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iPhone 5S – Coming in June with 12 Megapixels Camera?

iPhone, who doesn’t want one? Since iPhone 1 back in 2007, it has ruled millions of hearts who still crave for this masterpiece of perfection, art, luxury and simplicity.

Now it’s been close to 4 months since the release of iPhone 5 and speculations are already building up whether a new iPhone is in works at Apple Headquarters in California. Sources in industry says that new iPhone will be called iPhone 5S, the naming convention remains pretty much the same as for iPhone 4S, but the changes we will see in iPhone 5S are worth applauding. Sources hint at some major overhaul of the device from hardware to software. The rumored iPhone 5S is believed to boast a 4.7 inches touch screen that could be in IPS Touch Display or an AMOLED. A increase in megapixel figures is also a point of interest for many as the competition in camera and photography is gearing up in latest smartphones, we can have a sure bet that iPhone 5S will boast a 12Megapixel that could have EX-MOR lens that does some fascinating photography. Apple guys at Cupertino have also taken action on purplish tint issues that were found on many iPhone 5 screens and say it will be addressed in a good manner with the upcoming iPhone 5S.

Apple was recently dethroned from world’s highest grossing companies in mid-January, but looks like iPhone 5S will play as a trump card for Apple and will surely put it back on top. There are rumors of increasing space capacities of iPhone 5S or at least a new 128GB iPhone 5S is circulating all around on blogs. Well, 32GB sounds more than enough for a smartphone user, but extra space doesn’t hurt, oh does it?

iPhone 5 camera had a soft touch to its photos and it beat the competition smartphone’s camera of that time including Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X, Nevertheless things seem to get better every time a new iPhone is launched and we are sure to be happy about the new features that will be reveled with the launch of new iPhone 5S in mid of 2013. Let’s see how the 3rd phone under the keynote of Tim Cook does, but one thing is for sure, the vision that Steve Jobs gave Apple was truly unmatched and will be remembered for long till iPhone’s keep their fame high in the smartphone market.

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iPhone has dominating the world of smartphones ever since it has launched, now it looks like with the launch of iPhone 5S this summer, Apple is going to raise the bar of competition with other smartphone makers like Samsung, HTC, Nokia etc… With the news flowing in that iPhone 5S will feature highly advanced camera technology that will take breath taking shots with it’s wide aperture and great visuals all due it to it’s lens, then the display also has to be a gorgeous one to display the audacity, and Apple will leave no stone unturned to make this launch an indeed great one. Sales report of iPhone 5 have topped the charts and demand for iPhone is always high in the air. Although like last release this time too iPhone 5S will release in a set number of countries first and will then be rolled over all over the globe gradually. The heat is already high and I am myself looking for an upgrade to my iPhone 4S.

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  • Hi Atish,

    Thanks for the information. This iPhone is looking fantastic. There are many iPhone Applications that we can use in it that can also be helpful for our business purposes.

  • Hi Atish

    Thanks for the beutiful post. I really want to buy iPhone. Can you tell me the cost of this one. It is looking cool.

  • Hi Atish ,
    Highly advanced features…
    i think iPhone 5s seems to dominate all other smartphones..
    iam eagerly waiting for iPhone 5s.
    keep posting.

  • Oh dear, I procured the iPhone 5 in November and now you’re telling me the 5S will be here in a few months! Better start saving up then 🙂
    Kapil recently posted…Top 3 Digital Delivery Services For Online MarketersMy Profile

  • Well, for iPhone lover, I am sure they will be fascinated by the features.. Because features is number one for iPhone. As long as Apple has that innovative and creative idea to improve the iPhone, I am pretty sure they can dominate and beat their competitor.

    Not to mention that the demand of Samsung Galaxy S3 has been increasing for almost 3 months.

    This two gadgets are having a big competition.
    Kalel recently posted…Stress Management II: The Art of SleepingMy Profile

  • HI Atish

    I purchased the ipad 2 weeks back only and after reading this post I feel I should have gone for iphone. Anyways thanks for sharing the awesome features it is going to have.

    sapna recently posted…This Naive Blogger is a Beggar by all means(An infographics)My Profile

  • Wow! That sounds amazing, now I’m glad that I haven’t switched from my 4S to the 5, the 5S is going to be gorgeous!

  • Wonderful features but apple, they are too costly for a bite. Comparatively I found Galaxy 3 better than i5, the main reason was the price difference. I5 was too costly for me, this going to be even more. Good post, thanks for sharing.

  • Iphone 5 is Well Designed Iphone With all Advance features. It will be a new Competitor in SmartPhone. Thanks For updates

  • iPhone 5S has awesome features, mainly its 12Megapixel attract me lot, could you please update its particular screen type IPS Touch Display or an AMOLED.


  • Apple will have to keep tweaking on screen-size and camera to keep up with competition faced from Android devices, especially from Samsung.

    However – I personally think the time has come for Apple to look beyond stubborn policies yet keeping their ‘simplicity in design’ approach.

    What say?
    Tushar recently posted…Jailbreaking and Rooting Phones is Legal Till 2015, Unlocking Isn’t – Says EFFMy Profile

  • How is it possible that technology does advance faster and faster, this continuous stream of new products is incredible, I suppose it keeps the attention on the brand?

  • Hi Atish,

    Again i am on your Post, Really Its new Quit Sound effect about the Iphone 5s. Really its great Iphone 5s with 12 Megapixels. i think it will be attractive phone. Now i am waiting and i am so exciting to buy this phone and sure i will discuss with my friends.Well thanks alot dude for sharing nice information.

  • Will people continue to buy the latest phone every two years? I doubt it.
    Smartphones are becoming so ordinary that they are no longer a status symbol.
    And the newer models do pretty much the same things as the older ones.

  • I do not think that I phone is doing so good that people are craving for more. Apple is coming with this new I phone 5S which I think is of no use. Just increasing the size of the phone, making it sleeker, and increasing the camera pixels does not make it a great smartphone that people really wish to buy.

  • I think increasing the camera pixels is a great things… more and more people are using their iphone to take pictures with it, and I do !
    There is a lot of photo apps that make your pictures even better (hipstamatic, instagram,…), you can also add some lens on it like the fisheye lens for iphone, so I think increasing the pixels camera up to 12 pixels is a really great news ! 🙂

  • Thanks for the post Atish,
    again again read your post really so cool post Atish nice explanation about iPhone 5S – Coming in June with 12 Megapixels Camera

  • Iphone 5 will be Beautiful Iphone Along with all Improve capabilities. Will probably be a whole new Competitor within Mobile phone. Thank you With regard to improvements.

  • iphone 5s is coming in the market with great camera quality.it is having 12 megapixel camera and having great features.nice to have it one.


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