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Identity Theft : Things You Should Know

Identity Theft is not a new word. It’s been there since a long time and still it is a very much famous term. In this post, we will share some important information and movies based on Identity Theft. However, before that let’s understand what exactly is Identity Theft?

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What is Identity Theft?

In most simple terms, Identity Theft means stealing someone’s identity. It can include stealing the name or position. In Identity Theft, a person steals someone’s identity and pretends to be someone else by using that stolen identity.  Most of the time, Identity Theft is done to gain access to resources or to use someone else’s credit and benefits.

It happens when a person uses someone else’s personal information like name, phone number, credit card number, bank details without their permission.  There are various types of Identity Theft like Criminal Identity theft where a person tries to act like someone else when he is apprehended for a crime, Identity Cloning where a person uses someone else’s identity completely in his own day to day life. There is Financial Identity Theft, which is done to use someone else’s credit, goods and money.

What is Identity Theft Protection?

A common saying is that prevention is better than cure. So, there are various ways of protecting yourself from Identity Theft and it is called Identity Theft Protection. There are different types of Identity Theft Protection. One of the most common ways of Identity Theft is through phishing and hacking. So, to prevent yourself from Identity Theft it is advised to use proper anti-virus and computer security software.

Few common ways of Identity Theft Protection:

  • Do not share your personal details like bank account number on any social platform or on a phone.
  • Always use a strong password for all your accounts related to credits. Change your passwords frequently
  • Always use secure websites for making any type of online financial transaction.

Top 5 Movies on Identity Theft

1. Identity Thief (2013)

Starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman, Identity Thief is one of the best movies on Identity Theft. In this movie, McCarthy played the role of a Miami shopaholic who gets the identity of a man by the name Sandy Bigelow Patterson. She starts using the identity, and soon the original person starts looking for his identity. The story revolves around how Patterson had to confront the fraudster and convince her to come with him to Denver. A classic comedy movie of all time.

2. Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Based on a true story, this movie deals with the case of multiple identity thefts. The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio, who has played the role of Frank Abagnale. He is a high school student in a movie who travels all across the world using three different identities of a pilot, a lawyer and a medical student. Soon, FBI discovers about him, and the movie revolves around the game of cat and mouse between FBI and Frank. It also stars Tom Hanks.

3. The Net (1995)

The movie features Sandra Bullock and is a perfect combination of technology and identity theft. It is also a good example of identity theft by using technology. Sandra Bullock had played the role of Angela Bennett in the movie who gets some classified and personal information due to which her own identity gets completely erased, and she gets a new identity of a wanted criminal. It is a good blend of action, technology, and identity theft.

4. The Jackal (1997)

This is yet another fantastic movie based on Identity Theft. The movie is about a Russian named Terek Murad, who has declared war. He hires a killer played by John McClane to murder the FBI Director. The exciting thing about the movie is that no one can identify the killer as he uses different disguises in the movie.

5. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

One of the finest comedy movies of Robin Williams Mrs. Doubtfire is also based on identity theft. He disguises himself as an old Scottish nanny so that he can stay near to his kids and divorced wife.


Identity Theft is a serious crime and can create an adverse effect on the affected person’s life. It is not a very rare thing, and the chances are very high that someone is using your identity, and you are not even aware of it. We would suggest you to take proper precautions while using and sharing your personal details. You can watch the movies mentioned above to learn more about identity theft and how you can safeguard yourself against it.

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