to the top if there’s no traffic. Whether it’s common sense or SEO related reasons, you better find out what slows your blog’s traffic down and do something about it!

Apart from SEO related reasons, what do you think would cause a blog to have no traffic? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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Peter Lee is the webmaster of ComputerHowToGuide.com. He had recently moved his blog from Blogger to WordPress. He also wants you to check out Google Gravity which is an awesome trick for your browser.

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  • That was a great post Peter bro…i always give more weight to social media and that works for me in many ways 🙂

    • The blog owner should be as sociable as in replying to readers’ comments. Not all of the comments should be replied to of course, I understand some comments are just spammy and lame but a simple “thanks for the comment” to these comments will sure help a lot. Thanks for the comment Govind (no your comment is not at all spammy and lame) 😛

    • I’ve just visited Techizzle and it looks great and informative. I think you’ve made a wise decission in taking out the technology part to a new site so that your main blog could stay focus on only blogging tips. Then again, taking care of 2 blogs meaning less quality time to spend on each blog, but I’m sure 2 or 3 blogs are still easily manageable.

  • Great post Peter ! Copied content often doesn’t bring much traffic, and apart from, Google may also penalize you for this reason !

    • Thanks Danny. Nothing special mentioned here just some simple and common sense steps, hope it didn’t bore you. I’m not the type of SEO expert like Atish whom can write on the more technical side of why there is no traffic to a blog. (Yes it’s a compliment and you don’t have to thank me Atish) 😛

  • I think copied content or poor quality content is the main reason you are not getting traffic on your blog. Today, Google’s Panda updates are aimed at identifying those sites that produce top quality content. If you don’t abide by the Google guidelines, you can easily lose in the race of ranking at the top of search engines. In addition to producing high quality content, site owners should also incorporate a wide range of promotion strategies because great content can’t reach the target audience on its own.

    Thanks for the share, Peter!

    • You’re welcome Obaidul. I don’t like copied content and I certainly don’t like mine to be copied either. Poor quality content is still forgiveable to me, I’ll still respect his/her work, at least I think the writer had tried his/her best on writing and they deserved to be given the chance to improve.

  • hello
    very nice post my blog is suffering frm all these steps ……………………thnx for this featured article

    • Then you should do something about it and not letting your blog to “suffer” anymore. It “suffers” because its owner didn’t do the above basic steps to “take care” of her… and that’s YOU.

      Just a side note: You said your blog is suffering from all the above steps…? You mean you copied other people’s content Vishvast? 😛

  • To me it seems a bit narrow to just look at one side of the problem.
    The heading is: “No Traffic To Your Blog? Here’s Why”- Your points are good but they only
    describe the blog owners own efforts. Even though the blog owners own efforts are the most important, the blog are always exposed to external factors.

    Could it be that the reason for low traffic is : high competition (millions of blogs screaming for attention), people preferring to spend time on social media instead of reading blogs,
    or that most bloggers don’t have time/money to do all it take to get good traffic(social media marketing, press releases, rss submissions, community submissions, guest blogging and so no..).

    I think focusing on the points you mention is smart, but there is no guaranty that you will get traffic even if you follow all the steps.

    If you dont get traffic it might pay off to consider if you are in the right niche, or if you should find a less competative niche..

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, specially about the niche factor! There are many reasons that could cause a blog to have no traffic and you’ve given a few good reasons there yourself.

      You’ve mentioned things like social media marketing, rss submissions, guest blogging….in a sense, these are more advance steps and also dependable on external factors. However, as you can see, my focus is about factors which are more “controllable” to a blogger. In addition, I wouldn’t advice a blogger to write or submit guest post if he/she has poor writing style and is not interested to reply to comments.

      If a blogger doesn’t follow some of the simple and common steps that I’ve mentioned, he/she might as well forget about the steps you’ve mentioned. I guess, what I am trying to say is that we should not try to walk if we couldn’t even stand properly. Correct? 😛

      I just hope this article can provide some insights to fellow bloggers or newbies on why and how we can increase traffic… At the same time, yes, true! Even if one followed all the steps I’ve mentioned in the article, it won’t guarantee traffic as well. Unfortunately, nothing is really guarantee in this world.

