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Latest Gadgets That Are Essential To Your Vlogging Career

Thanks to advancements in modern technology there are numerous ways to earn a steady income these days apart from working a regular nine-to-five job. Vlogging is increasingly gaining popularity as a way to make money online, either as a side hustle or a full-time job. We live in a generation where YouTube is a cash cow for many people, and if you have some skills or passion in video creation, you have no reason to be left behind.

Vlogging is simply defined as the art of using short videos online to attract an audience to your content and perhaps drive this traffic to your website. As a vlogger, you can either earn from you have various options of income streams to choose from. You can earn from YouTube royalties, traffic to your site, affiliate marketing, or as a brand ambassador driving traffic to websites of established brands.

But then again, you have to create quality videos that will attract the most attention, likes, subscriptions, and shares from your audience. You also need to be consistent with your posts. In a nutshell, you will need to arm yourself with several devices to make your career fruitful to the maximum. Here are some of the latest gadgets that are essential to any career vlogger.

  • Quality Camera

The quality of your content will be the first cover to judge your book. When the audience looks at your intro, your content’s first sight is enough to make the person stay glued or tap the “next” button. It does not have to be a high-end camera because some high-end cameras lack essential features. They include Portability, Manual mode, Wi-Fi connectivity, Optical image stabilization, Rotating LCD screen, Microphone, and High video quality. With the above features, you can go for any brand. You need content that stands out, and a quality camera will help you capture stunning videos for just that.

  • Video Editing Computer and Monitor

When you are done capturing videos, you are only halfway through the production journey. You will also need to edit your videos and ensure they are stunning enough before posting them on your vlogging channel. You will, therefore, need a powerful computer and monitor or visual display. A recent post by Abraham Paul at https://vloggingguru.com/best-monitor-for-video-editing/ mentions that there are a plethora of options of monitors on the market for video editing work but you have to consider the color fidelity, video resolution, dynamic range, and other aspects in choosing the right one. Choose the one that will best help bring your video to life based on your needs and your audience.

  • Tripod

When it comes to Vlogging, quality should be your first name. Unstable videos will automatically lower the quality of your content. Take the tripod as your camera’s support system, and you cannot afford to leave it behind in your trade tools. When shopping for a tripod, remember to consider your camera’s weight and your video shoot location. Most indoor shoots will need tabletop tripods, while the outdoor will need full-length tripods, which are more professional. You can go for the latter if you are an all-weather content creator. The tripod is adjustable.

  • Microphone

Online content consists of audio and visual content. The audio content plays a major role in every video. It is therefore important to have a good quality microphone that will help capture and produce crystal clear audio. That will give your audience a better experience when going through your content. Nobody wants to strain to hear what you are saying. If you are not lucky enough to have a camera with an inbuilt mic, you can directly attach an external mic to your camera. It helps to sharpen audio while suppressing any background noise. Lapel microphones are the most professional since they can be attached to your clothes.

  • Lighting System

Do you ever ask yourself why the magazines’ photos look better than the photos you take at home? It is the lighting techniques. If you plan to ace your vlogging career, you need to invest in lighting to give animated videos and give the colors of your video some pop. If you are shooting outdoors, the equipment may not be necessary unless it is at night. But when you are indoors, the “umbrella-like” types of equipment should be top of your list. Even with a high-quality camera, when the lighting is poor, your content’s quality will be shady.

Vlogging is all about producing great video content that resonates with your audience. However, this may not be the case if you can’t produce high-quality videos that look professional. The above are just a few essential devices you should get to propel your vlogging career higher.

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