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Lets Join Hands With Malala To Promote Right To Education

Hi friends! 🙂 It’s true that TTW is a tech blog, but our main objective is to educate people through our updates! In the same spirit, I am here with a post to promote the “Right to Education”

Every person on this earth has a right to education and, as is written in many a country’s Constitution, no one can encroach upon that right! Yet, sadly, even in today’s world we come across many brutal violations of people’s rights, especially women’s. A glaring, recent such example is the attack on the 15 year old Malala Yousafzai, a young, bright, brave and opinionated girl. Her only crime- her passion for education and women’s rights activism, which threatened the Taliban! The Taliban has banned girls from attending school particularly in the Swat valley which is under it’s rule. Malala since the tender age of 11/12 has been promoting this cause through blogs on BBC, television interviews, documentaries, which enraged the Taliban. A fatwa was soon passed to kill her and Malala was shot in the head and neck by the Taliban gunmen.

But Malala survived and with her, hope lives on!

A year back, when Malala was interviewed by CNN, she beautifully & bravely said the following lines:

I have the right of education. I have the right to play. I have the right to sing. I have the right to talk. I have the right to go to market. I have the right to speak up.




Her braveness inspired many activists and pushed the whole world to take notice of the apathy towards women’s education in certain countries.The former British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who is currently who is current an UN Special Envoy on Education said that;

“Ensuring every child has the opportunity to go to school and learn is a longstanding passion of mine. Education breaks the cycle of poverty and unlocks better health and job prospects. It’s time to launch an unwavering campaign to put Education First.”

Around 61 million kids are forced to be away from the school & these 61 million forgotten children around the world are exploited, many turned into bonded labourers. It’s time for us ” educated people”  to take action! Let’s find some trustworthy organization like I AM MALALA where we can donate our time, money & expertise to promote fearless education to everyone on this globe! 🙂

There is still a lot to be done! Reading about this post isn’t enough, spreading the word is what counts! As Malala recovers, let us work together so that children like her never again have to go through what she did! Let us create a world where rights are respected and where the “Malalas”  can learn, sing, play without any fear!

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Zainil Dedhia

Zainil is commerce graduate & is pursuing his further studies in commerce. He loves to write about software's & social media.

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  • Every girl should learn from Malala. She is an inspiration for all girls who don’t fight for their rights. They should come forward to get success and achievements in life.

  • Incredible story that sent chills down my spine, what a brave young lady, so wise beyond her years. Rest assured I’ll be doing what I can to help this girl’s cause and will spread the word to friends and family (:

  • nice article. I’m feeling bad, because it happened in my country. 🙁 Malala is really a very brave girl. She didn’t hesitate, feared by terrorists, and spread her message to people.
    To I’m proud that, there are still such people in my country, who wants to make it an educated country. 🙂

    Get well soon Malala, We all love you passion.

  • I had heard about this incident before and I was thinking about her courage. She’s still stick to her point, I really like to salute her bravery and courage.

  • Hi,

    I am with all those noble souls who are supporting the sacrifice of Malala and the reason behind it. It is really a shame that in 2012, girls have to fight for right to education. We are all with Malala and we will promote this cause too. God Bless her for speedy recovery.

  • Dear,

    Eduction is very big and most part of life . without eduction you have not survive in the real life.Malala is really a very brave girl.


  • Hello Zainil,
    It is really an inspiration article. I am supporting sacrifice of Malala. Malala is very bravery and courage. I am salute to Malala and I hope that she will learn, sing, play without any fear!

  • This is really really sad that girls cannot study their, Malala she is so inspiring I thing this is the time where people have to support her. I really don’t know why they cannot study, please anybody tell me, what is the reason behind it. Malala is truly an inspiring girl.

  • Despite the number of women’s groups and rights activists across the globe, these people can only go so far on their own. When we cower in silence or hide behind veils and shadows – we can’t shine.

    Thank you for sharing this. Malala’s story made my day.

  • Hi Zainil,

    I appreciate your thinking of posting about Malala and educating people with her thoughts. Great post! 🙂

  • Hey Zainil,
    I agree with your points that Every person on this earth has a right to education. Education is apart from our life. It comes from reading. It is necessary as our breakfast. Malala is really a very brave girl.

  • Hey Zainil,
    I agree with your points that Every person on this earth has a right to education. Education is apart from our life. It comes from reading. It is necessary as our breakfast. Malala is really a very brave girl.

  • Knowledge is power. Women in education leads to women with knowledge which in turn leads to women in a position of power…. this of course leads in turn to stability, which doesn’t quite help the Taliban, who thrive on instability

  • I have tears in my eyes after reading the story of Malala. Girl you are really brave. I salute you. Every person on this world have right to do what they want. Community should never create any barrier. Education in today’s world is mandatory, without it no one can survive. I will definitely spread the word through my social media sites and will do as much possible things for children out there craving to learn something new. Get well soon Malala. God Bless you!

  • Everybody on the earth has a Right to Get Education, and it is the birth right for every individual whether a girl or a boy to get educated and spread education. I strongly support such kind of agitations which are in favour of Women’s Education or Rights of Women to be equal with the Men in the Society.
    Hats Off!! to Malala for her determination and extreme love towards study and her courage to fight with the country Men for getting right to get educated herself in such a small age, Never Give Up the Hopes of Studying Malala, Fight till the end you are a definite winner in my eyes.
    My support totally goes with you, as I am a strong Believer and always in practice to help those girls which do not get right to get themselves educated or be free to do what they like. Again a splendid work done. Lets support her agitation against the Men dominated society and persons who do not allow girls to enjoy their lives and rights which are ceased from them right from the childhood age.

  • The one important weapon that has helped the women to liberate all over the globe and come at par with the male sex has been education. Any nation to curb the freedom of their women to get educated shall bear severe consequences.

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