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Love blogging and wish to create an amazing visual experience? Are you one of those bloggers who would love some real amazing themes to make your blog look a tad bit better than it was? Well then allow me to introduce a gallery full of amazing premium wordpress themes, Magazine3. Magazine3 gives your blog a whole new look with the various themes it has in its kitty. You may theme your blog with the various themes available on this website and give it a professional or personal feel as per the need.

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Your theme would have the various advanced options associated with it making it more viable than the normal default themes. Easy to use and navigate. The themes are basically user friendly. Your themes give out Email support and contain thumbnails for the various tools you drag and drop. Even plug-in works on these sites! In fact you can use a single theme on several websites which is like the best part of buying a theme from magazine3. You can buy a single theme with multiple use option and use it on the various blogs and websites used by you.

Higher Variety

The biggest problem a person faces while buying a theme is how to make the right choice among the huge catalogue available online. This is where the website comes into play. Magazine 3 is one place from where one can buy every kind of theme as pres his blogs requirements. Otherwise you will have to keep comparing with a lot of near competitors in the open theme market. Furthermore, the website offers a tool to compare with other themes.

Personalize Your Theme

You buy a theme from this website and then add the tabs as per your requirement. You just need to drag and drop the various icons you might need on your wordpress blog. It acts like a simple theme of wordpress but it gives out more effects than the normal themes. They are not just plain artwork but an entire collection of customized work that affect your entire content and create a whole new experience for you. If you are working on a magazine3 theme you are definitely attracting a lot of attention to your blog.

Check the Demo

You have the option of viewing the demo version of the theme. By viewing the demo version you have an idea of how the theme would work in general. Each theme has a separate set of features attached to it. Most common of these features would be AdSense ready, Headlines News Ticker, Google Analytics Options, Social Bookmarking module and Threaded Comments. These are necessary from the social media marketing point of view and so every theme needs to have it.

Instant Support

Open the website and you will notice a chat option on the bottom right corner of the screen. This is in order to communicate with the staff instantly. You can come on chat whenever you want to and get your queries solved.

Cost as per the package you choose

Majorly there are two kinds of packages available to buy a theme on magazine3:

the single license and the multiple license buying. In single license buying you would be able to use the theme only on a single website while with multiple licenses you can use the single theme in various websites. In both single and multiple there is a PRO license where the footer links of magazine3 are removed. The pricing for Single license is 49$ while the same with PRO costs around 59$. The multiple license is marked at 125$ and with PRO it is for $199. You can make the payment through PayPal, a user friendly payment option.

Here I am listing few great themes from Magazine3:-

  • Ultimate Showbiz
  • ProBlog
  • GameUp
  • StyleLife
  • TechBlog
  • WebMag
  • NewspaperTimes
  • SportsMag
  • Traveller

Marked at a great price and attractive as an option, magazine3 theme shop is indeed worth visiting.

Apart From Magine3’s Theme Gallery you might want to check out Mythemeshop and Theme Junkie galleries here:-

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  • Eventhough i don’t prefer magazine themes for blogging but this looks like a nice theme .
    sneakywolf recently posted…Add meta tags to BloggerMy Profile

  • That seems to me much helpful in making the right choice for theme that we choose. but the magine`3 prices bit higher though it look good to me. I am waiting for more post relate to this.

  • That is fact that good cloth embellish the women similar good theme embellish the blog.Your theme would have the various advanced options associated with it making it more viable.Easy to use and navigate.
    so Identifies four moon sorted Blog Theme.

  • Magazine3 is very nice website for themes professional Blogging theme. Every element of this theme is well crafted and makes your site look like Web 3.0 Blogs

    Thanks for sharing this nice information ….

  • Magazine3 Premium WordPress Themes website available all nice and classic themes for your blog and website. very nice information

    Thanks for sharing

  • I’m not particularly pleased with my free theme right now, I may have to bite the bullet and go with a paid theme.

  • I checked this website. It’s realy good place to find something good for blog or website. I’m marked already few themes and want to try it in my new website.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Atish,

    Firstly, i must say thanks to you for such as excellent post. I impressed to your wordpress themes. i think These Themes are so superb for my blog and i must try to make more attractive of my blog. and i hope.these themes will make more beautiful. Well thanks dear for give me nice information

  • I’m still using Zerge theme from Theme Forest. One of the best magazine theme that I use so far.


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