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7 Tips to Interest the Publisher from the First Paragraph

A good beginning makes a good ending. The proverb is as old as the world, but nowadays it is true just like it was years back. Your firm decision “I want to publish a book” is not enough for your dream come true because to impress your publisher you are to illustrate that you found the way to your audience. It is a person who is well informed as for modern tendencies in writing. To make a good impression on him, you should be well aware of current trends in your area, who is your reader, and what is the primary message of your book. You need to know who you are and what you are doing in this profession. A good publisher will notice it from your introduction, but be ready to face refusal even if your piece of work is fascinating. How to get a book published? Well, Joanne Rowling brought her Harry Potter to twelve publishers, and only the happy 13th helped this marvelous one-of-a-kind creation to find the way to its audience. Per Aspera ad Astra!

Choose the topic you know or would like to know a lot

The author’s passion is a very contagious thing, and readers usually feel it from the very first lines whether the author wanted that or not. It is written between the lines. What’s worse, you can’t pretend you feel like being passionate about your book. I mean, you can try, but the attempt is not worth making it: be honest with yourself about your attitude to the chosen topic and genre or else you will fail. It is hopeless. Even if you find some trendy topic or style rather promising but don’t feel it’s yours, don’t go that way. Publishing a book is about your readiness to share some valuable story with a wide audience, not about making attempts to sell anything. It has nothing to do with rejecting the opportunity to extend your horizons. All you need to do in this concern is to be objective about your interest in the topic or genre and whether you feel it is your cup of tea.

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Read the works of the best representatives in the area

To be able to grab your reader from the first passage, you should learn how to differentiate between the quality book and the one that lacks class. To get used to quality material and to acquire a taste in writing you do need to get acquainted with the works of those who became lawmakers in your genre and style. It is essential to elaborate your own style which is visible from the very first passage. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should do your best to implement the approaches of outstanding book writers in the same manner if you are serious about your desire to be evaluated as one of the authors with a recognizable writing style.

Read books corresponding to your niche which are said to be a failure.

How to get a book published without having any understanding which factors can stand in the way to it? Not to find yourself recruited into the ranks of lame ducks, who fail to conquer their publishers with the first words, read the books of those who were included in this blacklist. Why are those intros weak? Which changes would save them from failures? Acquaintance with the feedbacks of readers can help you find the answers to these questions, but do your best to form your own opinion – it is a sure-fire way to elaborate intuition for writing.

Do not disclose all the aces in your title and introductory part

It is well applied in various types of writing. This is one of those unwritten rules that even a professional writer from EduZaurus company follows to help you get your A when you send him a  request. Your title should be catchy and generate interest in the plot of your book, and the introductory part should not though offer too much information to make the reader predict the scenario. This is about the ability to intrigue – play a schemer.

Let’s have a look at the example offered by the well-known book writer, Paulo Coelho, in his creation with the most intriguing and life-affirming story which was named “Veronica decides to die”. In a title, he managed to give a hint about the content but without saying too much: you learn that some girl will make a suicide attempt. It seems she is confident about this step. Out of the blue, while reading you discover that she is about to find the purpose of life, but the choice of “Veronica is back to life” title would have been a failure.

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Learn the trends in your niche

Nothing is as changeable as English weather, but language and trends in writing are close to that level. To become a new well-loved name, you can’t focus only on the past tendencies and approaches. Some other book writers have already gained their audience due to them. You can hardly make it again. That is why you need to learn the existing tendencies and approaches to further implement them in practice in an unexpected combination which will become your own manner of self-expression. The first passage of the work allows evaluating your peculiar flow.

Choose your genre or the one about which you have learned a lot

Whether you want to try your hand in a new genre or to mix several of them to become an innovator, learn the theoretical base and practice it before you set to writing the work to bring it to a publisher. You should try to feel home when writing in a new genre or some combination, though after moving. You can never be certain for 100% when penetrating into the new realms. But, as a book writer, you should be brave enough to implement your ideas. Theoretical background and practice make up a good foundation for it.

Find your audience

Before you start asking yourself “How to get published?” find the answer to the question “Who is my audience?” It is about one specific focus which you are to make in the course of preparation to the big day to draw the attention of your reader. Your paper should correspond to the tone and voice which are acceptable for your audience. Writing for a certain reader, you should adjust your language. Insert corresponding peculiar word units throughout your writing from the first paragraphs, address some trendy topics, dive into the world of your audience and bring the most characteristic features to your piece of work. Your readers should feel this connection form the first page – be one of them instead of being a person from “another camp”.

How hard is it to get a book published?

Well, the path to becoming an outstanding writer is quite long, but for a publisher to accept your piece of writing you should be certain that this is yours. You can do it, believe in yourself and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

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