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Manners In Blogging

You must know about Manners but do you know its not only needed in day to day life, Its equally needed in blogging and online interactions. Here I am going to talk about Manners in Blogging.

If you are a blogger then you are one of member of blogosphere and its good to have a healthy relationship with other members of blogosphere(normally bloggers, marketers etc). And to achieve this you need to be very humble, kind and have some good manners.

Here I am mentioning few Manners you must have to keep your blogging relationship healthy :- 

Be Good To Everyone

If you are blogging then its obvious that you are gonna meet a number of bloggers, newbies and other guys. You might get guys who keep on asking their problems all the time, What you need to do is to be generous and don’t get irritated. Try to solve thier query and help them as much as you can.

You might be thinking that what will you get by helping and solving their queries without getting irritated?

So let me tell you that you will get respect from them and they might be mentioning your name in their blog posts which will increase your popularity among bloggers and others.

Don’t Comment For Just Getting Backlinks 

This one is one of the most common mistakes being done by bloggers. Never do comment just to get backlinks, Do comment only when you have something to say about the topic or if you want a discussion on that topic.
Initially you don’t realise but if you keep posting cheap comments always then a time will come when no one will be going to approve your comment on their blogs.

Instead of writing cheap comments if you do write valuable comments then Blog owners love to approve your comment and also you will be noticed by others for writing awesome comments.  

blogging manners
Image Credit: hollabackhealth.com


Reply To Comments On Your Blog

Another most common mistakes done by bloggers as they don’t think that the comments need responses also. I suggest DO reply to comments even you get a negative comment, Don’t get frustrated and reply them kindly. Never reply aggressively because it can result into losing readers. I am not telling you to reply each and every comment but do reply to the comments which really need your response. No Responses to your reader’s comment means NO respect to them. So don’t miss this out.

Don’t Take Yourself As Superior

However you are very nice blogger you should not think that you are superior. Always do respond to emails, fb messages which you get from your fellow bloggers or newbies. Most of the big bloggers even don’t reply to fb messages or emails, I personally  experienced with few of biggie bloggers.
Any way, I suggest not to ignore even a newbie because if you help them when they need you the most then they will never forget you and this way you are winning audience for your blog and for your personal branding. These all will give a big profits in the future.

Your superiority is not going to loose by replying to the messages, emails and helping others. So Don’t ignore emails or messages from your fellow or newbie bloggers.

Never Hesitate To Give Credits

When we write blog posts and use other’s images or any particular statement then never hesitate to give them credit for using it. For example I am using image that i took from hollabackhealth Dot Com So I gave them credit as “image credit:hollabackhealth.com”. Similarly, you should also Do this.

These are the normal manners every bloggers should have because these help you having healthy relationship with all the fellow and newbie bloggers. These also Helps you for personal branding as well as for your business branding.


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  • Great tips Atish. I follow all the above things except for the ” giving credits” one.
    Will be following this tip also from now onwards.

  • Most bloggers when they achieved certain level of “seniority” tend to forget the word “humble” and over reacted. They tried to ignore and even look down on newbies and just befriend with bloggers that they think are of the same level with them. Shame! Nice post Atish, I enjoyed reading this!

  • All the points you mentioned are really good. I will recommend mostly the second and last points. because most of the bloggers comment on other blogs for getting back links. They wont read single line in article and they simply comment as cool article or nice post. to get backlinks. commenting to get backlinks will be considered as spam by blog authors and would not be approved. we should comment on blogs in order to share our views about the topic and to clarify our doubts regarding the topic.

  • Thanks again atish for another informative post. Connecting with readers is very important than people may think

  • Great tips buddy, good manners is a MUST for bloggers and this post can help us to turn into a better blogger.

  • Yes. Blogging etiquette must be followed. The point that I like most in your article is – Don’t Take Yourself as Superior. I believe that we’re all learning, no matter what stage or position of life we are in. You’re right when that feeling of superiority engulfs, it can lead to many potential mistakes.

    Thanks for discussing an important topic!

  • Yeah… Visitors or Commenter on your Blog expects answers or some reply to their comments or doubts what they’re posted on your post. It’s a minimum manner to respond there humble request. Actually Bloggers reacts more when they started Blogging but after getting some standard for their blog they’re starting to ignore visitors point and users perceptions about their stuff.

  • “Don’t Comment For Just Getting Backlinks ” – Totally agree with you at this point . We need to understand the article clearly to share our idea, our thinking which are really valuable for writer not just compliments.

  • Yes these manners definitely earns respect to the blog author in you! It is important to be respectful within the blogger fraternity as this aspect will get you a good online reputation. In case of mistakes it is absolutely okay to apologize with no intentions of getting hurt or hurting someone else who has not agreed to your view points. Blogging has helped a whole new way of interacting to people whom we would have never met in the real world, so these people are precious and obviously for bloggers, their followers are their assets.

