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Moller’s Flying Cars

Mollers Flying cars includes Skycars, Autovolantor, M600 LAMV etc.

Potentials of Moller flying car

Some of the great potentials of Moller flying car are:-

  1. Easy to fly.

  2. Vertical take-off and landing capability.

  3. Flying can be controlled modestly.

  4. Power to weight ratio is favourable.

  5. Airframes and engines are safe and environment friendly.   

  6. Easily operated by little trained persons.

What is Skycar?


Skycar is an aircraft designed by Moller international. It is identical to helicopter which has ability to fly between the destinations like an Airplane. It has been aimed to travel even at low speed to cover small distances on the surface of the ground similar to an automobile. As it wings were planned to fold-up, it can be operating on roads.

Skycar specifications

Skycar has the length of 52” with the weight of 250lbs to 275lbs. Its diameter is 30” and its maximum static thrust is 900lbs (300hp). Its by-pass ratio is excellent which leads to low fuel consumption. Its engines run on diesel but developed in such a way to provide lower consumption of fuel with limited compression ratio. Moreover, the engines are compact and vibration free.  


Skycar 100LS and Skycar 200LS

Skycar 100LS is a light weight single passenger car capable of flying at the speed of 240mph. This VTOL aircraft contains one electric motor per nacelle and two tilt thrust nacelles with one engine. The power of the electrical motor is 85hp per motor with continuous engine power of 170hp. Its net Payload is 225lbs and Gross weight is 800lbs. The Rate of climbing and time to climb is fabulous in Skycar 100LS with the fuel consumption of 7.37 gallons per hour. As it contains the effective flight control system along with the sufficient safety features, it is easy to eliminate the complexity of flying and even the beginner can have the precise control over the aircraft.

Skycar 200Ls is a two passenger VOTL aircraft and its most of the specifications are similar to Skycar 100LS. It has been designed to conceive with military applications in mind and the seating is Tandem. It has a single lift duct with two electric motors which is not seen in Skycar 100LS.  

Skycar 400


Skycar 400 is a 4 passenger VOTL aircraft which has been constructed based on the M400X prototype car. It has the capability of flying with a projected top speed of over 350mph and a range of 800 miles approximately. It uses Ethanol as fuel and contains emergency parachutes. The noise level of this aircraft at 500 feet is 65dba with the maximum speed of 533 km/h. Its net Payload and gross weight are superior to the earlier models of Skycar and its climbing power is 1,463M/min. The safety features are tremendous in this aircraft and its take-off & landing capability is better that helicopters and airplanes.


Autovolantor combines the features of road vehicle and aircraft. It is powered by batteries for wheels for the first 35 miles and it behaves like a helicopter at lower speed. Moreover it could be operated as an airplane at higher speed and it is controlled by redundant computer systems.   



The M600 Light Aerial multi-purpose vehicle is also a VOTL aircraft developed by Moller international. It is a high performance aircraft designed for Military applications. It has been built with the latest technology systems which allows up to six passengers or a combination of crew and cargo. It is flexible to operate even at low speed range and restricted operational ceiling.

Not only these, the M200G Neuera specs from Moller international also exists which is similar to that of a light aircraft.


DR.Moller, professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at California University founded the company named “Moller international” to develop powered lift aircraft. This company was the first one in developing the vertical take-off and landing (VOTL) vehicles.  Skycar is the trademark of Moller international in many big countries like USA. This airplane is easy to maintain, economical and reliable. As the engines of Moller flying cars are versatile, it would have cost-effective and time critical performance. It has various applications and some significant advantages over other aircrafts.

Few More images of Skycars

beat-traffic-with-moler skycar



Hope you like this creativity of technology. Whats your views on this? Share in comments.

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