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7 Kids Bloggers of the World

We believe that kids are priceless treasures from God. They are the hope of the future so it is our conviction to provide them psychological, physical and emotional needs. Kids are primary responsibility of the parents and they should encourage their kids to promote their talent and skill.

When it comes to blogging there are number of various kids who is making their mark in blogosphere. In their tender age they have proved that the person cannot become valuable by age. They are vibrant, eligible, earth-shaking talented and manage to bag loads of admiration.

Here I am with deep pride want to mention few of the kids star as a blogger who love to pen their views to their research.

Let’s go to the details about the 7 kids bloggers of the world:

1. Jake’s Bones (Jake McGowan-Lowe)


Jake blog is all about bone collecting. He started his blog four years ago at the age of seven. Jake writes about bones and skull that he generally found in the wild spot  and he also sometime focus on wild place he use to visit during research. His blog has 77,000 visitors and 275 posts till now. It takes one and half hour to finish one post for him. He consumes half an hour in research in visiting websites and reading reference books and one hour to write his post.  This 12 years old skilled boy is from Scotland.

2. Libdem Child (Maelo Manning)


In April 2010, Maelo started her blog Libdemchild to support the Liberal Democrat political party. This 13 years old London based kid blogger is having one more blog named Life of  a Blooming child which is not entirely political based instead it is about general perception of life. Her blog gets between 200 and 400 hits per day. 

3. Betsy Lou Adventure (Betsy Lou)

Betsy Lou

Betsy was 5 year old when she started blogging. A well known Britain youngest blogger now turned 6. Her parents Clare and Mark Rudd have their own blog for 10 years. Her blog is about her life partially. Betsy has a 200 views per day. She can also write a post within a hour.

4. Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion (Tolmeia Gregory)


A fashion blogger named Tolmeia lives in France and organize her blog in April last year with the help if her sister. Tolmeia wants to be famous fashion designer. She gets per day 150-200 hits for her blog.  She started writing at the age of 12 and now she is working at the New York and Paris fashion week. At the age of 12 years she also has enlisted on Forbes 30 under the 30 lists for media personalities.

5. Childtasticbooks (Holly Fratter)

Holly Fratter

Holly initiated her blog last year in May with her mom Sam Pope. They both have joint blog and write post twice a week and also securing 6000 hits per month. The combination of a mother-daughter hit the jackpot in the world of blogosphere. Now turned 7 years old girl is continue with her creation.

6. Revealingthestuffs (Sriram)


Sriram is one of the kids who are gifted in certain aspects. He is passionate about providing practical tips which can be implemented in life. In his early age he gets great attention and bagged loads of admiration as a kid blogger. A 14 years old boy is residing in Tamil Nadu from India. 

7. Pakhi ki Duniya (Akshita Yadav)

pakhi-from-pakhi-ki-duniyaA Kanpur girl Akshita Yadav from India, entered into blogging with the inspiration and support of her parents at the age of 4 years now turned 6 years old.  As her parents are also a blogger and writer. Akshita started her career as a blogger on 24th June and within a year her blog reached to 30,000 ranks in Hindi blogs. She is the youngest “National Child Award Winner” of India. Her blog is all about Islands and its beautiful pictures.

With such an exposure of talent at the beginning of journey of these kids bloggers of world is really massive. There inspirational success and achievements are unmatched and something very big. What’s you say about this?

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  • Great info Atish 🙂

    Really stunning to read about these bloggers and their achievements at their younger age, truly inspiring and it is stimulating me to learn a lot about blogging.

    Oh, great!!! Nice to see that Sriram got listed in the kids bloggers here. He is one of my favorite blogger who residing in my state and I feel good that I’ve presented a guest post for him.

    A good motivating post Atish, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks Nirmala for your comment. Since long I have been planning to share this post but I couldn’t make it. Now finally I have made it Live. Glad to know that you are in touch with Sriram who made a place in my list.

  • Great!!
    These little wonders will surely inspire many more.
    An interesting thing here is that 3 or 4 of the kids featured here have blogger parents. 😛
    That surely does help get started early.
    I do not mean to take the credit away from these little bundles of joy. Kudos to them for showing such zeal and determination at such a young age.

    • Thanks for your commend Ambika. I appreciates their determination and hard work over their blogs. We all should learn from these kids. If they can do then why don’t we? Many people give excuses for not being active on their blog. What about these kids? They have their studies with a lot of home work etc and still they are doing wonderful without giving any excuses.

      keep coming on TTW to read more interesting stories!

  • What a great detailed research you have done . Normally most of bloggers don’t choose such a topic .
    I have gone through all blogs and found out that only Betsy Lou Adventure (Betsy Lou) uses Google Adsense . lol .

