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Whether you are a blogger or an online business owner you always need to market your content and product to reach out to a huge number of audiences. The more reach you achieve, the more profit you make. If you fail to reach out to the right kind of audience, you end up failing in your business.

As we are talking about online marketing, we cannot miss Facebook, which is a social networking website with a huge number of users. Marketing and promotion of your products on Facebook is the real deal due the huge number of user base.

To promote something on Facebook, we mostly use Facebook Fan Pages, Groups, status updates, and Comments. Doing these really attracts more eyeballs to our content. But, posting every day is a real pain and eats a lot of time.

Why not using some software that can automate these posting tasks, and we use our time doing something else and more productive simultaneously?

Okay so, let me introduce you to Ninja Blaster that puts your online marketing on autopilot.

Ninja Blaster

Ninja Blaster has a long list of features that are very useful and helpful in our marketing campaigns. They claim that 70,000,000 photo posts are published on Facebook using the software which is incredibly a huge number. And, it shows that a huge number of marketers are using it. They also claim that the software has been downloaded somewhere around 70,000 times till date.

Let’s have a look at the features of Ninja Blaster Software:

  1. Facebook Marketing Solutions
  2. Image Downloader and Resizer
  3. Ninja Business
  4. Ninja Keywords
  5. Email Finder
  6. Email Sender
  7. Ninja Proxies

1. Facebook Marketing Solutions

Ninja Blaster offers almost every type of marketing work that you need to do on Facebook. I am sharing the list below for more clarity:

(i). FB Photo Group Poster: This feature allows you to post photos to all the groups you are member of. There are many options it offers to customize the posting. Once you enter your FB credentials into this option, all the groups are loaded there, and you can now select all or a few to post the photo.


The best thing about Ninja Blaster team is that they have provided full how-to guides for each and every feature. You can find them on their official website.

(ii). FB Group Status Poster: This feature is exactly like the above, the only difference is that you don’t select photos. The post can have only the plain text and link (The link preview doesn’t get generated).


Write your post text in the box as shown above and select the groups from the list to post.

(iii). FB Comment Poster: This feature is yet to be added to the software.

(iv). FB Link Poster: It is similar to FB Group Status Poster. But, it offers link preview as well that is not available in Group status poster.


(v). Fan Page Photo Poster: This works like group photo poster, but it posts on Fan pages rather than groups.

(vi). Fan Page Scheduler: Using this feature you can schedule your posts on Fan Pages you are admin of. There are many options it offers that makes the automation easier and interesting. It saves a lot of time.


(vii). Auto Group Joiner: As the name says, this feature enables you to join various groups automatically. You just need to enter your FB credentials and keywords. It finds the groups relevant to your keywords and joins them. You can also set the number of groups per keyword you want to join.


(viii). Manual Group Joiner: This feature works quite similar to the above one. However, this feature fetches the list of the groups related to your keyword, but it doesn’t send join request on its own rather you do the task after checking the groups whether they are good to join.


(ix). Facebook Video Poster: This is no different from Group photo poster, but the difference is that this posts videos rather than photos. The process is same.

(x). Fan Page Post Sharing: This feature helps you reshare the fan page posts to various Groups. Watch this quick video to know how it works.


(xi). FB Page Commenter: This feature enables you to auto comment on Fan Page’s latest post. You can enter the keywords which are used to find the related fan pages. And, then comment on their latest post.

Video Below explains how it works

(xii). FB Post Commenter: This feature enables you to comment on various posts. You need to enter manually the posts that you want to post comment on. Once you enter the posts, enter the comment you want to post on them.

The video below will give you a clear overview of this feature

2. Image Downloader and Resizer

This is an amazing feature of Ninja Blaster. You can download up to 500 images on a given keyword. The software mainly uses Pinterest as a source to get images. Once you feed the keyword and number of images to download, click on Start. And, in some time, you can see those images downloaded on your computer on the given location.


Now once they are downloaded, you can resize them using the feature Photo Resize.

3. Ninja Business

This feature helps you find the details of businesses. You can use those details to make some deals with them. You just need to enter the Keyword and location. And, it searches the Yellowpages to get the details of the businesses relating to the keyword.


A useful feature to find potential clients.

4. Ninja Keywords

This feature finds the long tail keywords based on the seed keyword. You need to enter any random word in the tool, and it finds all the possible long tail keywords. You can also increase the levels to get more keywords.


A great time saver feature it is. You can find a long list of keyword ideas by feeding just one seed keyword.

5. Email Finder

This feature enables you to find out the email addresses based on your keyword. It can find an email address from Facebook, Craiglist, and Gmail. You can use the email ids in your email marketing campaign.

6. Email Sender

This feature is for sending a mass email to a list of email addresses.

You need to enter your Gmail credentials to get this Gmail sender on to the work.


Fill all the details as you can see in the above screenshot, and then click on START.

7. Ninja Proxies

You can find various proxies using this feature.


You can scrape proxies that you can use for various marketing related usage.

Final Words

I think I have mentioned all about Ninja Blaster Software. Now, if you want, you can go ahead to use it. They are offering 3 days trial that you can use, and once you are satisfied with the tool, you can order it here.

I would highly recommend you use Ninja Blaster if you are so much to do on FB. It is a great time saver.

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