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Lenovo K3 Note: A small package of big features

I am not a big fan of Lenovo as the company is still on its way to mark its presence in the field of a smartphone. No doubt, it is one of the best companies in the field of laptops but, laptop and phone are two completely different things. It is the success of Lenovo A6000 and A6000 Plus that I thought of giving Lenovo a chance to prove itself.

Lenovo K3 Note 1

Lenovo K3 Note is the latest smartphone launched by the company and after using it for a week or so, here I am with the detailed, unbiased review of the device. The point that company has the guts to call a device Note and price it at under 10k gave me the confidence to test out the device.

Looks & Design: Things could have been much better

The phone is light in weight, and that is the only good thing about its design. The build quality of the device could have been much better as the company has used the poor plastic body in constructing the device. While every other brand is focusing on the metal body, Lenovo is still struck with plastic and flat back fronts.

Lenovo K3 Note 3

There is nothing much to talk about the look and design of the phone as Lenovo has followed the conventional design of keeping the power and volume buttons on the right and audio socket & USB port on the top.  One thing about the design that I liked the most is that battery is removable. It gives me the freedom to use the extra battery in case of emergency or when I am travelling.

Lenovo K3 Note 8

Since, it is not a normal phone as it is what we call a “Note”, I faced a little bit of trouble in using the phone for first few days. However, despite being big in sizes, it easily fit in the hand. The design of the phone could have been much better as we have the phones Moto G3, which feature a unique design of its own.

Display: Best in class

Lenovo K3 Note proudly boasts of a 5.5 inch full HD display, and it is one of those rare smartphones which features a full HD display under 10k. The pixel density of the screen is 401 ppi that is a pleasure to watch. The must have gorilla glass is missing from the display but, the viewing angles and colour reproduction is just apt and you can’t ask for much at such a price tag.

Lenovo K3 Note 2

The bezel length of the display is also decent, and the on-screen navigation buttons also work perfectly fine. Although, if you are a fan of reading while travelling, I have a bad news for you. The display is not matched for reading in bright sunlight, and you will have to adjust it a lot for a better reading experience.


Hardware and Performance

Lenovo K3 Note is powered by a 1.7 GHz processor with MediaTek 6752 chipset. It is supported by a 2GB of RAM and eight ARM Cortex-A53cores. Being gamers by nature, I immediately downloaded some heavy games like Asphalt 8 and Dead Trigger 2. I was expecting many heat issues as phone likes Yureka Plus, and Mi4i heats a lot during heavy gaming.

Lenovo K3 Note 4

The device gets warm (not heated) after few minutes of basic use but it started heating up when the duration of the gaming increased, and soon it reached a point where phone started showing lags and stutter. I also tried to check the multitasking capability of the phone by opening 10-15 apps at the same time, and as expected, it started taking a lot of time in switching from one app to another.

Lenovo K3 Processor

If we talk about Performance, Moto G 3rd Gen. is the sheer powerhouse and no matter how heavy or high-end graphic game you play, the phone never hangs or slows down. Although, the 2900 mAh of battery lasted for a day that is not normal these days. Despite taking 3 hours to get fully charged, the battery lasted for a good period. I would like to have a word about the speakers of Lenovo K3 Note; they are not great but not bad as well. Lenovo 6000 Plus had much better speakers.


Asus is currently leading the market in terms of camera performance. Thanks to the devices like Asus ZenFone 2 and Asus Laser that most of the brands lag far behind. However, Lenovo has almost tried to reach the level of Asus by its 13 MP rear camera. The rear camera is placed in one of the rear corners so make sure your finger don’t come in the way while clicking pictures.

If you love to take selfies, then you will remain happy with Lenovo K3 Note as device’s 5 MP front camera clicks some really good selfies with a correct amount of light. There was no such noise or colour exposure in the pics like Xiaomi devices which is the reason that I can say that Lenovo K3 Note is the perfect competitor of Asus in terms of camera.

OTG Support

Lenovo K3 supports USB OTG and thus we can connect the external drives to the phone and access the data. There are many smartphones in this price range that don’t provide the USB OTG support but with this gadget, you can plug in the pen drive to listen to the music and watch the video without the need for transferring the data to the phone memory.

No Headphones

Not providing the earphones in the box will hurt the smartphone users who would like to hear the music. Yes, Lenovo doesn’t give the headset while purchasing the phone, Lenovo K3 Note and this was really a bad experience for me. Since it is not offering headphones, you can get a good wired or wireless headphones separately.