  • Hi Atish,

    Oh my goodness! Amazing list of such young bloggers making waves in the Blogosphere 🙂

    Yes, you did mention about Pakhi and I still remember that post, and do know a little about Sriram as well. What amazes me is how these kids manage to handle their studies and blogs side by side. I know there are many other blogging friends who are also pursuing their studies, but not this young! Hats-off to their parents for encouraging them because without their support, all this isn’t possible.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Yes Harleena, They are great! There are so many things out there to learn from these kids! Apart from their studies and all they managed to maintain a blog which we all know is not so easy task. Thanks you stopped by. Keep coming.

  • Hi Atish brother,

    I really appreciate these kids hardship and talent. As blogging is very challenging job and it is perfectly obtain by these kids is incredible.

    If they are at good hieght at this age what magical they will endure when they grow up. I think these stars manage to outnumber elders.

    I have seen Sri ram work, he is awesome and Akshita as well so good. Rest of the kids blogger are amzingly good I am sure. I am going to check them.

    Thanks for the updation.

  • It’s really an amazing article Atish. I know sriram, he is my friend on Facebook and I know that he is really a great blogger of his age. But I was shocked to read your article that Betsy was 5 year old when she started blogging. It’s really unbelievable. I am sure she is really an extra ordinary girl that’s the reason she was able to start a blog at the age of 5. Thanks for sharing this article. Happy Blogging 😀

    • Hi Chetan,

      Thanks for reading the post. Yes besty started blogging when she was 5 years old. She got help from her parents as they both are bloggers as well. Every kids need a little bit of support in tech stuffs but still its amazing that they are working over a BLOG.

      Keep coming to TTW!

  • Really these small kids are a great source of inspiration for the blogger. Great to see some Indian in this list. I have only read the blog sriram , and found some of the great article on hi blog. Thanks a [email protected] for sharing this motivational posts with the ttw readers.

  • Hi,Atish,
    Its really to be here again..
    Well seeing this kids my memories cherishes my kid blogging styles and getting scolding from my mom, about the passion in blogging..But it stands me straight now.
    Thanks for the introduction of these bloggers here..Its really a motivation for them to grow as perfect bloggers..
    Thank you..

  • Thank you for including me in your great article. It’s interesting to read about the other child bloggers too. I am half Tamil. My great-grandparents came from Tamil Nadu.

  • OMG.

    Very happy to see this. I enjoyed very much reading this post Atish. Also i made lot of share to the social networking sites. Interesting to see this kid blogger. Where you collected this man.

    First of all, i wanna appreciate you for collecting this blogger and made a post for your readers. It’s awesome man. You have done a great job.

    Here i want to appreciate all the kid bloggers and i wish all the best for their blogging,Thanks for sharing this.

  • Hi Atish
    I had earlier heard about Pakhi ki Duniya (Akshita Yadav).she had got many national awards also,but nice to see others kids also.Simply Great and Stunning
    Thanks for representing wonderful kids.
    Keep posting.

  • Hii Atish,

    What’s a tremendous post Bro!

    You are the one who always serves this types of inspiring information and story among the readers. Few days back you shared the complete story of ” Pakhi ki Duniya” and today about these 7 brilliant Kids Bloggers of the World.

    Thank Bro for updating such a lovely piece of article 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    Simply an inspiring and amazing post. These ‘little masters’ simply amaze me 🙂 Just look at their age and the things they have been doing. Man, at their age, I was playing around and was being just a normal school student, nothing else 🙂

    I’m fortunate enough to be a friend of Sriram. He is a lovely little chap. We’ve been in touch using Facebook and I just love his blog. He shares some awesome information over there. The quality of the posts speak for themselves 🙂

    And rest of these kids, I’m reading about them for the first time. But reading about their achievements, I must admit that they all are talented kids.

    Nice read Atish. I came to read this, thanks to Kingged.com. I’ll king it there, because I feel this post needs to be get read by many more 🙂


    • Thanks great Arun. Kids are the best at what they do. isn’t it? A lot of there to learn from these kids. I am happy that you are supporting by sharing this post. 🙂

  • Hello Atish,

    It’s great to hear young bloggers are pursuing in blogging. I’m thrilled to hear 6 and 7 years old kids are into blogging! It’s awesome indeed!

    And thanks for mentioning me in your article bro.

  • Hello Atish,
    I love your opening line, My immediate thought is, you better believe it. Children are a precious gift from God. I lost my first child, and I have a daughter who is now getting married later this year. 😀
    I have never seen such a beautiful celebratory post of children bloggers. Amazing and cute!
    I will be certain to visit them. Thanks for the heart warming post. 🙂


    • Hey Bill,

      Sad to hear that you had lost your first child! Don’t worry, it was God’s wish. But I am glad that you have a daughter who is now getting married this year. Celebration time huh?

