How to Improve Your Blog’s SEO Performance? – 5 Tips to follow

Blogging is all about adding value to other peoples’ lives and in return for us to earn regular income. Nobody will embark on a journey without a monetary value of it; that’s very true about blogging because about 90% of newbie bloggers of today started blogging because of monetary aspect of it while the remaining 10% starts for fun purpose. To be sincere, I started because I love blogging ; I like doing things related to technology and that alone has helped me to make my blog experienced an exponential growth ever since then, all because I have great passion for technology.

In one word, blogging helps bloggers to earn regular income online. But, when your blog is not generating money for you what are the things that needed to be done in order to earn more money from your blog? That brings us to SEO – search engine optimization! 

There’s more to blogging than writing blog posts! And those are the things I want to share with you in this guest post, because your failure to know these things will result into low income and reduced traffic on your blog.

Search engine optimization
is the factor that will help your blog to rank above its competitors on search engine pages which would certainly help you increase visitors and earnings. So, follow the guidelines I’m going to list in this post and start ranking your websites on top search engine pages without hassle.

How to Improve Blog’s Search Engine Optimization Results

Write Quality and Outstanding Contents

For traffic to keeps rushing towards your website, you need good and qualitative contents for both the readers and search engine spiders. Anything aside that guarantees a failure. You need great contents in order to keep your visitors coming all the time. Write more and write quality posts – not low quality contents.

Once thing I have come to realize ever since I’ve started blogging online is that, content quality matters a lot to your site’s performance in SERPs. If you have great content, new readers will return next time while old ones will not cease from coming back because of great information that your blog has over other blogs out there. So, write quality posts and keep your readers in mind while writing new article.

Inter-link Your Posts to decrease Bounce rate

Bounce rate is one of conditions for search engine ranking. If your website does not command good readership, getting people to come back would be a difficult task. So, engage more readers by pointing them to other relevant contents on your website for better engagement.SEO

Build Backlinks for your blog by guest posting for other blogs

As I am writing this article, I’m getting something back in return for the time taken to produce this content for TTW blog. That’s what guest posting is all about!
As I have recently mentioned in a blog post on my search engine optimization blog,., I love guest posting to be truthful because it helps me get ranked within a short timeframe than other link building methods I have practised over the years.

Get backlinks from Dofollow Forums

Recently on TechATLast, I wrote and published an article about the top dofollow forums that allow dofollow signatures and I was amazed at the high level of responses on the post with comments and thank you messages from the users both in my email and on the blog. That’s a good sign that dofollow forums backlinks works like magic especially for someone who knows how to go about it the right way. I know what I mean, the right way 🙂

If you don’t spam in the forum, you won’t get penalized and in that case, your website will get link juices and page views from other members especially when you add valuable information to each thread.

So start commenting and helping others in forums and if you need the link to those dofollow forums link, please check the above hyperlinked text.

Socialize very well for more authority

Socializing has two major benefits for bloggers, authority and recommendations! When you are able to claim these two benefits, nothing can stop you from getting good traffic on your blog posts. I personally prefer social media networks like Facebook and Twitter for sharing and connecting with like-minded people around the world – and majority of them were fellow bloggers like me. And this gives me better opportunity to socialize better and earn more respect. You can do the same.

Aside Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is there for you to share, connect and help people in need with your ideas and experiences.

Like the popular saying,

“What goes around always comes around, when you help others get what they want, they’d eventually end up helping you get even beyond what you have ever wished for in life for goods.” – Olawale Daniel

One thing I liked Ms. Ileane Smith of for, is her passion for helping others no matter what the situation may be. She’s always ready to help other bloggers get problems solved, so shall you do if you want your website to get to where you really want it to be.

Search Engine Optimization will work for you when you plan others into it; share more, socialize more, help others, build few quality links and see the result in realization.
What else?

Rinse and repeat the process

I know you will get there, but when that time comes, what are you going to do? Are you going to relax because you have achieved that milestone you have once wished for? Absolutely not!
Please don’t do rest because you have not yet get to where you are supposed to be. Other newcomers were also pushing for that kind of opportunity (they want to get to where you are, and even leave you behind). And at such time is the right time when you’re supposed to even aim higher and keeps repeating the process.
Blog more, share more, guest post more and socialize more for better results. You will get there!

Olawale Daniel, is a blogger, writer, technology news reporter, tech reviewer and social media expert from and SEO Hot Shot, a blog that speaks on Search Engine Optimization techniques. He recently blogs about the recent Felix Baumgartner’s free fall achievement with HD photos and videos of the event on his personal experience blog, Please check the post to read more about Felix Baumgartner’s  achievement when he did exceedingly, retiring Neil Armstrong’s long record of free falling from the earth.

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  • I will be incorporating all the above mentioned points and thus will try to gain my site SEO back at same ranking with equal or more number of visitors.

  • Content must be unique and fresh and interlinking posts is always very useful in SEO and to reduce bounce rates.

  • Hi Atish,
    I think Build Backlinks for your blog by guest posting for other blogs is an incredible thing. It provide the heavy link juice for your blog. It build a backlinks for your blog and also build a strong relationship with the blogger. You all points are very very important for SEO purposes. Thanks for sharing Awesome tips and facts about the SEO.

  • Yep building backlinks is incredible. My site SEO improved after building backlinks, earlier it was dropped due to moving of my blog to wordpress and all my backlinks got deleted.

  • Guest posting is the best way to build links for seo purpose and Forum signature links are pretty useful as well. I think blog commenting is another way to build quality links. But I personally think using target keywords all the time for blog commenting is not a valid process. Blog commenting is about participating in a discussion and providing your point of view according to the post. Unique contents publication and sharing it with social media is the best way to attract your audience. If we could combine all this tactics, it would be good for seo.

  • Hi,
    You have shared nice tips to building back-links that improve your PR and traffic. Content is the king of the webpage and Back link is the queen of the webpage. So Content should use unique and fresh. You tips very helpful for us.

  • Hi Dear,
    You have shared unique tips that are very very important to earning money from our blog. Blog commenting and guest posting providing the heavy link juice and a huge amount of traffic.
    You have shared nice tips. I appreciate you for this article!

  • I agree with admin that interlinking is very important without that it is next to impossible to decrease the bounce rate

  • I am new to blogging and found your post helpful. According to me the best way to drive traffic to your blog is quality content. You can surely use various SEO techniques to drive traffic to your blog but if your content doesn’t match up to the desired standard who will eventually lose readers.

    • I agree. Good content keep readers coming back. Good backlinks and social distribution is worthless and just raise your bounce rate if the content doesn’t have a high standard.

  • Hi Bro
    Wonderful Post.I have a Business blog.I agree your Points. Unique relevant comments and effective keywords are most important in SEO

  • Hi mate really some of the best points you have shared as per the algorithms of google relevancy is the key which play a major role to success of any blog and site for a longer run

  • Hi Atish,

    Using keywords in your titles as well as your post content will help you appear higher in the search results. Be smart about this though, as you don’t want to adversely affect the legibility of your title or content by stuffing them with too many keywords.

    Sara Fargoons

  • I try to spend 20 minutes a day checking my favorite web forums. It keeps me in the loop for SEO news and also builds backlinks.

  • thanks for sharing nice post back links is the most important factor to improve sites and if any one succeed to get quality link search engines most preferred than others, other wise if any one follow these rules which you posted so sites get ranked.

  • Excellent post and great information. guest posing is best way getting a more traffic our site and blog

    Thanks for sharing


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