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Intimacy 2.0 – The Dress Which Turns Transparent When Wearer Gets Aroused

After this news, I am stunned that a dress has been designed which gets transparent when the wearer is sexually aroused. It’s amazing that how the technology is developing so fast. Superb!! few days ago we have heard the news of Google Project Glass, Which is said to be the most innovative technology of this generation.

Now, the news about this dress has amazed me, think how amazing is this, men can now easily find out if a woman fancies them as if a woman, wearing this intimacy dress gets aroused then the dress becomes transparent.

This innovative technology dress is designed by Studio Roosegaarde and Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde. This project is called as Intimacy and after the initial version of this dress they came up with the next version – intimacy 2.0. This innovative dress project explores the relation between technology and intimacy.

This dress is made up of opaque smart e-foils, LEDs, copper and other media; this also uses the wireless technology. the Opaque e-foils become transparent based on the personal feeling of the people.

According Rosemarie, 

His fashion style is Techno-Poetry. Intimacy 2.0 is fashions project that explores the relation between the intimacy and technology. he also said that technology is used here not only in functional way but also as a tool to create intimacy with pricvacy on a direct personal level which is going to be very important in our present tech society.

This dress was exhibited at the Tate Modern and the Victoria & Albert museum, it also exhibited on at so many international galleries.

So guys, what would you like to say about this innovation. I am speechless! I want to hear from you what technology has for us in future?

Please share your thoughts with us about this innovative technology dress and other innovative technologies which are going to rock this whole world in the future.

News Source: IBNLIVE

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