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MuConnect – MagSafe Adapter for Mobile Chargers [Review + Giveaway] – Indian Shipping Only

Charging, are you dumb? What on earth do I have to do with yet another fancy gadget which does nothing but charges my smartphone? My phone is bundled with a mobile charger that does the job of charging overnight – and it’s perfectly fine! Relax, MuConnect is something extraordinary, and once you will finish reading this article, you too will support the fact that there’s a bit problem with the conventional charging.

The Problem With Your Traditional Mobile Charger

The current kind of mobile charger you’re using is probably here since years, and most manufacturers have maintained this norm. There’s basically no problem at all – yes, it might go on without much compromise, but the fact is that it’s outdated now. Though, there are a few problems you may face with the traditional charger that I have mentioned further in the article. And, also when you watch the video that I have embedded in this review, things will be clear to you.

Yes, your conventional mobile charger is nothing but an outdated piece that can be enhanced with something remarkably useful – something that’s more convenient, something that’s way better, something that offers blazing fast charging. You probably know what I am talking about now!

MuConnect – The MODERN Solution to the TRADITIONAL Charging


At times, while inserting your traditional mobile charger’s pin into your phone, you may try many times by inserting it wrongly. And, that damage the charging jack of the phone. With Muconnect, such problems don’t bother you much because it itself is the solution such problems.

Muconnect is a MagSafe adapter that is inspired by Macbook charger. It connects with your regular mobile charger to give you an amazing charging experience. Before I explain much about this revolutionary magnetic connector for your conventional mobile charger, watch the video below to understand how it is different from the conventional chargers.

MuConnect provide solution in form of a simple magsafe adapter to upgrade your charging experience. It fills the small gap in the traditional charging that most people don’t see. It relies on magnetic technology to charge your smartphones, and a bunch of other features makes it a MUST OWN GADGET for every person who just wants to charge his smartphone in a better and more professional manner.

Features of MuConnect Which Will Make You Go GAGA!

Let’s talk a bit about how MuConnect is designed. MuConnect is basically a product of two parts – a small rectangular device that will attach itself to your mobile charger, and a small pin that will go inside your smartphone socket. The below image describes it better, with exact dimensions of MuConnect.

MuConnect Structure

As you can see in the above image, MuConnect supports both Android and iOS (there are separate versions for them). There’s Android’s MicroUSB on the left and on the right, we have iOS’s lightning charger.

Once you’re connected with MuConnect, you get a step ahead of the conventional mobile chargers. You can now enable Fast Charge using the small button placed on the rectangular structure, which when disabled, supports data transfer + normal charging. Meaning, when you’re connected to your laptop/desktop through the USB cable, you can enable fast charge by disabling data transmission. The fast charge feature charges your phone at lightning fast speed and is really helpful when you are too eager to get your hands back into your smartphone.

Long things short, choose among data transmission or fast charging – MuConnect supports both of them. It also prevents data theft from your device while charging from USB hubs, when in fast charging mode (because data sync is disabled)

A common scenario while charging your smartphone is that – you enter the pin the wrong way into the socket, and in haste, do it right but can’t get it inside, and then you turn it, making it wrong again, and finally you put the pin incorrectly. Happens almost every single time, doesn’t it? It happens a lot with me, and the pioneers of MuConnect were smart enough to introduce reversible connectivity. Plug in MuConnect either way you like, it’s going to connect! Sounds a bit bizarre? It surely might, but it works flawlessly. With the smart neodymium magnet present, you won’t even have to apply a bit of force in order to fix the charger correctly – it gets in and comes out smoothly as if your mobile charger just received a lubrication!

This small device also does the work of protecting your mobile charger. It reduces the friction of your charger by moving seamlessly and makes sure you don’t have to twist and turn your cable in order to get that nasty pin inside. Moreover, the silicon pin that you place inside the socket acts as a dust protector for it.

It’s quite unbelievable to think how much this small device can do. Its minimalistic device is a grave advantage. You can take it anywhere, keep it in your pocket (even your wallet) or keep it attached to your charger. MuConnect is quite sturdy and will probably bear a bit of wear and tear.

How It Works?

Here’s how to connect your charger with MuConnect, explained simply:

  1. Insert the silicon plug in your phone’s socket.
  2. Insert the connector on your charger.
  3. Get the connector near the plug, they will connect almost instantly.

How it works

Moreover, if you want to enable fast charging, simply turn on the switch of the connector! (Some companies like Samsung have their own fast charging facility. MuConnect is able to recognize those settings and adapt accordingly!)

Fast Charging

How Can I get MuConnect?

