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The whole internet is filled with articles on how to make money online. But how many of them work? As a blogger or online marketer or even a student looking for online jobs, you need authentic sources that pay you reasonably for your hard work. If you are a good writer, with some good skills you can easily make money online through writing paid posts for many blogs. I have cherry picked 25+ best blogs that pay you for guest blogging or writing content for their blog.

Write and earn

Why should you prefer providing writing services rather than other gigs?

1. Writing online will help you use your expertise on a topic to earn decent money.

2. You will carve a niche for yourself and will be well-known as a writer.

3. This is the quickest way of making money with your knowledge than setting up your own blog (which is good only if you have long term plan and can wait for a dormant time period).

4. You do not need to invest any money on this so return on investment (ROI) is more.

5. You can easily make money to support your peripheral needs during student life.

6. House wives others can earn directly from home.

Now that you know how writing making money through guest blogging can help, I have brought to you a complete fresh list of 25+ sites that pay you anywhere between 50$ to 1300$ per post. As a blogger myself I can ascertain that if done properly can earn you lots more than what your blog can give you through AdSense or affiliate earnings. I said this post is an alternative to AdSense because unless you have too high a traffic, getting paid from ads will hardly bear your coffee expenses. So I have created a list of top 25+ paying sites for guest blogging. These are in a varied niche so all of TechTricksWorld’s readers will be able to make money no matter what their niche is. They range from blogging to Photography, and travel to success stories.


This site is well known in the freelance community and has made up a respectful place for itself in the niche. You can write a guest post for this site in the “freelance writing” niche. You can also post a success story of yours. The site gives exclusive rights to re-publish your article online after 90 days with a link back to the guest post.

Niche: freelance writing

Payment: 100$

Find more info here.


Budget travel is a popular travel and tourism site. If you have expertise in writing on travel niche, this site will readily pay you anywhere between 0.5$ to 1$ per word.

Niche: Travel and Tourism

Payment: $0.5 to $1

Find more info here.


This site is a one stop hub for freelance writers. It has its own “freelance writers den”, a forum or coaching that trains writers to be experts. Carol Tice, the owner behind the blog says if a site is making money it should consider paying its writers too. It does exactly the same. You can be a writer here sharing freelance writing techniques, writer’s guides and success stories with a lesson to earn a huge buck.

Niche: Freelance writing

Payment: 50$ per post.

Contact details: Click here.


Writers weekly is a site for freelance writers and bloggers and pays handsomely for less worded articles too.  It accepts any article that shows you can earn money from home (through writing of course). You can also write 300 worded articles on stories depicting your success as a writer (not merely success in one publication but a series of successes). They pay for reprint articles too.

Niche: Writing and online business.

Payment: 60$ for 600 words

40$ for success stories (~300 words).

Get more details here.


Six revisions is a site that focuses on web design articles and tutorials. If you are a web designer student you can submit high quality practical articles on the site for earning an extra income online. The site is quite stringent on the writing quality so make sure your article is unique and deserves to be in the blog.

Niche: Web design and development.

Payment: Not specified but worth trying.

More information here


This site has the upper hand in submissions as it does not require more than 600 words.

Niche: Writing, business success story, money making tricks for writers.

Payment: $50 via PayPal or 45$ via check.

Contact details here.


Cracked is one of the most popular comedy sites in the internet world. If you have a gut for humor you can for sure get into the paid list of writers there.

Niche: comedy

Payment: 50$ to a whopping 200$+ per article.

Get into earning here.


Youronline.biz is a site that focuses on business writings and stories related to entrepreneurship.

Niche: business

Payment: 100$ per article

Contact details: Go to this page and follow the instructions.


KCL is a website focusing on working moms, housewives and frugal men. It deals with money making skills. You can write about money saving tricks in any of the below niches.

b Style, travel, family, gardening, finance, entertainment etc.

Payment: up to 50$

Contact details and post guidelines: here


Are you a Photoshop nerd? You can get paid handsomely on tutorial board by publishing Photoshop tutorials there.

Niche: Photoshop designing

Payment: Up to 150$

Contact details for more info: Click here.


Alistapart is a site that focuses on clear and well written articles on their blog. They will extensively guide you through the process of getting published.

Niche: Designers, content strategy, web developers.

Payment: up to 200$

Get more info on this page.


Are you a WordPress junkie and have a keen for genesis tutorials? This site pays for writing what you love.

Niche: WordPress

Payment: 50$

Contact and more info here


Matador Network is a very large site that accepts photo essays, video stories and text articles on topics like adventure and cultures around the world.

Niche: adventure and culture of people.

Payment: 20-25$ but can be 40-60$ in case of high quality articles.

More information and guidance on submission can be accessed here.


Are you a health professional or a health enthusiast? ACHS pays you good to show your expertise on the field and also allows you to add your BIO which will ensure your authority.

Niche: Health

Payment: 50$

For more details and guidelines click here.

15. TUT+

This is the most popular site that publishes epic posts on the design and development niche.

Niche: Photoshop, web design, games and android apps, MAYA, Mac tutorials etc.

Payment: Up to 50$ but may increase with the intensity of tutorial.

On a quick round up basis:

Try these sites for more payment related writing services.


Niche: Make money online

Payment: up to 75%, or 100$ for 50k page views, 200$ for 100,000 page views and 500$ for 250,000 page views up to a total of 800$ bonus in all.


Niche: Salon accepts articles on tech, business, life, entertainment, books, innovation, news and politics.

Payment: salon pays 150$ flat fees for 750 words essays.


Niche: Entertainment, books, facts, history, food, lifestyle etc.

Payment: 100$ per article approved.


Niche: Productivity

Payment: 150$ flat fee


Niche: Flex, animation

Payment: 150$ per approved article


Niche: design and web development.

Payment: Unspecified.


Niche: International living gives you opportunity to write well researched articles about places that are cheaper, healthier and more sociable that US for retiring people.

Payment: up to 400$.


Niche: Bird channel is all about birds and includes stories, slides and videos on them.

Payment: 100$-400$.


Niche: electoral coverage, Social movement, foreign pieces.

Payment: 1300$.


Niche: Blogging and SEO

Payment: 20$-50$


Niche: Railway and cars

Payment: up to 1000$ per post, Add a 100$ if it makes of for the cover story.


Niche: computer tips

Payment: up to 50$.


Get listed in this list of 600+ writers on the site Socialexis.com and get notifications whenever there’s a job posted on their site for writers globally. Here is the form to become a member.


So, this was an ultimate list of sites that pay for writing guest posts. The niches are varied and every one can use these useful sites to make money from their siting skills. These paid writing sites offer as high as 1300$ which can be used as a regular living also. If you feel this list has a website that will help your friend’s writing skills, please share this list of awesomely paying sites with them.

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