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Entertainment is the main thing that is driving the technological developments nowadays. Being said, it doesn’t mean in the wrong way as YouTube is currently the best platform if you have a superb idea in your mind and all you need to do is shoot and post a video showing off your skills which will put you away from the crowd. Creators from all around the world are posting videos on YouTube which is amazing and inspiring at the same time as it motivates people to push harder and to think outside of the box.

These videos, tutorials, etc. users definitely want to save them on their laptops or PC’s so that they can enjoy it again and again in future but websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vevo, etc. don’t really allow users to download them for future use due to copyright issues. Well, the good thing is there are many tools and applications available online that can help you download videos from any site.

Though there are many of such sites, my all time favorite is KeepVid which I have been using since my college days. Now, I am writing about them. I have already talked about their Desktop application and Android app. Today, I am going to talk about their web version which you can access at keepvid.com. The reason I am again talking about them again is that the web version of KeepVid is being used more than its desktop or mobile version, and so, it’s important to let our readers know about it as well. I am sure that most of you already know about it, but still, there are many who struggle to find a good online tool download their desired videos.

What exactly is KeepVid?

KeepVid was not started as a standalone website first as it grew and was made a separate domain in the year 2006 from a website called PeekVid.com. PeekVid became instantly famous for providing TV Shows and Movie content for free, and this is what drove KeepVid to its success. KeepVid is an online tool that allows us to download videos from different websites conveniently. This may not sound like a great deal, but KeepVid allows users to download videos from sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Hotstar, AOL and many more websites. What makes KeepVid a huge deal in the video downloaders is its ability to download videos of different formats and resolutions without even downloading the KeepVid software which is just great.

How to Download Videos using KeepVid (Web Version)

STEP 1: Open the video in your browser that you want to Download.

STEP 2: Open KeepVid in another tab

STEP 3: After opening the video, all you need to do is copy the URL of the video first.

Step 4 => Paste the video URL into the textbox which you see on keepvid.com

After clicking the Download button, KeepVid will show you available file formats, first video, and the audio ones.

Step 5: Now, click on any of the Download buttons as per the requirement to download the video on your computer.

Isn’t it quite simple to download videos?

Now, let’s talk about the KeepVid’s Chrome Extension which can be quite handy to download videos while surfing the video sharing sites.

How to Download Videos using KeepVid Extension

STEP 1: Add KeepVid Extension to your Browser and then install KeepVid Helper to your web browser.

STEP 2: KeepVid Helper enables better support from many other websites like Facebook, Soundcloud, Vimeo, etc.

STEP 3: Download videos with just a click of a button.

What can KeepVid do for you?

1. Download Videos

YouTube is the most used video streaming website used in this world, but the only thing that users generally complain about the website is that users can’t download videos from YouTube. Yes, YouTube allows users to watch videos offline by downloading them on their Android or iOS devices, but they cannot transfer or see video files except in the YouTube app. KeepVid comes to the rescue here as it allows us to download our favorite videos without any interruption.

2. Choice between resolution and format

One of the remarkable things about KeepVid is that it allows its users to download varied sizes, qualities, and formats of the video. For example, if you are low on data then you can easily opt for a lower quality video which will get the work done without spending your internet that much. On the other hand, if your priority is quality then you can download videos up to 720p (HD) resolution as higher resolutions are for PRO users only.

3.Download Audio files

YouTube’s one of the unique selling points is that it offers the access to latest music tracks for free. So, if you want to download audio tracks only, KeepVid will let you do that easily. All you need to do is paste the URL and click on Download button. You can download audio formats of up to 128 kbps, and if you want to download mp3 in 256 kbps, then you will have to switch to the PRO version.

4.KeepVid Extension

If copying link and pasting it in the KeepVid dialogue box sounds tiring, then you can get hands on KeepVid Extension which enables you to download videos without even opening the KeepVid website. All you need to do is play the video and click on the “KV Download” button and start the download after selecting your preferred quality of the video.

5.Free and supports wide range of browsers

Yes, you read that correctly, KeepVid is completely free to use on any browser. Though there is a PRO Version available which allows users to download the video in Full HD or even 4K and mp3 in 256 kbps bit rate, but this doesn’t seem to be a huge restriction over the free version as the free version is still very much functional and gets the job done 99 percent of the times. KeepVid is not only available for Google Chrome, but it also supports a bunch of other browsers like Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and many more.


Needless to say that if you are the one who loves to download videos from various websites, KeepVid is the best choice for you to use to download videos online. I have been using it from my college days, and it is still useful.

Have you ever used Keepvid? How was your experience?

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