MuConnect is not fully launched yet. It’s currently on for crowdfunding at IndieGoGo. This is how the journey is supposed to go:


If you’re willing to get your hands dirty, reach out to the MuConnect’s crowdfunding campaign which is live on IndieGoGo campaign where it is available for preorder at just $12, which is a 40% reduced cost on the retail value. There is also an early bird offer for the first 500 claims where you get two products for $20.

In case you miss the early bird sale, you can still get it for $12. The campaign page has a variety of pricing options, and they can perfectly assist you in case you want to buy more than one units. In case you’re not satisfied with the prescribed plans, you can even ask for a custom pack, with pins and connectors of your desired quantity. Moreover, if you want to make some money by riding on the back of this new product’s popularity, get 10 pins and connectors for as low as $400. You will also get the distributor license, and reseller packaging! Plus, your delivery will be prioritized, and you will receive it one month earlier.

Now, you know much about Muconnect MagSafe adapter that speeds up charging of your smartphone when connected to your mobile charger.

Here is the surprise!  Giveaway!!

10 pieces of the adapter are being given to the Indian Readers of Techtricksworld as winning prize. So, there will be 10 Winners for this Giveaway. Start participating today to experience the smart charging.

To Participate in the Giveaway do the needful stuff given below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: This time, the giveaway prize will be sent to the winners a little bit late because the product will be fully available from July 2016, and the product will be start shipping from July itself. Therefore, winners have to wait for the prize till July.

You should reside in India to participate because prize will be shipped to only the users of India

This Giveaway will end on 25th February, and Winners will be announced on or before 1st March, 2016.


Here are our 10 winners

  1. Pradnya Shednekar
  2. Jagat Kumar
  3. Yashraj Kakkad
  4. Gurunath
  5. Pankaj Chauhan
  6. Sonam Asrani
  7. Nirmala Santhakumar
  8. Niki M B
  9. Shantanu V Joglekar
  10. Gracy S

Winners will be contacted soon using the email address they have used to enter into giveaway.

Updated => 12-10-2016

We have shipped the winning prize to all the winners today. If you face any problem getting your shipment, do write to us. Enjoy!

Thank you!

Final Verdict

MuConnect aims at solving some minor issues we all face, solving whom would simplify each one of our lives in a small yet helpful way. It has smart fast charging feature, and it is magsafe too.

You can get MuConnect at an affordable rate – become an early bird and brag to your friends! While the original shipping starts from August and most of the buyers would have to wait for a long time before receiving their product, you can get it as early as July 2016 by becoming an early bird.

Let us know your views on MuConnect through the comments section below!

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  • Very true., thanks for the update atish bro,,,the points you said about the problems we were facing now a days is a true fact.,i think this will make sucess on all world market.. Does Muconnect available online before shipping in india ahh??

  • Hi Atish bro,
    Awesome review of this product. I can co-relate with your commoncharger problem description. Who doesn’t make that silly mistake.

    One of the key feature of muconnect that would be it’s major selling feature is it’s fast charging capability. I think that’s a major desire for everyone out there.

    Another cool feature is its portability. I mean who would not want to carry it in the wallet?

    Great product and detailed review bro.
    Keep reviewing stuff like this. 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    This is infact a detailed review of this product.

    I definitely liked its features like accident-free, distraction free and fast charging and also the portability feature. Awesome product and thanks a lot for sharing with your view points.

  • Hi Atish,

    I am using Macbook and I know how power adaptor connects with the laptop with the magnetic feature, really it is nice option to introduce this type of features to mobiles adapters, everyday technology is changing rapidly but I have a doubt what if companies start providing this feature in their phones itself.

    Anyway thanks for sharing this information, see you soon with another article.

  • Hi Atish, again a good piece of writing. The product seems promising.

    I didn’t know about it before but after reading about its fast charging feature and portability, I would really love to give it a try. Thanks for reviewing it!

    • The product is still being manufactured, and the shipping will start from July. Glad you entered into this Giveaway, Sonam.

  • Hello Atish,
    This is surely a wonderful discovery. It’s definitely a boom for student (like me) who is always in a hurry! Really looking forward to win this giveaway. Thanks for the information and the giveaway 🙂
    Regards Debshikha

  • I’m highly obliged today that I have been chosen to get Muconnect charger. It will be my first experience to use this charger. Thanks a lot and my wishes are with all the winners.. Thanks Atish for updating about this charger on blog…

  • Hey, i have a doubt on this.., its kind of magnetic at the tip of the connector,does it make any harm with magnet inside of it. In school days i think i made a glance about that kind of tips and tried on my nokia old phone,that made my softwae got error.. 😀 :p is there any problems happened with this..

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