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Guidelines to improve your influence through social media

There is nothing to be surprised that the bloggers and marketers give more priority to social media as it is possible to drive lot of traffic and gain good exposure to their blog/website with an effective approach to social media marketing. Moreover, there are countless social tools and resources available to reach the targeted visitors for any business. Out of all, search engines consider social signals of website as important and hence they can get good organic traffic to their blog/website with the help of social media by getting good SERP.


Are you a business and If you would like to have a solid follower base with meaningful engagement, it is good to grow your online influence through social media. Even though it consume more time to maintain a high level involvement with several social profiles across a range of network, I would say that “Higher the quality content that you put on social media, the more influence your business will have and guide your followers” Do you agree with me? If so, how will you improve your online influence in social media?

To tell some beneficial things related to this matter, I come with a list of tips and I hope the following guidelines would aid you to get good influence through social media. Before involving into the topic, I want to tell some more importance of having social influence for a business.

Why social influence matters to any online business?

Social influence is important for all online business because:

  1. As I told early, social influence of a blog/website has search ranking benefits.
  2. Favourable content that shared on social media would enhance the loyalty and has the power to covert your followers into permanent customers.
  3. People will listen to your business dealings and interact with you constantly.

How to increase influence through social media?

It is good to avoid taking shortcuts to increase your influence on social media and here are the few genuine tips which would help you to gain exposure for your business.

1. Have good social profiles

Having your social profiles with enough details like business description, company logo and good profile picture is the basic thing needed to improve your influence in social media. If possible, use keywords to describe you & your interest and add your business link in all your social profiles. So the people will know who they are interacting with and they will see you as authentic. In simple words, your presence should be optimized in social media to get more influence over there.

2. Know your online presence and understand audience

To improve social influence, you should know what is your current online presence is by checking the stats like how many times your profile pages/posts have been seen, who are liking/retweeting/+1ing your shared content etc. By knowing these details, you could understand your audience well and produce the required things for them. Blindly sharing your business details without understanding the interest of your followers would not let you to improve your influence in social media.

3. Offer valuable content

It is not enough if you promote your presence through email marketing, printing business cards and so on. Do you know why people prefer social media? They expect something different, detailed and interesting information from the brands they are following. So, it is essential to offer valuable content to them and good to avoid sharing your product-focused content (only sharing your business info) to get more followers. Thus, it is possible to increase influence in social media by sharing engaging content to your fans.

4. Be proactive and reactive

I came across many brands that they simply share the content in social media and respond to the follower inquiries only on their fan page. If you really want to escalate your influence through social media, it would be good to involve in discussions activated by like-minded people. Also, do care about your consumers by asking what they like/need and respond in timely manner to their questions. These highly involving activities would certainly improve your social influence.

5. Don’t start and stop (Maintain consistency)

The main mistake done by many brands is that they’ve started to provide the business information and stopped to offer valuable information in social media due to some reasons. If you do so, it would be tough to expand your influence over there. Keeping your audience up to date by maintaining consistency in offering the valid information is more important gain social presence.

6. Follow interested followers and influencers

Most of the people believe that having more no. social followers would help to expand their online visibility. It is totally wrong and if your followers are not interested to hear you, then how they will help you to grow your influence? Think about it and follow the people who are genuinely interested to know your business information. There are certain social tools available which will tell about your inactive followers, try to make use of them.

Identifying and interacting with influential people in your field would help you to build relationship with them. Sharing their business content on your network would improve your credibility among your followers and hence you could grow your influence with it.

7. Tools to improve your influence on social media

There are plenty of tools available to measure your influence of social media. But I would recommend you to use:

Klout – It is a well-known social tool to measure your social influence and you’ll get a score between 1-100 which represents your influence in social media.

My Klout score is –  64. What is yours?

Peerindex – It is also a good tool which calculates your influence by considering you activities in top social networks.


Social media has turned an imperative part of our lives and hitting the marketing techniques. It is an effective and cheap mode of communication between the brands and clients which provides a convenient choice for the business people to tell about their product/service to their customers.

Social influence has the potential to turn visitors into customers and thus it acts as the critical element for success in every online business. In other words, “the stronger your influence in social media, the higher authority you will have”. Besides, with more influence, more people see what you’re offering and thus you‘ll get more potential customers for your product/service.

There are a lot of techniques for increasing your influence in social media and I’ve discussed some significant points. What are your thoughts? Do you know any technique to improve influence in social media? Share your opinions with me and to my readers through your comment. 

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Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you unique, well researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging.


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  • Social media is growing fast and digital marketers are active over there for their business.

