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Videos are one of the best entertaining stuff made possible by technology. Most of us love to watch videos. Sometimes we watch videos online, and sometimes we want to download those videos and keep them with us for future references. When it comes to download videos, you need the best video downloader.

You may find downloading videos easy from some websites, but many websites are there from which you may find downloading a little tough if you are a complete noob.

There is a number of tools and software which enable you to download videos from many video websites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, etc. Out of those, you must have used for downloading YouTube videos for free. didn’t you?

I am sure you did!

KeepVid has been providing an excellent service for downloading videos from YouTube without any hassle. It is an online tool where you enter the video URL, and you get links to download that particular video. It’s Free of cost!

Now, KeepVid has upgraded its system and introduced KeepVid Pro which is a desktop software program that you can install on your Windows or Mac computer.

Since I have been benefited by its free version, I was really excited to test out the pro version of it. After using the tool, I can say it is the  best video downloader of its time.

In this blog post, I am going to review KeepVid Pro Desktop Software, and will explore everything in detail.

KeepVid Pro is a software program that you can use to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and from almost everywhere on the web. It claims that it supports more than 10,000 video sharing websites which apparently means you can download videos from almost anywhere on the web using this excellent video downloader software.

The Best Video Downloader – KeepVid Pro Features:

1. Download Videos from YouTube and any other website

The best thing about KeepVid Pro is that you can not only download videos from YouTube but almost all websites. Yes, it enables you to download videos from all video sharing websites.

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How to Download videos From YouTube to Your PC

Though you can download videos from any website, I am taking YouTube as an example in the post.

Once you downloaded, and installed the software on your PC, run it. You will see the User Interface of KeepVid Pro like this:

Best Video Downloader

There are two ways to download videos from YouTube or any other website. The first way, visit the website and get the URL of the video you want to download. In our example, go to, and copy the video URL.

KeepVid Pro 2

Now, come back to the UI of KeepVid Pro, and click on Paste URL.

KeepVid Pro 3

And, you are done, the URL you copied will be pasted, and the download will start automatically.

KeepVid Pro 4

It will take some time to download.

Isn’t it very easy to download videos?

Second Way, visit the Online Video Menu which is like a browser where you can open the supported sites, and get the URL from there and then again click on Paste URL.

KeepVid Pro 5

This is how you can download videos in easy steps using KeepVid Pro video downloader.

You can find all the Downloaded Videos under Finished tab.

KeepVid Pro 6

You can convert these downloaded videos to another format as well. We will talk about this later in this review.

2. Download Videos in Batch

This is a fantastic feature of KeepVid Pro which enables you to download videos in batch. I mean you can download a complete YouTube Playlist at a time.

First of all, you need to go to Preferences

KeepVid Pro 7

And, in Max Tasks, set the number to any number given there which means at a time that many video downloads will be done simultaneously.

Also, set Desired YouTube Videos Quality to what you want. This feature comes handy when you want to download YouTube HD videos. You can set the highest quality. So that the downloaded videos will be of HD quality.

KeepVid Pro 8

Note: You can change the video saving location on your Computer as well by visiting the Location tab.

Click on Ok to save the settings.

Now, go to any Playlist on YouTube, Copy the playlist URL, and then click on Paste URL.

It will show you this after a few seconds after analyzing:

KeepVid Pro 9

You can change the settings given there if you want, and click on Download.

It will start downloading the videos. It will process the number of videos first which you set in Max Tasks. If you have set max tasks to 5, then it will first download five videos from that playlist and then move to next 5.

You can set maximum 10 videos at a time, but for better speed, I would advise keeping 3 to 5 videos only. This feature makes KeepVid Pro the best video downloader among the crowd of similar software.

3. Convert Videos To More Than 150 Formats

You can convert videos to 150+ formats for iPhone, Android Phone, and various multimedia devices. And, the process of conversion is extremely easy.

(i). Convert Downloaded Videos

Go to Finished Tab, and see the list of videos, you will find there is Convert button for each video over there.

KeepVid Pro 10

Click on convert, and you will get the Format lists to convert.

KeepVid Pro 11

Choose the desirable one, and click on OK. There is a huge number of formats available; you can additionally go to Device tab to convert the video to suitable format as per your device.

Once converted, you can see that in the Converted tab.

This is how you can convert downloaded videos using KeepVid Pro – the best video downloader.

(ii). How to convert local videos using KeepVid Pro?

Being on the Finished Tab, right click anywhere and click on Import

KeepVid Pro 12

Then locate the video on your computer which you want to convert to a different format.

KeepVid Pro 13

Select the video file, and click on Open. It will add the video in the list of videos under Finished Tab. Then, repeat the steps of converting downloaded videos which are mentioned in point (i).

So, KeepVid Pro can act as an excellent video converter software as well.

4. Record Videos

Click on Record Video option

KeepVid Pro 14

Now, you will get a selection which you need to set on any currently playing video, and click on Rec, and that video will be recorded.

KeepVid Pro 15

You can set time to stop or manually click on Stop to stop recording.

You can also record full screen by just clicking on the Full-Screen option in the header of the frame.

KeepVid Pro 16

And, full screen will be recorded! 🙂

This feature enables you to record any video playing on any website or even on your local computer.

5. Play Videos

KeepVid Pro has inbuilt Video player in which you can play downloaded videos just by clicking the Play icon

KeepVid Pro 17

Once you click that, the video will start Playing in the inbuilt player of KeepVid Pro.

KeepVid Pro 18

You can watch the video in full-screen mode as well by clicking the full-screen icon at the bottom of the player.

For playing the local video, you can first import the video on the Finished tab by right click => Import.

Once imported, the video will be listed in the Finished Tab; now you can click the play icon to play that video.


KeepVid Pro downloads videos 3x faster than what other video downloaders do. And, the process of everything is simplified as you have already checked out in this review.

If you are looking for a video downloader software program, you must choose KeepVid Pro as it is excellent, efficient, and affordable. You can check its pricing here.

Don’t wait, and grab this best video downloader!

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