  • Thats Right Atish, Manners needed everywhere. I strongly agree with your point in which you said about the big bloggers. I also found that few big bloggers don’t respond and doesn’t care about junior’s need.

    Thank you for writing such a good and unique post.

  • We should do give credit to the respective publishers of the content and images. Do commenting on your fellow bloggers, not only for bloggers but also for the great reason that we are humans and we make friends. So be good and do good with other bloggers.

  • Hi Atish– This is a great post. I especially like that you called out some of the “big guys” who think they are too important to help others. I think they may have forgotten what it is like to be the low man on the totem pole— it is good that you reminded them.

  • Thanks Aatish for Sharing nice tips.we should follow all the above points to become a Great Blogger

  • The ideas you’ve shared here are fantastic and no doubt so great and it may really improve the variety of individuals visiting your website. thanks for the share.

  • Great article Atish 🙂
    I agree most with the tip about don’t comment for backlink. Blogging is about sharing feelings and connecting with people. Comment when you feel you need to and you want to share your ideas. It’s a way to interact with other people in the long run

  • Leaving a bad comment to the blog site is nothing but just a waste of time and you’re creating something that can hurt your own site. Absolutely spamming is a big No NO NO.

  • I’m new to the blogging world–I found your tips very helpful! One thing I haven’t been doing is giving credit to the photos that I use. Otherwise so far I think I have been doing ok. I’m going to start giving credit-where credit is due.

  • Hi Atish, for me the first point you made seems the most important one. When I started blogging I was pretty worried about getting nasty comments and I really appreciate when someone can be nice to new bloggers and give them some advice.

  • It is such a interesting and insightful article. I really wish all the bloggers would follow it. There are some who are mean because they think they are above others or that it is cool to be like that. But what they don’t understand is they are not only spoiling their reputation but also giving a bad name to other bloggers. Everyone should work to make blogging a pleasant experience for all the parties involved.

  • Very nice article, thanks for shining the light on this topic. I get a lot of comments on my blog with no comments what so ever, only links to sites. I mean who is in the right state of mind would approve such comments. The purpose behind allowing comments is to see what people think of your articles, and getting opinions on how to improve them not just help someone promote their websites.

  • I recently wrote about the blogging ethics and I told people not to use “i” instead use “I”.
    Don’t ask a lot of questions, search on Google and don’t worry much keep working 🙂
    Nice article.

  • I really love the fact that you are one of the bloggers that actually practice what they preach. I should really compliment you for doing such an excellent work. I believe that every blogger should follow the basic manners there is while writing or maintaining a blog. The writers should really be polite and helpful. They should make it a point to make their readers feel comfortable.

  • Hi, Atish! Good insights you have shared here. I really look up to the “big” bloggers who have been successful in the blogosphere and I look up to them even more when they respond to my comments in their blogs. I always feel special when I receive an email notification saying that a blogger has replied to my comment. One great thing that I learned even as a new blogger is humility. Humility to help bloggers who are still learning and humility to ask help from those who are ahead of you 🙂

  • Atish:

    As a fairly new blogger, these tips are a must-have. Blogging just for the sake of backlinks does not seem like a long term strategy especially if it jeopardizes your opportunity to get your blog posts approved. Plus, nobody likes a spammer!

    Acting superior to others on the internet or real life is never a good idea. Superiority to others is a bad cologne to wear. It does not get you ahead in the business world or the social world. There is always going to be someone out there who knows a topic better, is a better athlete etc etc. You just never know who someone is.

  • Hie Atish Bro,
    Very Nice Article as I’m trying to learn each and every tip for my blogging carrier. This is most Important one among all “Manners”. As you already said not only in day to day life but in online world it’s also very necessary to be in Manner. I completely agree with this! We should be humble to others and give to respect each and every one whether he/she is a newbie or Pro.
    My motto is “Be yourself! The way you are don’t try to show off”!
    Well, I will keep all these points in my mind 🙂
    ~ Sugandha

  • Excellent tips, Atish – manners are important in blogging, as in any walk of life – it’s one of the ways in which we show we care about our readers, and about other bloggers when we leave comments on their posts. Love your point about not leaving comments just to get backlinks – it annoys me very much when people do that. It doesn’t cost anything to be polite and pleasant to people, does it?

  • Good post Atish and i do agree with your views.

    Yeah, blogging really need some manners and you’ve pointed some essentials here.

    I feel good that am following all the manners which you’ve listed here and will follow the same forever 🙂

    Thanks for this remarkable post Atish, wanna read your blog posts always 🙂 🙂

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