    Nice post Atish that gently tells the power of social media 🙂

    Thanks for your guidelines to get social influence, will try to follow your tips. Good to check your Klout score and for me it says 66.

    Keep sharing the social media posts for us Atish 😛

  • Hello Atish – Yeah Social Signals are becoming more and more important as Search engines consider the social presence as one of the factors in ranking the pages and the better the social profile better the ranking chances are. Thanks for the valuable tips on how we can increase the social presence.

  • Improving social influence is really a need of the ever dynamic growing technology, brands,etc.
    Everyone wants to get a better place socially but everyone don’t succeed in getting a place what they have dream for.

    But I think the point you have mention above is quite a worth that everyone should follow to get their brand in huge audience not only on their brand page but also in discussion among the people with same minded.

    Thanks for sharing this tips with us.

  • Hi Atish,

    You are absolutely right in all that you’ve written 🙂

    The power of social media cannot be ignored or neglected. I know it’s worked wonders for me and my blog, along with building relationships with fellow bloggers through blog commenting – another power tool.

    However, with time, it becomes tough to manage time on all the social media platforms, yet you keep trying and strike a balance. Writing is the easiest part of blogging I would say. It’s the promotion of your posts on the various social media and other bookmarking sites that takes the maximum time, but it’s the way that works, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week 🙂

    • Its fine! As much you will be active on social media sites like FB, twitter, G+ and as much people follows you, likes and share your status can improve your klout score.

  • Hello Atish,
    I visited your blog for the first time and really got mad over all your articles.You really write so well.

    I consider this article best for newbies who want to give a boost to their new blog. I really liked the idea of being consistent. Generally, many bloggers get frustrated when they see that they are not getting any benefit from social media. Even I gave up with it when I saw no results. But after contacting reputed bloggers I started again by maintaining a good repuatation on social networking sites and finally it gave me good results. Thanks Atish for sharing these ultimate tips.
    Going to share this article and will make sure to visit again.

    Do enjoy your weekend 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    Nice to know your instruction about social media. We should abide all yours useful points.

    Social media plays vital role in gaining traffic or the first time heard Klout score by which you can grow your network to maximum.

    Running a blog without social media involvement is not workable option anfd how can anyone get ahead without branding and advertisement.

    Thanks for sharing lovely post. Keep updating us.

  • I always support this “the stronger your influence in social media, the higher authority you will have” . I am trying to get more social media presence for my blogs and trying to reach more and more audiences. Nice post.

  • My Klout score is – 14. So bad.

    social media marketing is getting popularity after including social signals one of the ranking parameters.

    Atish, I have one query for you.

    If I submit my blog post link and same content in few social networking sites or SMO sites then duplicate content issue raise here or not.

    • I don’t think so! You can post your link with 1-2 line excerpt which is fine! But if you have time and can write unique description for each then it must be the best thing.

  • All these 7 tips are very useful Atish. SMM is gaining huge popularity these days with the fall of age old SEO tactics and we see more improvements in social media in the coming days.

  • Nice & Beautiful post Atish, I personally feel “Offer valuable content” is best part than others part to improve influence through social media. As I understand because Content is king & it play a great role everywhere So I think “Offer valuable content” is more effective.

  • Hi Atish,
    I really missed this informative post,
    Hey i didn’t get the notification, today
    i noticed it at G+
    Yes, social media sites can play vital
    role in our blog traffic. I use all of these
    but do not spend much time on these
    places, may be that is the reason sometimes
    i feel the less traffic phenomenon. 🙂
    Anyways thanks a lot for providing lot of info
    about these sites.
    Keep writing
    ~ Philip

  • Hello Atish,

    Social media is play an important role in business and in personal life. Know a days other name of social is business and i agree with your all points and they are helpful to increase a social presences. Thanks for sharing your valuable suggestions.

  • All the mentioned points are good regarding the post on social media sites. But sometime it become so ridiculous whenever your total reach is very low. Still you may use has tags to maximize reach and also paid reach is there. How to get maximum reach without paying…

  • Hello Atish,

    Great Article. Yes, Social media is the great way to connect with your readers and attract new ones.

    In order to have a successful Social Media Presence, you have to improve yourself in the world of social media.

    According to me Social Media presence can help your SEO efforts, increase website traffic, and increase your organic traffic.

    You’ve outlined the best of them, Atish 🙂

    I follow rule ‘relationship first and monetizing next’. I heard about Klout but never used it.

    Thanks for the great tips!

    • Exactly! Relationship is more important because when you have good relationships then you will be minting money naturally with your blog. Thanks for coming by Minakshi.

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