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Make Money by Website Flipping

Making money with internet is becoming the strongest passion of the people who have the awareness to convert their skills into cash. If you know the various types of online jobs existing, then is easy for you to choose the appropriate work, based on your skills. So I am discussing the legitimate money making opportunities for you which would let you to earn money online from home at convenient time. I conferred some online earning ideas with my earlier posts and now here with another idea of make money by website flipping.

What is website flipping?

Website flipping is the concept of buying and selling the websites if you have decent knowledge in content updating and web marketing. In simple words, you have to buy websites, just modify & tweak it with better presentation & functionalities and finally sell it off with profitable price. Are you still getting confused with the concept of website flipping? It’s nothing but the buying of website at lower price, improve its performance through genuine ways and sell it at high rate. Make money by website flipping would not be a profitable option if you are poor in internet marketing.

website flipping

What are the methods of website flipping?

Basically there are two methods of website flipping with which you can get money proficiently.

1. Create your own website and sell it off

Creating own websites and make money by website flipping is a time-consuming method where you need to set up a website which is comfortable for you to build. Then you should update it with latest information and do optimization to get more visitors. Finally fix the monetization ways to generate revenue from it. To sell off the website, it is imperative to show that the website is making some monetary benefits with real monetization techniques like affiliate marketing, selling ebooks or any other.

2. Buying an existing website, advance it and sell

This is the easiest method of website flipping and here you could make money without much effort. No need to spend time to build audience of the website which you have bought and it is enough if you add some worthy information and basic optimization to increase the visitors/sales.  Then sell it off with profitable price.

How to buy a website for flipping?

If you choose the first method, select your fascinating niche and buy a domain for your website. Then start building it with beneficial content in the convenient CSS platform like WordPress. Select a unique theme for it and do the customizations.  Increase the traffic to that website through honest ways, then you could sell it with lucrative price.

And if the second method is your option to make money by website flipping, you should be very careful in buying websites to avoid paying too much of money which may not be worth for it. Just have the below factors in mind while buying a website.

  • The traffic of the website needs to be checked whether it is genuine or fake which had attained by paying.

  • By testing the traffic deeply, you could find out some significant details like traffic from social media, backlinks, keyword rankings etc.

  • Clear with its monetization techniques and use the tools like Alexa and Google Analytics to verify their traffic stats.

  • It would be good to use the “Copyscape” software to validate the originality of the content.

How to make money by website flipping?

Whatever the method chosen to make money by website flipping, it is essential to update the website with well-meaning information to increase traffic to the website. It is the good option to hire a writer for it and to produce the content in the presentable manner. Work on various methods to make the website popular and try to get some decent financial benefits with it. Once you have done all, offer the website for sale and make good money with it.

How to sell website with Flippa?

Finding buyers for your developed website is somewhat a challenging job and you could make use of the third-party service websites like “Flippa” to sell your website.

Flippa is the largest online marketplace for buying and selling the websites. To buy or sell a website, just sign-up there with a valid email account, fill your details and upload your picture. As the potential buyers will look the description provided for website which is ready to buy, you should give complete details of your selling website in the description field.

It would be good if you provide the following details to sell your website in Filppa:-

  • Analytics data of your website for previous months.

  • Complete revenue details.

  • Some top keywords for which it has been ranked in searches.

  • Appropriate auction duration.

  • Social profiles of your website.

  • Reasonable BIN (Buy it now) price.


Internet contains some treasured money making ways. Some basic skills and quality time are needed to generate cash from it. Website flipping (domain flipping) is the best technique to make money online and it becomes the common trend on the internet. If you get experienced in web flipping, you can increase your income considerably. Even though it requires initial investments, I feel it is a profitable way of earning money online.

Hope you find some useful details related to Make money by website flipping and what do you think about this best  way to earn money online? Share your opinions in the form of comments. 

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Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you unique, well researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging.


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  • Great to check the details of this money making method.

    Am completely unaware of it and never tried this option before.

    Thanks for writing about online money making ways Atish 🙂

    Good to check the useful unknown details here, keep doing it for your readers.

  • Hi Atish Ranjan

    Thanks for sharing another online money making concept.
    I have a domain almost 5 years old with no or little content on it. can i sell i on flippa.
    or i need to put some content and increase traffic before selling..

    Please suggest..!

  • Great tips about flipping. I like the idea of bargaining. It usually works psychologically speaking because once you say you will give them this much discount, they are more likely to buy it.

  • Flippa is great place for selling websites and domains but fee is very high .

    There are many other sites and forums like digital point forum where we can sell sites/domains without paying and fee .

  • Flippa is the most reliable platform to sell your website; we should not make haste while accepting the offer there and keep updating our website specifications by improving them with your hard work to get higher offer. Only patience and hard work can make you smart money from flipping your website.

  • Flipping websites is something I plan to go in some day! Many are of course making some cool cash through that!

    I’m somehow involved in domain flipping!

  • Hi, this is a good idea for small home business – at least for a start. Later on, when you know how to mae great sites, you can advance your business – either making them for clients, or for yourself (e-commerce site is a great example here), but as a start – it;s great + you can begin the work even without much money to spend

  • This is a real gem of a work Atish. I was not aware of this at all. I run multiple blogs but I have been running it for soo long as I don’t know how to sell one of them. That is one of my old blog wherein I learnt things but since I don’t like the niche I wanted to sell it. But I am unaware of such things and thanks for sharing it.
    Also I checked Flippa site and they are charging certain amount for it. Is that true?

  • Excellent and much useful info. Well, yes website flipping is a great way to make money online, but when following the first option (building a website and then selling) is a tough job compared to the second option. And agreed, flippa is a great place to buy/sell website/blog and you have explained it very well. Thanks for sharing and tweeted 🙂

  • Hey Atish,

    I was looking down the comments to see if Susan has been by this post and commented. This is what she does. She builds them and flips them and is doing pretty good I might add.

    I got more into niche marketing earlier on so this wasn’t an area I wanted to venture into but I can see where it would be kind of exciting. From what she’s explained with building them and getting decent traffic to them she’s definitely profited from her efforts. She mainly uses Flippa but has sold some on the side as well.

    I hear it’s a great way to make money and you can really create quite a few sites. I have no doubt this is a great area to venture into. Thanks for sharing this and hope that those that weren’t familiar with this process are now. I’m sure you’ve definitely peaked their curiosity now!


    • Thanks Adrienne for stopping by. Website flipping is a great way to make cool cash but it needs time and effort to build a website that can be sold on great prices. Good to know that Susan does the same and getting profit. Keep Coming.

  • You can definitely make money in flipping websites, but is is a lot of work and very high risk venture. A while back I was trying to sell a couple of websites. I originally did not buy them for flipping, I just no longer needed them. They were not extremely popular but has some traffic and visibility in organic search results. As no one made any offers I let the domains go and cut my losses. So if someone planning on making money in flipping sites the better have a backing of someone who already knows how to do it with profit.

  • A while back I was trying to sell a couple of websites. I originally did not buy them for flipping, I just no longer needed them. They were not extremely popular but has some traffic and visibility in organic search results. As no one made any offers I let the domains go and cut my losses.

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