#IceBucketChallenge Starts at Blogoshpere #AmitShaw #PeterLee #RaviVerma

Recently the web has gone viral with the videos of Ice Bucket Challenge; where one person takes up the challenge, and then dares to 3 more individuals to accept the challenge within 24 hours and then dumps a bucket full of ice water on his head! πŸ˜€

Ice Bucket Challenge

What Exactly Is The Ice Bucket Challenge?

Basically the Ice Bucket Challenge is a fundraising campaign started by ALS Association, to strike out ALS from the world, which has so far collected over $31.5 Million in Donation! 😎

Considering this great cause, I have self accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge; but I have used a very small bucket of Ice Water, because I do consider the cause of water conservation; and here I go and challenge my 3 fellow friends from the blogosphere; Amit Shaw, Peter Lee and Ravi Verma! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Ravi Verma Accepts the ALS Challenge


So Amit Shaw, Peter Lee and Ravi Verma; you have 24 hours to accept the challenge or to donate @ ALS! πŸ™‚

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