Final Verdict

There are many good features of the phones like full HD display, 4G connectivity, Dual SIM and 13 MP camera that makes it stand out from the league. But, at the same time, weak performance, heating issues, average speakers and old design, brings it back to square one. The phone is not a bad choice as it is still one of those handful phones that offers 4G, full HD display and decent camera at just INR 9999.

However, if you’re a pro gamer like me who wish to have a phone that can withstand intense gaming, this device is not good as I noticed some frame drops while playing the heavy games and experienced heating issues as well.

Besides, if you want to talk a lot on phone, I would suggest you wait more for a better device since this device has a high SAR (Specific Absorption Rate – a calculation of the amount of radiation absorbed into the head when talking with the phone) value that would cause the risk of cancer. So, you may opt the best gadget for more phone talking.

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  • Hi Zainil,

    Lenovo could be a fierce competitor for other smartphones companies as it is delivering some powerful specs, but still Lenovo has so much to do.
    Anyways, nice article.
    have a nice day,

  • Nice review, the phone looks good in budget for me to buy.
    But how is the calling function?
    In the final verdict you have first said that the phone is good for calling and then said that wait for better devices if you talk a lot.
    Why is this contradiction?
    Pls let me know ASAP, as I am planning to buy this for my mother if it’s good.

      • hi Vhicks,
        Lenovo has never happened to be such great phone ever, but yes it is good for normal things like calling and regular gaming. You cannot expect anything high from Lenovo unlike other high reputed phones like Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc. You can purchase this phone for regular use.

      • Hi Mohit, thank you for the details.
        I am not expecting a flagship experience from a phone below 10k.
        I want to buy the phone for basic use (my mom shall use it).
        Thus the main moto of the phone would be calling, and very little use of WhatsApp Facebook etc.
        But Aatish mentioned that the phone heats up on calling; and if this is the case, then there is no point in buying K3 Note.

        Mohit, have you used K3 Note?

        Could you guys please provide me more details about calling function of K3 Note; will the phone heat up when you talk for half hour also?
        In how much time calling the phone shall heat?
        Also please suggest me some better alternatives in a budget below 10k.

        • Hi Vhicks,
          Unfortunately, I haven’t used this smartphone, but review and specs seem to be quite okay for your mother. I think you should go for it, buddy.

          • Vhicks & Mohit,

            Want to add one more thing that the SAR value of this phone is very high. Thus, it is not advisable to talk for longer duration on this phone.

    • Hello Vhicks,

      It is said that it has some heating issue so if you talk over call for longer hours it will heat up. Also, everyone likes to play games on their smartphone, and as said it heats up, you won’t enjoy the gaming too. That is why it is advised that you can wait for some better device if you use your phone to play game and talk for longer hours.

      Its good for the persons like me who don’t talk over call for longer hours and don’t play games.

      Thanks for reading the article Vhicks.

    • Really?
      I haven’t heard about any 2015 handset heating up due to calling.
      Also I read some good reviews about K3 Note and I am shocked to realise that no one has mentioned about this intense heating problem while calling.

      Could you please suggest some better smartphones under 10k, asap?

      • Hi, vhicks,
        You can go after samsung grand prime. It seems to be a good phone at this time. But it is slightly over 10k might be near around 11k.

        • Hello Vhicks,

          One of my friend is using Moto G 3rd Gen which is a good phone but it is slightly above 10k, its current value is in between 12-13k INR.

          You can even buy Lenovo K3 Note if you are a normal user who doesn’t play many games and don’t talk for longer hours. I am sure if you talk around 15-20 mins the phone will not heat much. But one thing I want to tell you that the SAR value of this phone is very high which is not good for health therefore if you really talk a lot on the phone, using this phone won’t be recommended.
          If you talk for very long hours around 1 hour or 2 hours then any smartphone will get heated little or much.

          If you want to buy the phone for you Mom, Lenovo K3 Note or Moto G 3rd Gen are good choices.

    • There are no heating issues with this phone, I am using it from past 5-6 weeks. I remember few calls over 50 minutes and several calls over 15-20 minutes but I never faced and heating issues.
      I am not sure why Aatish is facing heating issues over the call.
      But ofcourse while playing high end graphic games, any phone at this price shall lag and heat.

      • Hello Vasu,

        Thanks for sharing the views. Actually I have used this phone for a day and I have talked for 30 mins and it got heat. There might be some issues with that particular device I guess.

        Later I come to know that SAR value is very high so it is not advisable to talk longer on this phone.