      Thanks for stopping by and reading about these wonder kid bloggers.

  • Awesome Atish!

    It is important to encourage these amazing kids and such posts are motivational. Except for the last 2, I was unaware of the rest.

    The work of these kids are impressive. They could become thought leaders if guided in a proper way.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks Chitraparna for stopping by. Kids are always amazing at what they do. I love the way kids devote themselves when they do something. Did you notice the same ever?

  • Awesome ! A very inspiring that even kids of that age are jumping to blogoshphere.I just started a new blog and by reading this I realized that Even a five year blogger has more page views me !

    But hopefully, It will be improved .

    Thanks For Sharing !

  • Just wondering how much capable these kids are. I started my blog coolcoder.in 3 years back. These kids have started so early. By my age they will be no less than a pro blogger

  • Great Atish in this age i was not even able to write a nice letter for my school work but look at these kids,,,i think they are the future of blogging and in the near future they will dominate the blogging arena for sure,,,India is full of talent and i am sure that looking at these kids more will also come to blogging as well as an inspiration thanks for such a nice and informative article…

    • Same here. I wasn’t good at writing even 4-5 Paragraphs even but I can now write a little better but these kids are amazing! Thanks for your comment Jawad.

  • Hi Atish!
    Really an great list of kids blogs and it’s very inspiring for all of us that small kids are doing blogging and got some good reputation in blogging world because blogging is the name of Intelligence and small kids have to many talent. we enjoy to read your articles, keep posting useful ideas

  • Wow! Its amazing. I never knew that such younger kids will gonna involve in blogging. It is a great and healthy sign. I can’t clearly recall but when i was of 6 , 7 yo i was only aware of computer and use to play Marbels on it. People of mine age would gonna easily recognized the game i am talking about 🙂 By the way it is very good for kids to learn things on that age so that when they grew up they have a clear perspective and plenty of information to choose their career and ensure a successful career. Nice post Mr. Ranjan.

    • Thanks Sid for your thoughtful comment. I even didn’t know how to use computer when I was a kid. I first touched Computer when I was in 9th class but started using only after 12th. But these kids are surely the future of the world.

  • Hello Atish,

    Well bro, it’s really great share.. When I was 12, I usually go to play outside with my friends & did not write even any poem at that age.. Now I am learning most of the good things which will help me to grow my blog..

    These kids are really a great example to get motivated.. Thanks for sharing this post with us..

  • hiii Atish
    i like this post because in this post discuss about kids ..
    every kids have a a grate think doing some different in world …. don’t any body think abouit kids (they are not understand any thing in world)
    but always motive kids for doing some new in world ..i am very thankful to you Atish ..

  • I had heard about Pakhi ki dunia and had read about her a lot since when I came to know about her. Her achievement in blogosphere is really a great and awesome.
    And today here, I got some more rising and igniting younger blogger, who has really done a wonderful task and that to at this age. Mind blowing!!
    Thanx for sharing.

  • Hello Atish,
    Really an inspirational post. A great research on kid bloggers indeed. I was busy reading fairy tales at their age. These kids are really extraordinary.

  • Hi Atish
    such an amazing list of our young talented generation, i think their works can inspire us a lot to get our goal easier and keep moving forward.
    thanks for your sharing.


  • Hello Atish,

    Nice to know about all of them they are doing great in their fields. I know only Akshita Yadav (Pakhi ki Duniya) . Thanks for sharing they are talented future of blogging.

  • Thanks for sharing this post, I really enjoyed reading it. I think that the first blogger is my favourite as he blogs about a topic that not many people write about and because of this he can get a larger audience which is great as it provides awareness to bone collecting.

  • One can clearly see how the Internet is the great enabler and equalizer. Which kid would have been able to afford to leave his/her mark in the time of print media? (Unless rich parents condoned and supported the venture.) These are interesting examples and as for Alexa rank and unique visitors can teach many an adult blogger a lesson. Akshita is an especially stunning example. No one outside India would have been able to hear or see anything from a child like her outside maybe her village. Now the whole world can share.

  • woooow this is really a great information, before this i seriously dont know that the kids at this age can blog, this article also boosts,encourages the new bloggers or youth bloggers to achieve a lot in the field of blogging, it is also a good message for teenagers who waste their most of the time in Gaming, Facebook, whatsapp, Movies etc instead of this they should start blogging.
    Thank You very Much Atish For Writing This Article

    • Yes, Nowadays kids became more creative and they know the value of time which we didn’t know when we were kids. Keep visiting my blog Sumit.

  • Really interesting. At that age in Ghana, you should be playing with toys. You don’t even know what life is about.
    Maybe they’re born to blog.

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