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Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

In today’s age of Facebook, it is common to believe that reaching your audience via social media is the most effective method. However, email marketing is shown to be over 40 times more effective than social media, due to the declining organic reach. Also, it is cost-wise, as it can be done without having to invest large amounts of money into advertisements. Although considered a more traditional form of communicating with your audience, email marketing is drastically more efficient.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing allows you to connect with your audience on a consistent basis. Audience members that visit once, follow your affiliate link, and reach the product they want are not likely to continue to visit. By generating a list, and building a direct relationship with your followers, you’re far more likely to consistently generate their visits to you. As what Brad Morgan explained in the article https://affiliateprofitpower.com/email-marketing-basics/, by recommending various products over time, you raise the lifetime worth of each follower. Email marketing, therefore, not just ensure constant visits to your site, but also develop a long term relationship with your followers.


The vast majority of people who access the internet have an email account (higher than 4 in 5), this is not always the case with social media and may inhibit you from reaching your target demographic. A similar number of people also access their email at least once during the day, again reaching a target demographic that may otherwise be inhibited. When they check their email, you’re also aware that they are definitely seeing your communication, whereas expensive advertising through social media giants may be filtered by apathetic visitors.

You are also building a loyal follower base by utilizing this marketing tool. If you’re consistently providing information on related products to the visitor, they’ll trust you as a reliable source of product information and will likely continue to visit your site. You are also targeting individuals who have likely signed up to be on your email list, this is already the first step. You’re communicating with an audience who has already expressed an interest in what you’re offering.


The main disadvantages that come from email marketing come from the improper use of this tool. That is to say, people don’t like having a clogged inbox for one. For instance, when a customer who used to purchase workout supplements is placed on an emailing list to be made aware of promotional sales, at first the customer will think of it as a good idea, until shortly after signing up, the customer is being bombarded of 5 emails a day. What would have been a good marketing tool for a niche customer soon became a bombardment of advertisement he or she did not want to participate in, which will eventually result in quickly unsubscribing. On this note, you have to ensure you are informing – not drowning your visitors in product information.

However, if you are offering a sign-up list, and you are not spamming your followers into submission there’s really no downside to email marketing. In fact, one study showed a 4400% ROI for every dollar spent on email marketing.

The Key Points to Remember

Relevant Products – Ensure that you do your research on what products are popular in what markets, someone visiting your site for information in regards to household tools, might not be interested in receiving information with an affiliate link leading to say, dog chew toys.

Email Marketing Platforms – Research into using an email marketing platform, which would be a program that allows you to handle having an email list, and offer various options such as an unsubscribing tool. Developing this yourself is not cost-effective. Researching, and investing in an email marketing platform is a good idea if you want to generate a loyal audience.

Be Friendly – Make your experience personalized, using emails that use first names is a great idea. Research what makes people most likely to visit your site now that you have them hooked.

Despite today’s current paradigm that social media giants and search engine advertisements are the way of the future, email marketing remains a relevant and non-archaic tool in reaching your audience. Most people have an email, and most people check their email every day. Developing a consistent following will have repeat visitations to your site and likely draw out the lifetime of your relationship with your customer. By ensuring you maintain good etiquette in communicating with these individuals, you’ll be well on your way of maintaining loyal visitors.

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