How Your Smartphone May One Day Be Waterproof

Anyone who owns a mobile device is well aware of the dangers that lurk in every bathtub, every toilet and every glass: water. The wet stuff can creep inside a phone and wreak havoc on the delicate circuit board that enables smartphone users to call, text and snap a photo. Water is the reason many people find themselves searching for protective measures. While there are a number of waterproof cases available, one company is working to make those products obsolete through making the phone itself water-resistant.

The Technology

The nano coating company DryWired has created a process to waterproof your phone both on the inside and outside. The inside of a cell phone has a network of circuitry through which electrons move, powering the social networking, video-making or weather-checking that you do. When water gets into those parts, it can cause corrosion or an all-out meltdown by disrupting the orderly flow of those electrons. This creates the need for a waterproofed interior.

Using nanomaterials, the company can partially disassemble a phone and flood it with gas. The gas is created when a monomer is heated. Once the phone is filled with the gas, it is rapidly cooled, essentially sealing the internal components and making the device waterproof. According to the company, the process will make the phone resistant to water up to depths of 3 feet for as long as 30 minutes. So while that means that scuba diving is out, it also indicates that you would not have to fret when you drop your phone in a puddle while walking into work.


The Market

More and more people are using smartphones in a variety of environments. As the technology of a mobile advances, its size seemingly decreases. A lighter, thinner phone is great for people who want to ditch bulky devices, but it may mean a sacrifice in a phone’s resistance to elements. That is why vendors like DryWired is working to make a phone indestructible – or at least, waterproof.

For people who are accident-prone, a water-resistant phone may be the perfect fit. Even people who are extremely cautious with their phones may run into trouble after an ill-timed rainstorm or clumsy co-worker knocks over their morning coffee. Many people would likely have an interest in giving their mobile devices one more layer of protection without having to invest in a bulky, bland phone case.

The Price

Currently, DryWired is working on getting manufacturers and resellers on board with the idea. Therefore, it is not yet clear on how much waterproofing your phone may cost. However, it is important to consider the investment most people put into a smartphone. On top of monthly bills, the initial cost of a phone can be upward of hundreds of dollars. That is a significant chunk of change for something that could bite the dust after just one run-in with water. Therefore, exploring the option of making your phone resistant to water may be a viable solution.

Many people purchase phone insurance either through their carrier or another provider. This is, of course, in the event a phone is damaged or stolen. This latest move from DryWired may give phone-owners another layer of protection.

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    yes as company say mobile is waterproof, but is’nt it, there is pressure limit, after exceed this limit, your mobile will damaged..
    ajay recently posted…Biggest update Ever in GOoGLE Maps v8.0.0My Profile

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    The very first question is that do we really need this feature by paying that much extra money. My point is that mobile companies going to charge money for this feature. Nothing comes for free by these companies. What you say about it Atish ?

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    Hello Atish,

    Nice article and well explained but i can’t understand that it’s only resist phone from water only up to 3 feet of depth.

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    A few months ago, I purchased the new Xperia Z1 which I believe to be waterproof, however I understand where you’re coming from. You’re suggesting that no phone is entirely water resistant and after submerging a certain amount of feet under water it will damage regardless.

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    nice issue Atish
    These days, we can have many choices between phones, water proof can be considered a new advantages for a smartphones but the price and its water resistances do not convince enough for customer.
    thanks for your sharing.



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