        • Thanks Vasu for the details. I will go for K3 Note.
          Every site except Techtricksworld is saying that K3 Note is very good. No one has pointed any heating issues.

          Atish, now what is SAR? Also I could read about this in the post but this wasn’t there before, surely.
          The post, conclusion seems to be edited today and has now a new mention about SAR.

          Also dear any phone, even iPhone, will heat after an hour or so of calling, does this mean the phone is bad!

          I am losing the faith on this review.
          I would never expect such a bad hands on review.

          • Hello Vhicks,

            Thanks for your feedback. There is nothing wrong but let me clarify that SAR value is something you need to take care of because a phone with high SAR value is not recommended if you talk for longer hours.

            Yes, we have edited the conclusion because something was missing and when you have asked a question it got into our notice and thus we did edition, and we are very thankful to you for this.

            We are human beings and we do mistakes at times. Sorry for the problems you faced. But still the phone is not recommended to those who talk for longer hours due its high SAR value.

            We are really very sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

  • Superb review of Lenovo K3 Note by Zainil. It will be useful for many.

    I liked the first line which mentions that Lenovo is famous for laptops and there is a big difference when it comes to laptops and mobile phones.

    Lenovo K3 Note is one of the smartphones which has got huge success. I too expect Lenovo to provide better design to its smartphones.

  • I would like to know something. When we say multitasking, 10-15 apps seems to be an unusually high number isn’t it? Normally if someone is playing a game then he can have whatsapp, twitter, fb, and a couple of other apps running in background. That is max 5-6 apps at a time. I feel, 10-15 apps would probably slow down any phone since MTk’s multitasking is not as good as compared with Qualcomm Snappdragon.

    • Hello Hariyaksh,

      Yes Hariyaksh, I too feel that 10-15 apps simultaneously a high number for the phones in this range. Not all phones go slow if we use such a number of apps at once, but phones in this range may slow down for sure.

      I have used Samsung galaxy duos of around 10000 INR that gets slow if I open 5-6 apps even, and on the other hand I have Samsung galaxy S4 that doesn’t slow down even I use more than 10 apps at times.

      But I am sure not everyone uses so many apps at once. Mostly people use around 6-8 apps simultaneously. Isn’t it?

      Most of us have FB, Whatsapp, hangout open along with a few other apps. I mostly use around 5-6 apps at a time on my S4 and it does work smooth.

  • Hi Zainil
    Nice review!
    Thanks for sharing the pros and cons of this phone!
    The heating is no doubt a big problem, though it camera seems like fantastic,
    Anyways thanks for the wonderful review.
    Whatever it is a smart phone under 10000 is really great, since it is from a reputed company like lenovo!
    And again please NOTE the warning Its not a Laptop from the company instead new product/phone from the company!!
    Keep writing Zainil
    Keep sharing
    ~ Philip

  • Big feature with cheap price is best only for lenova,i ‘ve heard.. 🙂 sounds lovely and Nice review, the phone looks good in budget for me to buy.

    Thanks for its awesome review.. Have a great weekend.. 🙂

  • lenovo is having best processor after i phone i think sumsung is like a tv remote which takes 2 secong to process something but after apple only phone is work fastly is lenovo nd using this and happy to see this good post on it thanku for sharing this information

  • Nice review.
    Lenovo K3 Note is a very nice phone, rather one of the best smartphones under 10000.

    PS – I am using this as my secondary phone, and would recommend it.

  • @Zainil

    Hi Zainil

    I don’t know why the guys are rating it that low…
    I have a K3 NOTE which I bought on 15th July flash sale it’s completely an awesome device…
    Lenovo k3 note holds a giant screen . I like this phone very much.


  • Hello,
    I want to buy new phone can you please let me know this phone is good for me ? I am going to buy micromax phone. Which one is good Lenovo K3 Note or micromax

  • Hi Zianil …
    Thanks for review this cool smartphone.
    All my mates are using samsung and I don’t want to be part of a crowd. I always wanted a different smartphone bundled with features. Finally , I found it.

    Thanks to you.

    Keep writing 🙂

  • thanks for this great k3 note review, these days I want to buy one good smartphone, I think lenovo k3 is proving best smartphone for me in very cool budget.. thanks

  • Thank you so much for this post, I’m planning to by a Smartphone, but I’m very confused on picking the company, my each friend are suggesting one and one it makes me very very confusing. Still I don’t get any ideas and picking the company. Now only I viewed your article, I fully both through it now I’m okay with Lenovo K3 note. your details about Lenovo K3 is very useful for me. Thanks for this post. I’m ready to buy

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