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Launching an Online Magazine

Though print publications have a space in the world of journalism, it’s clear, so many people are consuming the news through digital platforms. In fact, many people will admit that they check social media platforms to find out if something is happening in the news. If you want to maintain an online magazine, you don’t have to become paranoid because of the vast amount of competition. Instead, you can stand firm in what you have to offer and use other digital platforms as resources to help you launch and expand.

Consider the following components when you’re looking to launch an effective online magazine. 

Using the Most Effective Platform

When you’re launching an online magazine, don’t try to do it on a free platform. When you’re putting in a ton of work, you want to make sure that you have ownership. When you don’t own the website you’re building your content on, the owners can decide that you’ve violated their guidelines at any time. As a result, they can strip away your site without any explanation or promise of reinstatement. This is why it’s best to purchase hosting, templates and more. If you’re turned off by the idea of HTML, coding and all the technical jargon on the backend, purchase a membership to a site that will take care of those elements for you.

Considering Your Potential Audience

When you’re creating your online magazine, you’ll want to be incredibly thoughtful regarding who your audience will be. If you’d like to create a community for stay-at-home moms who want interaction with other women, it would be great to build a forum on the website that allows women to communicate with one another. Consider the niche because it’ll help you to cater to their needs in a specific way. When you’re able to tailor your message and make it unique, this increases your chances of maintaining staying power within the industry.

Looking at Income Opportunities

Consider the income streams that you’d like to develop. If you’re creating digital content that teaches about the intricacies of entrepreneurship, you can sell tons of resources on the website. Create a ‘shop’ tab for people to purchase the merchandise. If they’d like to find an ebook about e-commerce or book a one-on-one mastermind session, they can do so when they make a payment through the website. It’s also great to consider advertisements, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing as income streams. Do your best to build up to seven strong streams of income for the company. As you’re able to increase the profits, you’ll be able to increase the impact.

Developing a Publishing Schedule

Publishing content isn’t an easy task. This is why it’s best to schedule your content in advance. When you’re running a magazine, it’s a good idea to produce content on a daily basis. Even if the article is a mere 300 words, it’s great to consistently update your website with new information. You can even encourage feedback and engagement by adding polls, surveys and more. This will allow you to hear from your audience and inspire the creative process as you work on more content for the future.

Digital Marketing Efforts

Because social media is such a big deal, you don’t want to leave it out of the equation. In fact, it’s a great idea to include social media platforms in your content creation process. When you post a new article to the website, post as much of it as you can to the social media platform. Always leave the link in your bio so that people can check out your website. Use hashtags so that people can find your content. Use videos to help you increase your visibility on the algorithms. Don’t underestimate social media platforms and their power to take your business to the next level.


While you can start the journey alone, you don’t want to work only for a long period of time. This is especially true for those who want to develop lasting power in the marketplace. You’re going to have to bring people on your team to help you carry out the vision. When you’re first starting out, if you don’t have the financial margin, it’s okay to work on your own. However, you’ll want to develop a plan to hire someone in the near future. You can start by hiring someone to do contract work. You can hire a freelance writer to take care of some of the articles on the site. You can even opt to hire a graphic designer to take care of all of the graphics for the magazine. You’ll also want to become strategic regarding who you hire first. If you need to hire a virtual assistant who can help you build up the company, that’s a better idea than hiring an editor. You’ll want to hire the people who can help you increase your bottom line first.

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  • Hi Atish,
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