Must Have Tools To Improve Blogging Productivity

This article is all about improving your productivity in blogging. Personally, I get really very less time to work on my blog as I have got my studies and many other projects to work on too. So, the lack of enough time has compelled me to learn and master the art of productivity.

In this article, I have listed some of the tools that I use regularly to work more in less time. You should not expect 10s or 20s of tools listed here, as using too many tools or applications don’t make you more productive. I have written in detail about my experience in using each and every single tool, so that it actually proves to be helpful to you.

These are some of the most hand-picked tools that I use regularly to boost my blogging productivity.


The one that comes first in my list is Evernote. It is the most effective application I have used till date which have helped me a lot to increase productivity in my blogging career. The official site of Evernote is enough to let you know what it does and what its features are.

The best thing is that it is available in various platforms and I myself use it every day in all of my devices. I use it in my Desktop, Laptop, Android Tablet and iPhone. I use it to keep important notes about my blog and my articles. Whenever I get a new idea of any article, I write down the important points of it in Evernote.

Wherever I am, I always have Evernote with me. It never lets me forget anything. It is a very important application to use to improve your productivity in blogging. It is currently available in Andoird, iOS, Windows, and many other platforms.

Any.Do List

This is another very important tool that I use almost regularly. It is simply a to-do list which is available in almost all major platforms like Android and iOS apps, Google Chrome extensions, etc.

The thing that I like the most about it is its simplicity. The most simple to-do list yet it doesn’t lack the most important features in it like Reminders, Notes, etc.

Whenever I get a guest post from my author, I make a to-do note in this app and it never forgets to remind me in the right time to review, edit and schedule the article. Many a times, I travel in train or bus, and often remember to contact my client for some important proposal, so I create a simple to-do note in this app in my iPhone and when I am back in PC, the note is waiting for me to be completed.

It is an extremely productive tool that you must use as a blogger.

Right Inbox

It is another simple tool, which is basically a Web app. It is available in the form of Google Chrome extensions and Firefox add ons. But what it does is really very helpful. It tracks whether your email recipient have actually opened your email or not.

It sometimes proves to be really essential to know whether your recipient have opened your mail or is simply ignoring you. As a blogger you probably need to send a lot of emails in cases, like writing guest posts for various blogs, contacting advertisers, etc. For all these purposes you need to send a lot of email and it becomes an added advantage if you come to know if your recipient has opened your mail or not.

You can understand if your recipient is actually ignoring you even after seeing your mails. This will help you to take right decisions in working with the right people.

Evernote Web Clipper

It is another very efficient tool from the makers of Evernote. It is available as a Google Chrome extension. It is also available in Android as Dolphin Browser extension. It’s actually a very small but a very useful tool I must say.

It can save or clip any webpage you want to and sync them in your Evernote account. You can also select a particular folder in your Evernote where you want the webpage to be synced.

As a blogger, this tool helps me a lot. Whenever I find some really good quality article, I clip them in my Evernote’s “Resource Hub” folder and later, when I get free time, I go through the folder and read them thoroughly.

These resources proves to be priceless while writing articles for my own blog or guest articles.

Strict Pomodoro

If you are a serious blogger, then you probably have heard of the Pomodoro Technique. It is actually a very powerful technique to improve your writing productivity. The Internet is full of distractions, and there are huge chances for you to waste time on sites like Facebook and YouTube, if you do not follow this technique while writing.

Strict Pomodoro is one of many tools which can be used to follow the Pomodoro Technique. But the best thing about this tool is that you can actually block any website you want to while you are writing.

You can either blacklist any website or white list any particular website or block all others, so that you will not have any chances of opening any other website while you are writing. The only way to break the rule of this tool is to disable the plugin.

If you use any other tool to increase your blogging productivity, so do not hesitate to share it with me and other readers in the comment section.
+Aritra Roy,  is an Professional Blogger and an Young Online Entrepreneur, who is also the co-founder of a blog daPazze.com. You can also check out his Android vs iOS comparison on daPazze.

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