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Importance Of Having A Digital Camera These Days

Technology has been advancing a lot in the last 10-15 years. In early days we used wired telephones, and now we use Mobile phones that indeed made our lives easier as people feel connected no matter wherever they are; they just need to keep their mobile phone with them. There are many technological advancements have been coming since long, and it will be continued.

I remember when I was a kid we had a film camera in which we put a film Roll, and that got used completely after 40-50 photos, then we had to give the film roll to the photographer who used to develop the photos from that roll. But, now we have Digital Cameras that enables us to capture unlimited photos. No need of camera rolls at all. Just charge your camera using electricity, and use it without any worry.

We use the camera mainly to capture our special moments like birthdays, marriage, vacation, etc. We do it to keep our memories in the form of photos. Digital Camera enables us to capture photos and transfer them to our computer. We can later get their hard copies by using the colored printer as well.

We all love to possess the cameras so that when we go out for vacations, parties and other events, we can take it out from the pocket and capture the memorable moments. These days, a digital camera has become more than just an electronic gadget.

Digital cameras

Digital Cameras come with a lot of features like, capturing photos, recording videos with sound, MicroSD card for storage, Panoramic pictures, Zoom, and many others which we never got in the old film cameras.

Since digital cameras are very important in our life, I have mentioned some of the benefits of it.

Benefits of having Digital Cameras

No need to get the film rolls

Gone are the days, when you had to take the film out of the camera and give it to the photographer to get the picture developed. With these digital cameras, you can easily click the pictures, and they will be saved on the camera directly. You can easily transfer the pictures to your personal computer without any hassle. Alternatively, you can take the print out by getting them on the CDs or the pen drive. This makes the entire process easier. Not only that, you can save your precious time because printing can be done instantly.


Using Film camera affects the environment because chemicals are used to develop the film rolls. But, in the case of the digital camera, no such processing is required and is completely environment-friendly.

Huge Storage

One of the best features of digital cameras is that they offer higher storage than the traditional cameras. You can store a huge data on a digital camera without any issue. It is possible to store up 10,000 photos at a time with the use of a memory card. The backup facility can be used if the storage is not enough. These features are not available on the film cameras. This is one of the reasons why a digital camera is preferred by most of the people these days.

Battery Consumption

In the film Cameras, we need to keep changing the cells frequently that surely increase the cost of capturing photos, but in the case of Digital Cameras, we need to recharge it using the charger that comes with the camera, and it’s ready to be used.

I had done a comparison and found that when a digital camera is fully charged it can take 10x more photos than film cameras.

The Speed Of The Digital Camera

It has been noticed that the speed of the digital camera is faster than the film cameras. You have to wind the film to click the next picture which is not required in the digital camera. You will be able to use these cameras to catch memorable moments.  You might not feel comfortable in clicking the photos if you have to wind the film every time. However, using a digital camera is much easier than the traditional ones.

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You might have noticed that the pictures with the traditional cameras may have unwanted effects such as blurry faces and red-eyes. This doesn’t happen in the images clicked by digital cameras because they have high-end features such as face detection and smile detection that make capturing easier and of quality. That is why it is suggested to use these cameras to catch memorable moments. The motion detection mechanism is also inbuilt in these cameras to avoid the blurriness in the pictures.

Image Editing

You might have observed that the film cameras do not give you the option of editing the images. In the digital camera, you can edit the pictures by transferring to your system. This way, it gives you more flexibility to give special effects to the images and then share on the social networking websites.

Video Recording

The film camera doesn’t have video recording facility, but the digital cameras can record videos with stereo sound as well. I love it because I don’t have to get a separate video camera as one digital camera do both capturing photos and recording videos.

Moreover, different digital cameras have different resolutions to record videos. Few offer 720P quality videos and few 1080P as well. It depends on the camera quality and pricing too.


A digital camera can be purchased on the internet or the retail store. There are a number of companies offering digital cameras. To name a few, FujiFilm, Canon, Sony, Nikon, and many other brands are there that offers great digital cameras.

As per the features and ease of use, digital cameras are not that costly. I have got one for me, and believe me I enjoy capturing photos with it.

You have to do proper research before choosing the best digital camera for you. Moreover, I have shared a list of best digital cameras that you can check out if you want to buy one for you.

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  • well said about before buy any digital camera. but something missing in this article like zoom and resolution quality: A Best digital camera must have more zoom power, more resolution. impressive 20x zoom at least.

  • Agree with your points. and I think in the short future, when digital camera get Social share feature (we can use it to share pictures on FB, TW,…), that will be huge advantage.

  • Correct! I agree with all the points as having a digital camera benefits if you have it then you can capture each and every moment of your life as per your choice. also when you go for a tour then capturing the moments with that is great fun.

  • Hi Atish , Really its very informative and interesting articles. Because i like alot Digital cameras. and Nowadays Digital cameras are most important in your life. Digital camera is apart of our life to store for your biggest memorable moments which are more valueble in our life.Really its good with nice features and also very slim/small even you can keep it in your pocket. you can store huge collection of your pics. well thannks for sharing with us.

  • We lost our camera in a house fire, along with all our belongings. Another reason to own a digital camera is the ability to take pictures of everything you own as a record for if you loose everything. You can quickly and easily take pictures of your belongings and then store them in the cloud service like iCloud or Google Docs.

  • Personally, i think today’s smartphones with their 8 and 10 megapixels cameras is all the digital camera i need for my amateur photography.

  • Nice post and absolutely correct. I totally agree with you. Digital cameras reduce your time for making films and getting them developed, and instead they are easy to use, we a more quality pictures, and as you said they are many more advantages of them. Thanks for the post.

  • First of all the cameras looking Awesome.
    Really say clean information about cameras, in the information useful for us.thanks for sharing a valuable information

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