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Hello Friends! I am your host, Atish. This is time for the 9th interview of The series “Coffee With Atish”. This time TechTricksWorld Brought the Interview with India’s One of the most Popular and hard working blogger cum scientist Jane Sheeba from Probloggingsuccess. Let me tell you one thing, Its the 3r interview of a Female Blogger on TechTricksWorld but 1st Interview of an Indian Female Blogger. She is also a good friend Of mine and She has several guest post at Techtricksworld.com

Without wasting your time I am presenting you the Interview with Jane Sheeba:-

Atish: Hi Jane, Welcome to TechTricksWorld. You don’t need to be introduced here because your name is well enough to tell everything about you but as a part of formality tell us something about you?

Jane: That’s right Atish. Tech Tricks World is also not new to me. I visit the site quite often, I’ve contributed to the site and you’re a good friend too! I blog mainly at 5 blogs (you can see the list below) and I also own a bunch of niche sites. I do blogging with passion and treat it as a serious business.

This is how Jane Looks

I am ready to devote hard work and try things out in order to achieve blogging success. As a result I’m seeing a consistent growth in my blogging business.

I do blogging part time, currently. I work as a Young Scientist full time. I am married to a smart, handsome, rational and a supportive guy, who is with me always J We have a 2+ year old son who motivates me well enough!

Atish: When and how you came to blogging ?

Jane: I chose to dive into blogging in 2007 as a measure to cope up with my loneliness when I was away for the first time from home, for my Ph. D (at the Department of Physics, Lancaster University, UK). At that time, I just used blogging as a time pass, and never thought I would get so far with the same.

I started a couple of blogs on blogger platform and shared pretty much everything that interested me. One day those blogs got deleted and that is when I started to take blogging a bit seriously. After a short while, I started Find All Answers (see below) on self-hosted WordPress platform.

Atish: Your blog probloggingsuccess is one of the great place for bloggers, would you please tell us how it has been evolved and grown up with time?

Jane: Problogging Success came from Find All Answers, a multi-niche blog where I was discussing blogging tips, relationships and self-improvement. Although the blog was running quite successfully, I could not cope with organizing stuff (yes I’m an organization freak), and since things were multi-niche there was no focus!

Naturally I split up Find All Answers and as a result I got the following 5 blogs:

Among these I follow a very strict publish schedule with PBS, TBO and DFD. I publish somewhat irregularly on MR and JS. Nevertheless all these blogs are growing consistently.

By the way, Find All Answers is now a question and answer site!

Atish: Are you a full time blogger? Please Tell us about what you think about the full time blogging and part time blogging?

Jane: I am not a full time blogger yet, but I am going to be one soon. With part time blogging, time management is the greatest challenge of all times. Since one has literally two jobs, it is quite easy to get lost and get burned out. Fortunately I am somewhat an organized person by nature and hence I manage things in a systematic manner – hence less chaos.

While you start an online business, you may still want to hang on to your day job, since you can’t rely on the income from your newly started business. But in any case I highly recommend going full time after your blog/business is quite established.

Atish: In your opinion which is the best way for generating huge traffic? Let us know how can we control bounce rate of our blogs?

Jane: Blog promotion and building loyal relationships are the keys to building a loyal readership, no matter how you do it. To me, social media promotion and guest blogging work great and work all the time.

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to control bounce rate is to have high quality content. Coz, when people come to your blog in search of something and if they are able to find the information relevant and useful, then you can make the traffic sticky. However, good quality content is alone not enough to make people stick to your blog. You need to do justice to your content by embedding it on a decent and clean design.

Atish: What do you think about guest blogging and comment posting which are being used by bloggers for building natural links and traffic?

Jane: Guest blogging is surely a great way to build authority in your niche, to attract traffic, build backlinks and to increase your credibility online. As you can see, with guest blogging, one can kill many birds with one stone. And if done properly, no matter whatever changes happen with the search engine algorithms one need not worry.

Blog commenting is a sure-fire way to build backlinks. But one cannot guarantee that search engines will not de-value links from comments in the near future as more and more spammers are taking advantage of this nice thing.

Some bloggers use blog commenting for generating traffic. It works for sure; but one needs to do commenting in a consistent manner and in large amounts to be able to drive decent traffic. As time goes on, if you get busy as a blogger you may not be able to stick with your blog commenting routine. Nevertheless, blog commenting is an elegant way to participate in the blogging community, network with other bloggers and to voice your opinion.

Atish: You are also into science research? Can you tell something about that?

Jane: Yes currently I am a full time researcher. My official position is “Young Scientist” and I work in the field of Medical Physics. I know that gives many people an image of me with lab coats and glasses with bio fluids. That’s not right. I sit at my computer all the time and do mathematical modeling of biological systems.

I have published quite some research papers. You can see my list of research publications here http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jane_Sheeba/publications/?ev=prf_pub_all

Atish: You are also a freelancer. right?  Would you like to tell us about the pros and cons of Freelancing?

Jane: Yes I do freelancing in decent quantity. Pros – As a blogger, being a freelancer helps you become a better writer every day. And, being a blogger, it is easier to get freelance gigs since you already showcase your writing talent on your blog(s).

The only downside I see with freelancing is falling into the pit of going for numbers; in the desire to acquire more number of clients, lots of freelance writers get committed for a very low price and also take up too many gigs far more than they can handle.

Atish: Would you like to share some sites which newbie bloggers must check out?

Jane: Social Triggers, Think Traffic, Copyblogger, Problogger, Smart Passive Income are some of my favorite sites. I recommend newbie bloggers to check these sites out.

Atish: Would you like to give any message or tips to new bloggers?

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. And if you jump on to blogging with this thought in mind, you will only be disappointed. Blogging, like any other serious and stable business, needs hard work and patience. So do not expect instant results. Stick on to it for a while and put in your hard work sincerely. You will surely be able to see the results.

Do not hesitate to take risks or try out new things. Embrace failure. That’s how you can learn loads of stuff and make your experience count.

Atish: What do you think about TechTricksWorld? If any suggestions then please share with us.

Jane: TechTricksWorld is a nice blog with a neat design. I usually find good quality content here. Atish works hard enough to promote the blog. There is also a nice bunch of folks who actively participate in the blog. TTW is a nice place to hang out and voice one’s opinion as a blogger. I can see TTW’s tremendous growth over the time.

Thanks for your time Jane. God bless you and All the best for your future endeavors.

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