      Thanks for pointing out that the title sounds a bit narrow on the problem, do you have a better suggestion on the title? But at least it got your attention right Bjorn? 😛

      Hey, maybe I can add another steps for this article…create a controversial title to attract traffic? I know…cheap tricks ya? Lol!

      • Yes, the title is probably the most important factor to draw attention. Your title is great, any your tips are basic and good tips for a solid blog qualety. But I think especially new bloggers should be aware of the niche factor. If you are in a hard niche you have to be prepared for hard work for a long time to get a decent traffic.

  • For me the to many to much part is the biggest thing that sends me away from a blog.If for example i go to a gaming blog and find some of there articles are completely of subject it puts me off the website as it appears as if they are writing content for the sake of writing content and not thinking about there readers.

  • Duplicate content can be a big and ugly issue. To remain on the safe side, i think that all bloggers should check from time to time online and see if their content has been “borrowed”.

  • nice points ,i think social sites plays important role in traffic for any blog , so be social & get traffic for your blog …

  • A definition of plagiarism is : “The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.”
    That’s tricky isn’t it? I mean most people copy someone else’s ideas right? How many blogs are there telling you the reasons your blog is under-performing.. I guess in Google’s case they’d mean copy and pasting huge chunks of material.
    There a lot of fuss around keyword placement and density, but really, if you have good quality content, which is original (the text I mean not necessarily the idea) you posts will succeed. There is a but of course, as Bjorn says above, competition is key. I could have the best optimised page on the Planet and Amazon will still beat me to the top of Google on a specific keyword..

    Great post, good food for thought!


  • My blog’s traffic has dropped significantly for almost 2 months and I still try to fix it. May be one of the above listed is the reason. I will analyze once again and remove unnecessary things on my blog. Thanks..

  • Most blog’s traffic goes down tremendously due to their low quality or say common content.
    I think that this post shared really genuine points.
    Good Stuff! 🙂

  • Well said!! Plagiarism is a plague that continues to spread as blogging, microbloggin, tumbing, and pinning grow in popularity. A lot of bloggers don’t take the time to educate themselves on the appropriate use of copyrighted material and haven’t figured out that if they just take the time to ask for permission and agree to attribute the material properly, the creator would probably say “yes”.

    Unfortunately, I think there are still a lot of folks out there that still get a lot of traffic from pirated material, whether it’s copy or images.

    Enjoyed the post, though!


    • I think the growing popularity of social media has made content duplicating even easier… and it seems you are the social media guru Sean? 🙂 Nice blog you have there and thanks for dropping by.

  • Too many , too much and not being sociable are the fields where i am lagging in , guess have to adjust ym posting frequency and rather conc. on being more sociable to my readers making them stick around with ym content !

  • great post..
    there are several reasons for not getting enough traffic to your blog…..
    and the main reason is duplicate content…agree with you..
    but sometimes you may not get traffic on original content also…but we should try to be patient .

  • Nice post…!
    Poor writing style and copied content is major factor that can create problems. Usually bloggers copy data from other blogs and paste that data in their own blog. And visitors find same data on different blogs.
    Social media is important to attract visitors. So write quality content, think about visitors choice and be social and get traffic for blog.

  • All good points have been described by you…..most of the time i also face this kinds of problem that i had written the article but no one read it…..but for the next time it will be a remarkable post……thanks for sharing

  • thanks for the article peter. every article that i read about to generate the traffic they recommended to go for social networking. i am very bad at social networking is any another way to promote my website other than social networking,?? thanks for the article.. 🙂

  • i think social sites plays important role in traffic for any blog , so be social & get traffic for your blog..

    Thanks for sharing

  • Really helping post peter. These are the major factors many bloggers are fails, your writing style also effect on traffic. I totally agree with you through this sentence “comments is a satisfactory feeling that money can’t buy”, when i was receive first comment in my blog that happiness is unmeasurable.

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