Kidhar Hai app – Track the location of your friends, family, vehicles and assets

We have apps today that help us know the identity of unknown numbers. Apps that help us in doing various different things every day.

In this post we will see what an app named Kidhar Hai can do and how it can help you in keeping track of the location of your loved ones, friends, family, your vehicles and your assets as well.

Without any further ado, let us see what this app can do and how well it does it.

Kidhar Hai – What does it actually do?

Basically the app’s name is self-explanatory of what it does. But for people who don’t know Hindi or are still having some confusions, let me clear some stuff.

Kidhar Hai is actually a location ecosystem for tracking the location of your friends, family members, vehicles and other kind of precious stuff and assets. The features of this app have been made by keeping personal safety and family safety in mind.

The world out there is not really much safe with so many anti-social elements creeping up and causing harm, so there had to be a solution for all this.

We all have smartphones at our disposal at any time of the day and most of these smartphones run Android and iOS, so why not just use these smartphones and get them to help us stay safe?

This is where the Kidhar Hai app comes in.

It has excellent features like location tracking, location sharing, SOS, Buzz and other features which will help you keep track of your loved ones and also to help them keep track of you.

Further in this post we will see what this app can do and other features that might prove to be useful in day to day life!

Kidhar Hai – Features & Capabilities

Let us move on and take a look at the features of the application. We will take a look at these apps one by one and we will make sure we cover all the important features.

Location Tracking

kidhar hai app

This is the main feature of the app and you just need to have the phone number of the person for whom you want to track the location.

Everyone needs to use their phone number while signing up for Kidhar Hai so it makes it easy for people to track your location if they have your phone number so it is also very convenient.

Once you login, you need to allow people to keep a track at your location, so it’s not spying on you. The location tracking uses GPS so it is real time also.

Location Sharing

Maybe you need to visit a new place regarding some work or maybe you are out on a solo trip and you want to make sure people know where you are.

So this is where Location Sharing comes in and helps you. You can easily share your location with people with this app.


kidhar hai app_1

With so many anti-social elements out there, it is our own duty to take care of ourselves when we are out in the open. So what other good thing can we use other than our own phone which we have with us all the time?

With just a tap of a button your SOS message will be sent out to appropriate people and you can get help as soon as possible.

Buzz Phone

Stuck in an emergency?

Maybe you could use someone’s help. In situations like these, the app Kidhar Hai might prove to be an amazing helper. Inspite of the receivers’ phone being put on silent, this feature of the application will make the phone vibrate and alarm the individual of your emergency.

Just use this feature to tell people you are in need of help and be assured that your help yelp reaches to your guardian at any cost. This feature also doubles as a phone tracker in case your phone is lost.

How to use Kidhar Hai app to full potential?

  • In a country like India, women safety is a major issue. So, the ladies can use this app to make sure they are safe and they can use this app as a weapon to feel safe. Features like location sharing and SOS can help them amazingly.
  • Use it for sharing location while you are out for work to some unknown place or when you are on a solo trip. This will help you keep track of what’s going on with you and your friends would be able to know where you are.
  • Search your loved ones in a crowded place. Ever been to a market and wanted to meet someone? Situations like these are confusing so just use the app to your advantage and track where they are and meet them there directly.
  • Get 24/7 monitoring of your on field workforce and assign tasks nearest to their location thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Avoid unnecessary delays, over speeding and maintenance costs in vehicles

Download and Installation

The app is currently available for Android and iOS so you can use the links mentioned below and follow the installation process which is very simple.


After you have downloaded the app, open it up and follow the simple process. Trust us, the installation process is quite simple.

You will need to provide your phone number and they will send you a SMS to verify your number. After the number is verified, you just have to enter your name and create a password and you will be done.


This app brings something new to the table instead of doing what other apps are doing. The features in this app make it a total location and safety eco system that you can take advantage of. So go ahead, install it and try it for yourself.

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  • Avatar

    Hi Atish,

    Wow..what a handy app! I can see how useful this is, especially if we have children to locate them. Wish I had this when my kids were little. It is also great for safety issues. I have an elderly mother who lives with me and she has to wear a “first alert” around her neck. If she falls or needs help, she presses the button and my phone rings as well as an emergency number. It is bulky and half the time she doesn’t wear it because it hangs too heavy on her neck.
    With this app, all she would need to do is carry her cell phone, which she does all the time.

    The best is the location sharing. I can’t tell you how many times I loose my husband when we are out he he. I have to call him up and am lucky if he answers. This way I can track him down if we go separate ways.

    I like it especially while traveling. I can see where this app comes in handy for that too.

    Thanks for this great review!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Are You Reaching Your Goals?My Profile

    • Avatar

      Hello Donna,

      Sorry for replying to your comment a little late. Was busy in some other stuff. yes, this app is great. One day I found it on play store. I used it and it is just amazing thus I sit to write a review about it.

      I am glad that you liked it and it might help you track your mom and husband ha ha ha when required.

      Enjoy the rest of the week.

  • Avatar

    Hi Atish bro,
    You never fail from posting useful stuff for us. Kidhar hai App is one of them. I loved the name (atleast all those who know Hindi would surely relate). I am going to download this app right now and ask my friends to do it too. 🙂
    Swadhin Agrawal recently posted…Do this, before you publish your content [A content creation ritual!]My Profile

  • Avatar

    Instead of tech stuff, this time you come with a good safety application for us Atish, thanks 🙂

    I’ve read the entire post and understand the features of Kidhar hai app. I found this app very useful and thus I installed it on my smartphone. I adore with the safety features of this exciting application specifically SOS and Buzz phone options to handle emergency situations.

    Thanks again for reviewing this app, will share its details to my family members.
    Nirmala recently posted…Stimulating Social Media GiftsMy Profile

    • Avatar

      Hello Nirmala,

      This is an awesome app for Indian ladies as the cases of rapes and all is at worst in here thus using this cool app is recommended to everyone.

  • Avatar

    Good to know such app exists and how useful for community, Thanks for bringing visibility to such an app.


  • Avatar

    Kidhar hai name itself shows our casual words we use in daily with friends. Going to try it. So many plans started running in may mind with App.
    Ajay Singh recently posted…Hindustan Copper Ltd Recruitment 2015-Apply OnlineMy Profile

  • Avatar

    ‘Kidhar hai’ 😀 😀

    ‘Idhar hi hu me’ 😛

    Jokes apart really useful app Atish bhai. I just install and checked this app really cool and handy. Safety feature for emergency case is also good.

    Though there are other app too which provide this feature. But it has unique name ‘Kidhar hai’

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    >SK Lohar
    Shivkumar recently posted…Use Virtual memory to Speed up your Computer PerformanceMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Hi Atish,

    This is a very good app. the features of this apps are awesome.
    Specifically BUZZ & SOS option are good to handle emergency situations.
    I will try this app and suggest to my friends and family members too.

    Thanks for sharing…!!
    Rohit Gaikwad recently posted…How to speed up your computerMy Profile

  • Avatar

    Great app..its name is Indian “Kidhar hai” that shows it definitely make by Indians.i like it.its very useful one that helping people to share the location with your friends and family..thanks for this app.


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