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How To Update Safari On iPad? {Step by Step Guide}

Safari is one of the most popular browsers in the present times. Being the default browser that 

interestingly comes with a compass logo in it. One of the important reasons why it retains its popularity is its regular updates. However, the update process is not easy, which can make the user annoyed. 

If you are one of those who are looking for the answer to the question: how to update Safari on iPad, don’t look further. We will look into relative insights and steps to update Safari on iPad effortlessly in the following lines. 

Safari – Apple Devices’ Best Buddy

While there are a large number of browsers available for iOS, Safari is one of the most loved options for users. Initially released in 2003, its windows version was released in 2007. Regular updates always kept it trending with various options like private tabs. To comprehend it better, let us look into the benefits that it offers to its users:

Enticing and Lucid Interface

Probably inspired by other well-known browsers, Apple could make the interface of this browser very simple yet interactive. With an inexpensive upmarket feel, it is very easy to run and fast enough for most users. 

Default Browser for Mac and iOS

While other browsers need to be installed from the app store, the Safari browser comes preinstalled in all Apple devices, including Mac. This gives a set of advantages like integrations with OS and a pleasant experience too.  

Nitro Engine 

For those who need faster applications and internet surfing, Safari comes adorned with a Nitro-engine feature that not only increases the processing speed of the browser but also makes the experience even better. Note that this feature can be available in all devices only in the latest versions, thus you may need to ensure to update your Safari browser bring to your query: how to update Safari on iPad

How to Update Safari on iPad?

To update the safari app in Ipad OS, the process is often not the same because of the divergent interface. Here are a couple of methods that you can look into.

Method 1: Update Using the App Store Updater

You can try updating the app using the app store updater so that the process can be accomplished successfully. Here is what you can do:

Step 1:Navigate to the settings in the iPad

Step 2: Now scroll down the list of find and tap on General

Step 3: Now in the new screen tap on Software Update

Step 4: Check for any notification you can find regarding the Software Update. If yes, tap on Download and Install

Step 5: Tap on Continue now, to make sure you want the app to update.

Step 6: Wait for the app updates to download, verify and install. Check the version of the app to see to ensure the updates. 

Method 2: Using an External Data Cable and a Laptop

Being a well-known app, its update sometimes needs a taxing procedure when the automatic app store update doesn’t work.  Fortunately, these steps are not too complicated once inferred. We are provided with a detailed procedure, which you can effortlessly follow and answer your question on how to update Safari on iPad.

Step 1: To start the update process, you need to connect your mobile phone with the computer; for this, you need to insert the USB cable in the iPad/iPhone deck and on the other side into the USB port of the computer. 

Step 2:  Install iTunes (if you don’t have one) on your PC to read your device. Once you connect, it may take a minute or so to recognise, sit back to wait for confirmation of the same.

Step 3:  Once recognised, you can see your device in the left column. Choose the device by clicking on it.

Step 4: Navigate to the Summary tab.

Step 5: Find and click on the check for updates option. This will let the windows search for updates.

Step 6: Once the update is found, you can see an Update button. Click on it and sit back for the update to download and install on your phone. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the versions of your Safari browser?

You can easily find out what versions of safari you are using by following a few steps. Here is what you can do:

Step 1: Navigate to the Safari browser in your iPad/iPhone

Step 2: You can Check out the top of the screen to find the Apple menu bar. Choose Safari selector

Step 3: You can see a drop-down menu, navigate and choose About Safari

Step 4: Once the window of About Safari appears, you can check out all the details along with the version. 

What features does Safari support?

While there are tons of features that make Safari handy, here are some noteworthy picks: mail link, triggered tests via API, File upload and download, static egress IPs, data tables, and data-driven testing. Running tests on safari can make you face latency in scheduling due to Mabel, this ensures there is executed as quickly as possible. 

Does Safari Have Harvest support?

Harvest can be accessed in almost any browser in Apple when you have an active internet connection. Since most of them support javascript, they work fine with Harvest even if they officially support it. Consequently, we can infer that Safari can support Harvest support. You can use and employ mobile harvest view in all devices, including iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other Apple devices.


Summing Up

That’s it! You know how to update safari on iPad.  You may need a USB cable and a laptop for the same if the app updates from the app store are not possible.  However, either of the processes is not too complicated. While Apple has not addressed any update addressing the same, it can be fair to expect an easy way to update soon in the upcoming versions. Despite some catches like the inability to restore sessions and the carpet bombing bus, it has turned popular among Apple users. Now that you have inferred how to do it, gear on to update and avail the latest features of Safari on your iPad.

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