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Manage your Passwords Easily with LastPass?

Is it hard to remember your passwords? If yes, password manager like Dashlane or Lastpass can help you.  You can read my review of Dashlane which I have already shared on TTW. Today I am sharing about another Password manager, LastPass. Before you read this post I would like you to have a look on the post title All about Passwords.

Now, you will be able to focus on more crucial things in your life, because instead of you, LastPass will remember all your passwords forever. Let’s delve deeper into the insights of this wonderful software.

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a free password manager that enables you to generate and store safe passwords for your online accounts. The password manager works well with email addresses as well as bank accounts. It stores your passwords, so that you never have to worry about forgetting your login info.


What are its features?

LastPass is a simple tool containing sophisticated features, so that you can concentrate on what matters the most. Let’s discuss the features one by one.

  • Save sites: Once you have downloaded and installed LastPass, you’re required to create your account. Once that happens and you browse over different websites, the password manager prompts you to save each new site as you browse, so that you won’t ever lose another password.
  • Login automatically: Once you have saved a site’s credentials like username and password, you don’t have to re-enter the login credentials ever again, as you return to the site. Since, LastPass does the job for you. You don’t have to type, think, or work at all while coming to your routine websites.
  • Centralize your data: The password manager centralizes your data like no other. You can view all your accounts and their corresponding passwords in the easy-to-use vault, which allows you to easily edit, remove, and organize your data.


  • Shop online seamlessly: By means of LastPass, you can setup a profile for each family member, credit card, shipping, and billing address. This way, you can complete your online payment by choosing your desired profile and completing the form in a matter of seconds.
  • Backup important documents: You can attach images and documents to your secure notes. Since, the password manager backs up your files on its own. Due to which, you always have a safe, digital copy.
  • Generate strong passwords: Whenever you create an online account or update a present one, the LastPass password generator displays in order to help you create unique and strong passwords that go by excellent security practices.
  • Perform audits: You can run LastPass security challenge to monitor your progress and identify where you can still improve your online safety. The password manager also alerts you when you login to your accounts with weak and duplicate passwords. This way, you can generate new improved password right away.

How is the security?

There is no question that the security of your confidential information is the hugest contributing factor at the time of choosing an online password manager. LastPass is no exception to the notion. However, with LastPass, your whole lot of passwords and data remain 100 percent protected by means of 256-bit AES encryption.

In addition, LastPass provides you two-step logins that include YubiKey, which is a USB device. So, you can always set LastPass to allow login only when your YubiKey is there in order to prevent any unauthorized access to your accounts.


Which accounts does LastPass support?

LastPass can store any imaginable information, which includes all types of passwords, thereby providing you instant access to your bank accounts, shopping sites, emails, and more. Furthermore, you can store your recipes and registration codes or anything else that you might want to protect using encryption and a master password.

Final Verdict

Besides its top-notch features, one thing that set LastPass apart from its counterparts is how easy it to operate the password manager. Also, it’s compatible with almost every browser and phone you can imagine. Needless to mention, you must try this magnificent password manager.

If you want to get a list of Password Managers then check out here.

Download LastPass for free now!

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  • I was using Roboform for a while then i discover LastPass. LastPass can do everything that Roboform can and is light and very versatile. All you need is one really strong password that you need to remember at all times to manage all your other passwords.

    Once you create this is kept on a secure server with the only person that has access to the passwords is you. Nobody else can see your password.

    Great Tool!

    • I am sure that it is much better than Roboform. Till now I used roboform, lastpass and dashlane. I liked lastpass and dashlane more than roboform.

      Thanks for reading the post Worli. Keep visiting.

      • Hi Atish, thanks for info..

        I used Pass Vault for years for my passwords, but when updating to iOS 10.1/10.2/10.3 it apparently erased all data in the app! Do you know how to recover it??

        Thanks for all your info.


        • Hello Gregory,

          I am not a user of iOS so don’t know exactly about it. I would recommend you write their support team about it, and I am sure they will tell you the exact steps to be taken to take things back.

          Good luck. Thanks.

  • Hi Atish,

    Informative post indeed 🙂

    Yes, I know of a lot of friends who are already using LastPass so it’s not a new site for me. However, I’d not read such a detailed post about it, which makes it much easy to understand things now. I’d surely be checking this out.

    It does become tough to memorize the passwords as one needs to keep changing them so often nowadays, and you need to have a little tricky ones, so we tend to note them someplace, which is a cumbersome process. I only hesitated regarding the security earlier with lastpass, but you cleared that in this post too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Thousands of people are using these kind of password managers so I am sure there would not be any security flaw here. I have used both lastpass and Dashlane, these are really good.

  • Good review of Lastpass Atish.

    I know about Dashlane password manager and here I read the details Lastpass.

    I think that it is a good tool for the internet marketers and online businesses to handle various online accounts efficiently. Its security and other features are just awesome. Thanks for sharing the significant details of Lastpass, will try to use it.

  • Hello Atish,
    I have been using the Lastpast from quite some time. And it has made my work easy to remember the passwords when I do online shopping as I can keep the same password for everything. As a result sometimes I forgot my passwords and there arised problems in getting them back. but with Lastpass, everything seemed to be safe and easy.

  • So many positive reviews about lastpass but again we have to create our one password online and how much they are safe? I do not know thus i love to use my old favorite excel to store all my sensitive password and then protect that excel shree with AES algorithm.

  • Very useful article which contains very informative content regarding Passwords. Actually i mostly forget my passwords. But now i got the right solution of my problem in shape of generate secure password.

    Thanks for sharing such an excellent article.

  • Hi Atish, I remember being introduced to this one by Adrienne and it’s a great way to keep track of passwords. I also heard its available for mobile now. I haven’t tried it there yet. I highly recommend Last Pass.

  • I remember back in the day when you could get away with having easy to remember passwords. I knew all of my passwords by heart. Nowadays, your password has to be so long and crazy, it’s pretty much impossible to remember. Not to count that your password should be different for every account you have. I have been wanting to try a software like this, but honestly, I’m concerned that my passwords won’t be as secure as I would want them to be. I know you mentioned the data is 100% protected, but I still remain skeptical of password software. I’m wondering if anyone’s passwords have ever been hacked using this type of program/software?

    • Yes Tiffany! Nowadays, as the number of hacking activities are increasing, we tend to use strong passwords which are not easy to remember and that is why there is need of password managers. I understand your fear about this but many people are using these kind of password managers because all the passwords which you enter there are encrypted which cannot be read by anyone. I am not sure if someone can hack these programs! But many are using.

  • Hi Atish,
    I have been using Last Pass for a really long time now and i agree that it is one of the most useful tool ever.
    I also like its feature of Auto-fill. Saves me a lots of time and effort.
    A nice post indeed.

  • Hi Atish,

    I don’t know if you remembered the date, May 4, 2011- the operators of LastPass noticed some anomalous activity in their systems. A hacker had somehow hacked their system and imported master passwords, and then they told users to change their passwords. LastPass is definitely a great password manager but after this security breach i was searching a alternative to this app and i found Keepass and Dashlane.

    But it is all from the vault, and i am using Laspass Password manager because its completely free, and Lastpass managed to survive somehow in the greatest security breach.


    • See, There is nothing safe over www but still we need to use something that reduces our efforts. Glad you stopped by.

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