How to Make Money on ebay?

At present, in this new fangled world, the competition to win the rat race is growing continuously and so is the expensiveness of today and need to earn more. Thus arises the need to make more money and keep a permanent source of income always for a common man of today.


One of the ways to earn money is by selling or auctioning things online and that comes in handy through ebay. People use ebay for selling products, for purchasing items and for making extra money. If you are one of them and looking to make extra profits on ebay then you can follow some crucial tips mentioned below to maximize your earning on ebay:-

1. Sell similar items at the same time: whenever you try to sell the like items at the same time, there is a great chance that bidders may become interested in the other products that you have for them. Also, the shipping that is done in a combined manner saves postage for the purchaser. Packing items in the same boxes saves a lot of time and also the packing price for the seller to a great extent.

2. Try to increase the sales: In order to augment the sales, always try to pack a less desirable product with the more desirable one. This traditional offline selling technique comes in handy on online mode as well. The bidder in such a case will have to buy both the products if he is interested in anyone of them or in the more desirable one. Try to bundle two low priced items together raises bids. A purchaser might not pay the shipping price for just one item, but he would do so for two items.

3. Be specific for selling: Always make it very sure to sell items as per the correct season. Do that so it is soon enough to permit for shipping. Quite apparently, you should not be expecting a lot of Christmas presents to sell like hot cakes during the 2nd week of December month.

4. Grasp profit margins: Never be in a hurry to purchase an item just to sell it again for 5 dollars or so when you can make 20 dollars on a different product at the same time. Have an estimate of how much you want to earn in a month nearly and then select products aptly.

5. Remember secondary items: Back end sales come in handy once you start looking at them aptly. Try to offer similar items on your auction store. Like if you auction underground fences for pets then an item that is a sellable one right away is a customized collar. A secondary item could be an ebook on pets in that case.

6. Do check your mailing list: for online sellers, the mailing lists are where they make their money. Use auto responder to send your customers on your list automatically periodically if you are a seller.

7. Consider consumer demographics: always try to make the description of your item as customer friendly as possible. Keep in mind what the customer would like to see in the description.

8. Include terms and condition while selling: The terms and conditions of each auction should be involved with every sale. All the shipping options, the number of days of shipping, specific days if shipping, types of payment methods acceptable must be included by you in the auctions of your products. Type it in a word document and copy and paste it in every auction description. It will save a lot of time.

These are simple and great steps to generate good amount on ebay. Keep adding to this list as you find more effective methods.

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  • Great Tips.But it’s not as easy as it seems to earn from selling products.It’s very difficult to find the perfect customer.Specially Indians , they don’t spend much on online shopping as European countries.

  • Some good tips. A couple of other things to think about are 1) If you can earn “Top rated seller” status on eBay you will make a lot more sales. To achieve this you need to get plenty of feedback and very good feedback. 2) The ebay and paypal charges can add up to quite a bit, so make sure you have a reasonable margin otherwise your profit will go in fees. 3) Pick items that are cheap to ship and pack.

  • the #3 post is a huge one.
    Always be specific. It’s kinda like SEO. Specific long tail > broad keywords.
    This means more conversions.

    The analogies don’t really match up but I hope you get the point of what Im trying to say

  • Hi Atish..That’s some great piece of advice you’ve given here…Ebay is a source of passive income for many individuals…These tips will surely enhance sales to a great extent..Though i am not much of a ebay merchant, i have a few friends who will be interested in this stuff..Going to share this post with them..Thanks..

  • Hi Atish,
    Great tips for Ebay sellers. So do not forget to write about the warranty and possibility of returning the goods. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Aatish,

    People these days are trying to find different earning sources. Selling product over Ebay is good earning sources. These tips is really helpful to those people.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Vipin Pandey recently posted…Best Data Recovery Software for WindowsMy Profile

  • When I first started as being an IM’er, I always looked on the internet on a keyword of “make . I money online”, “how to make money online”. I even registered on those sites but never made any single penny from them. Although there are tons of money making method but if you don’t know how and where to start, then probably you will also nowhere to be found. Glad you have shared some cool tips on how to get started to ebay. Never been on ebay but will keep this post for my future reference. Thanks mate for the share.

  • Hi Atish,
    Tel me which is the better and efficient way to earn money through blog google,amazon,clicksor,ebay and other…??
    Alok Krishali recently posted…Nokia Lumia 720 New Release of Nokia Get Review, Specification, Online Availability PriceMy Profile

    • Adsense is good in its own way. for affiliate the best one is Clickbank because of high commisions. Everyone is better, it depends how you make good use of them. thanks

  • Great tips.Most important thing is customer satisfaction.Don’t ever lie or hide the truth from your customers.Always tell them everything about your product whether its a pro or a cons.

  • Nice post Atish 🙂

    There are many ways available to make money with ebay.

    If we are having own products to sell, then we should create a seller account and we can sell our own products and can make money with it.

    If we are not having the products to sell, we can choose the popular items to sell from ebay. Also, the sellers can turn into affiliates for ebay products to earn money.

    Out of these, Drop-shipping method is popular way of making money with ebay. No need to buy, store and shipping the selected goods as it depends on the wholesale supplier.
    i.e. you should acts as an intermediate b/w the customer and manufacturer and earn commission with it. Selecting a good drop-shipping company is essential here to get good customer satisfaction ratings.
    Nirmala recently posted…Top 5 Online Jobs For Students To Earn At Spare TimeMy Profile

  • Hey Satish,
    Let me say – “You nailed it bro! ;)”.
    I was really confused on squeezing out some money from eBay as people talk about it often. But you made it simple, informative and with an awesome article. Congrats.
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Making money through ebay might not be that easy because of the competition. Things are bought and sold at a very less price there. Only thing that restricts me to buy from ebay is the delivery charge they take- Rs 50 most of the times.
    Sanjib Saha recently posted…All you Need to Know about Raspberry PiMy Profile

  • Hi Atish,

    Brilliant Article about the Ebay. I am totally agree with you that how to make money on ebay. But if you wanna make money for that you will have to mention Fully and right spacification about your products. Then you will make money. your products price should be right. so that they can buy in right price. Well i have not tried yet. but now i will try…and i hope we will get good response. Thanks For sharing with us. Dear..

  • Hi Atish,

    Its very informative post about making money online. actually mostly time i use it google adsense. and i know ebay is also one of the best site for making money onlne. but i have not tried yet of this site. In my opinion both are the best but completly satisfaction , its depand on customer. Actually we need to make fully satisfy of the customers. but sure i will try of ebay site and i hope as you have explained about it definitly we will get +ve results. thanks for this post.

  • Really great post for newbie who are want to make money on ebay like me. So thanks a lot for submit a great post.


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