The Necessity of SEO in the Current Day and Age

No tool has become such a necessity in today’s age like the internet – a simple concept of communication among a web of networks has, in essence, taken over the world. Even if you had the most comprehensive encyclopedia about the world, information has never been easier to acquire since the dawn of the World Wide Web, and it’s all thanks to a little something called SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making something on the internet more visible to you. For example, if you search for something, in particular, you would usually click on the top result. You might have wondered why and how those results got placed on top in the first place, so to answer the question, that is made possible with the help of SEO.

How does It work?

Firstly, keyword placement is one of the easiest SEO techniques to do. This means that websites will put important words – such as the probable words to your search keywords – in important areas of the web page like the header or even the title of the webpage.

Link analysis is a technique that is based on trust – the more websites that have links redirecting to your website, the higher your website’s ranking will be on the search engine. This is because if more websites link to you, it means that those websites trust you, which in turn makes the search engine trust you, as well.

On the other hand, some techniques are considered foul play and websites are even reprimanded for it. Keyword stuffing is a common technique where they flood their webpage with the keyword. Sometimes, you might even be directed to a webpage that doesn’t have anything to do with what you searched for in the first place.

That’s because of the website used invisible text – text that matches the color of their background, inadvertently keyword stuffing discretely. Luckily, search engines report these websites as spam when they notice them. Another low technique is through webmasters – these are pages that uses commonly searched words as their own, then redirects you to a totally different website.

SEO Necessity

Evolution of SEO

Keyword Optimization

Since technology has been evolving since it first arrived for good, so has SEO. In the past, where the internet was significantly simpler, SEO just had to deal with keyword optimization. Web page creators just had to make sure that their sites contained enough of your keyword to make themselves visible. However, as technology progressed, so did the technology of search engines with their new algorithms and rules. This advancement pushed SEO to adopt new techniques.

Mobile Devices

Back in the day, SEO had to focus on users using desktop computers, which was the primary vehicle for internet use. However, the mobile revolution has given way to smartphones and tablets, and these mobile devices have now become the primary access points for the internet.

Due to this, SEO had to adapt again and had to focus on mobile users. The way SEO did this was by pleasing users with mobile-friendly websites – an interface of the original website specifically designed for the smartphone screen.

Why It’s A Necessity?


SEO is an integral part of web pages these days because web pages with great SEO will have great visibility in the vast expanse of the internet. Companies go to the extent of even hiring SEO specialists like Sacramento SEO, people with expertise in making sure websites are search engine optimized to the fullest capacity.

Visibility is also in turn linked with the business branding – a higher visibility in search engines gives the business a stronger brand. This is because users have already associated authority with the top results in a search engine, another reason why users tend to stay on the first page of engine searches. In essence, visibility is just a surefire way to get a webpage out there because it increases the chance of a webpage getting accessed by a user.

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Cost Effective

Compared to all the different kinds of advertising and methods of getting people into a website, SEO is by far the cheapest and relatively easiest way to do it. With a few alterations here and there, while following the concepts of how SEO works, you are basically able to do SEO on your own for free. However, if you want the best SEO treatment, then hire a specialist from an SEO Marketing Agency- that’s the only part that will actually cost you money.

Improves Content

The competition over ranking is a necessity because the internet has become such a mess with valuable web pages mixed with worthless ones. Since rankings improve when content is better, SEO provides a way of segregating webpages with valuable content with meaningless ones.

This improvement in content not only increases the rankings of a website, but it also helps guide you to websites you mean to go to. Due to the increased rankings of optimized websites, your chances of getting a website with valuable content is proportionally high, as well.

Provides Ease

You have to face the fact that the internet is a much easier place to navigate due to SEO – it is the reason why it takes seconds to find what you’re looking for. Even with the fastest internet speed, searching for information would take so long without the help of SEO. Optimization makes sure that the first results everyone sees are valuable content and are trustworthy.

This ease of browsing also creates important information such as traffic; some search engines include traffic in their algorithms and analyze websites for their visitor traffic. This traffic data is important for further algorithm manipulation, as the data gives an insight into how people behave.

Search engines can note when a specific demographic of age or geographic location visit a specific site at a specific time. This data can then lead to better SEO and search engine performance in the future, taking into account other data it has received in the past.


SEO is by far an important aspect of the everyday life, and interestingly, it operates unnoticed by most. It affects millions of decisions every day by offering valuable content to users around the world. Not only has SEO become a part of society, but it has also unknowingly become a complete necessity.

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