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Speedup Your Webpage With KeyCDN

Are you having a WordPress website or any other CMS? Are you concerned about the loading time of your website/blog? If yes, then I have something interesting for you today!

What is CDN?

So for my new guests, CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and is a system of servers which is spread all over the world in the form of multiple data centers via the internet. These servers connect a user to the nearest point of presence which helps in improving connection speed. It is useful for almost every section of the internet including web objects, applications, downloadable things, social networks, live streaming media and lots more.

What is the need of a CDN?

  • It accelerates the content.
  • It reduces the operational costs, and it allows users to scale seamlessly
  • The servers connect the user to the nearest point of presence (POP) which helps in reducing loading time, latency and it also minimizes package loss.

No matter what kind of content you’re having on your domain; be it game delivery, software distribution, ads, content delivery etc… all could be expedited by CDN to offer your site visitors a flawless browsing experience!


Yesterday evening, I was browsing over the web, and read about a brand named “KeyCDN”. Being keen to know about what it is I googled about “KeyCDN” and found that; KeyCDN is a trusted content delivery network, registered in Switzerland and has multiple data centers in America, Europe & Asia. It has ardent team to manage a high-performance CDN and offers very competitive prices. Then further when I youtubed, I found a video of KeyCDN, which said all:

KeyCDN now indeed started looking like a promising services, thus I further went to check more about it; thus directly surfed the website of KeyCDN and found some of its promising features:

Promising Features of KeyCDN

Push and Pull functionality

This functionality is present in KeyCDN to upload and cache your content. You could create as many zones as per your requirements and they can be configured individually. Whatever be your file size, you can upload your content to your FTP account through Push Zone and your caches will be managed in Pull Zone as it has canonical and cache-control headers.

With the following few easy to understand tutorials, you would be just few clicks away from using the Pull & Push functionality of KeyCDN:

Host your videos

KeyCDN has excellent video supported features where you can publish your videos without watermark. You may monetize your video files with its ads enabled video player.  Also, you can utilize its flash enabled video player to supercharge your videos by combining a push zone with it.

Apart from just hosting, you can also live stream your videos with KeyCDN!

Best Security

Security always plays a key role over the web; and hence KeyCDN not only increases the content delivering speed, but also provides enhanced security features. You can configure your SSL certificates or create secure tokens to provide content for valid links with desired period. Shared SSL is free here and you can enable Custom SSL for your CNAMEs.

Contented Dashboard

One of the best parts about KeyCDN is, the real-time dashboard of KeyCDN can be optimized for mobile devices! The dashboard is clean and responsive, with which one can overview all your ongoing activities with great flexibility.


Pricing Plans of KeyCDN

KeyCDN is the most competitively priced CDN solution in the market. You don’t have to pay extra fee for Zones and HTTP requests. As I specified earlier, shared SSL is free of cost and you can create custom SSL for $29 per year. You can choose your preferred payment option with no fees. At present, the charge for 1GB traffic is 4 cents and thus you just have to pay $2 per month for your 50 GB website bandwidth.


Having worked with MaxCDN, which is one of the key competitors of KeyCDN, I would say that, both the service providers support very similar features. But if they are evaluated in terms of pricing, KeyCDN is the winner as it offers $0.04 per GB whereas MaxCDN charges $0.10 per GB for low volume traffic ($0.08 for high volume). Moreover, storage price of KeyCDN is also less than MaxCDN.

Also then I have tried to compare KeyCDN with Amazon CloudFront & following are the results:

KeyCDN MaxCDN Amazon CloudFront
Price US/EU traffic – low volume $0.04 per GB $0.10 per GB, at 1 TB per month $0.12 per GB
Extra charge for APAC region traffic 0% 0% 58%
Storage $0.90 per GB/m 10 Gigabytes is $9.95/m Free
Purge All Available Available Not Available
Gzip It Handles Gzipping The MaxCDN handles the gzipping It Handles Gzip only if origin server does Gzip
Access Logs Available Not Available Available
Server Headers Can Override Can Override Can’t Override
Support Facility Available Available Not Available

Final Words

Search Engines consider page speed as one of the key factors when it come to Page Rank and therefore it would be upright to make use of a lightning fast content delivery service like KeyCDN for online presence of your business. Reasonable price, scalability, steadfastness, better user experience and security are some of the notable aspects of this vibrant CDN service which would nudge you to get it for your website. So obviously, KeyCDN should be a good choice to improve the loading time of your webpage! 🙂

About the author

Zainil Dedhia

Zainil is commerce graduate & is pursuing his further studies in commerce. He loves to write about software's & social media.

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  • I always wondered what CDN actually is, searched a lot on Google but never got a definite and specific answer but on this blog now I no what it actually is, what’s its work and why its important.

    Thanks for describing by little friend, keep working great 🙂

  • Hi Zainil,

    Your KeyCDN review is excellent and clear with tutorials & video. I’ve heard about MaxCDN service but this content delivery network is new to me. I’m not using any CDN service but wishing to utilize the promising features of KeyCDN which you’ve listed in the post for my blog.

    Cost of KeyCDN seems impressive and you’ve nicely compared its price with its rivals. Thanks for your comprehensive review about this reliable service, keep reviewing 🙂

    • Hi Nirmala!

      Yes, MaxCDN is another competitor of KeyCDN, but you have rightly said that, for sure KeyCDN is at the peak in comparison with the cost effectiveness! 🙂

  • I always wondered how to speed up my site, Google Page Insights always give me a bad score. Your post on CDN might help me now and i will give it a try.

    • Hi Jason!

      Indeed you need to use CDN if you are planning to speed up your site, I have tried it and it actually works, CDN does loads your pages faster.

  • Hi Zainil,

    Keycdn is looking a good source to make your content available to the users more quickly. It covers a great functionality and I hope it will give the services promised to deliver. Managing content is somewhat an important task if one wants to make sure the website looks clean and easily loadable. This way search engines will also crawl website at some decent rate if the content looks clean.

    • Hi Aditya!

      Yes, KeyCDN has got the promising features to fasten your load time; and ofcourse, for the SE’s to crawl faster, you have to have to have to, use the new technologies like CDN! 🙂

  • Nice post and Yes, loading time plays very important role these days. Everyone wants to speedup their site. This keyCDN really seems interesting and helpful. Thanks for sharing it with us. I am thinking to give it a chance.

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