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Keep Your Kids Away From Overusing Mobile With Parental Control App

As we all know the whole world is fighting against coronavirus. Directly or indirectly each and every person has to play its part if we want this global pandemic to end soon. Almost every country has announced lockdowns for fighting against coronavirus. Hence, it is our duty and responsibility to stay at home and contribute in this fight. This is not the time to complain, instead, we can focus on ourselves in this quarantine period and come out as a better version of ourselves.

Adults are managing pretty well to deal with this situation. Some are working from home some are launching offline business online whereas others are learning new things in order to pass their time. The major effect of this lockdown can be seen on kids. Earlier, they used to go to school, went out to play, had homework that kept them busy, etc. But now, they don’t have anything to do at home and this leads to the continuous usage of mobile phones and the internet. They might not realise it but too much usage of this is having an adverse effect on their brain and health. Parents should take responsibility and try to control or stop their kids from using phones and the internet to a larger extent. They should install the apps that control social media use of their kids.

Kids are constantly on their phones playing games or surfing the internet. This causes a lot of damage to them physically as well as mentally. They cannot go out to play with their friends and due to this their physical activity throughout the day is almost zero. This can cause several illnesses like obesity which can later on develop into hypertension or even diabetes. These mobile phones and the internet have a huge impact on the brain of kids. It affects their learning ability and behaviour and they get annoyed very easily and quickly. 

Kids get addicted to their phones and they continuously check their phones at regular intervals. This even leads to insomnia in many cases. They don’t get proper sleep and the whole schedule of the next day is disturbed. Due to lack of sleep they get easily irritated at even the smallest of things, which is not good for their mental health. Apart from all the adverse health effects, they also have to be safe from online threats like cyber bullying, cyber predators, malware downloads, etc.   

There are many ways to stop your kids from using mobile phones and as a parent, it is your duty to keep them away from their mobile phones and the internet as much as you can. There are some preventive measures that should be taken. First and foremost is that kids should not be given mobile phones at an early age. Because kids are very sensitive and the radiation of mobiles is very harmful to them. The use of mobile phones should also be restricted at night so that there is no disturbance in their sleep and parents should also not use too much phone in front of the kids.

There are many other techniques that can be used in order to stop your kids from using mobile phones excessively. Some of these methods are mentioned below:

  1. Keep Them Engaged

 In this quarantine period they must be kept busy in some works in order to divert their attention from their mobile phones. You can try to engage them in reading or in learning any new things which will be helpful for them in the future. This will be helpful in their overall development also.

  1. Family Bonding

This is one of the best things to do in this difficult period. Everyone is at home with their family and kids. There could not be any better time to bond with the family than this. Parents can know your kids, talk to them, and make them feel comfortable around you which many parents were not able to do because of their busy lifestyles. Because of this, you can make your kids’ understand the negative effects of mobile phones quite easily. 

  1. Schedule

 Plan a schedule for the usage of mobile phones. Dedicate some specific hours to it. Mobile phones should not be used after that. Strictly advise them to follow the schedule in order to keep them safe and healthy.

  1. Parental Control App

One of the best and amazing solutions to protect your kids from mobile phones is the use of parental control apps. It is the easiest way to keep an eye on them to protect them from any danger like cyberbullying or any other similar kind of danger. You can block any website or content which you think is harmful to them. Also, set the screen usage time with the help of a parental control app. You can keep a track of websites that they visit.

In the end, it is parents who need to take the initiative and act as role models for their kids. Because kids generally follow what they see and as a parent, you must not use the phone too much if you want your kids to stop. Spend time with your kids and try to know them in this quarantine period.

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  • Excess of anything is bad. Yes, this process would surely be going to reduce electricity and internet consumption bills. Also, good for the career of my kids.
    Thanks for sharing this content.

  • Yeah, that is a great tip Atish.In my home, I have got a cousin – she is small and around in 5th standard having the same issue. Everyone is teasing with continuous usage of the phone. Always on Youtube and all. This parental control I think it’s better to install on my mom’s phone which is she using.

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