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How to Tell If Your Computer is Part of a Botnet?

These days botnets have been growing consistently. Have you wondered whether you are a part of the Botnet? There are a few of the signs that can be indicative of finding whether you are a part of botnet. 

There are a few indicators and signs that can clearly indicate that you have become part of a botnet. We will find the signs to find if you are a part of a botnet.

What is a Botnet?

A Botnet is essentially a group of computers that have been infected. These computers work in tandem and work under the command of a single master command from a master computer. The actions that the botnet performs can appear to be quite simple and harmless, but it can double up making it difficult for your computer. 

A botnet works with a large group of computers that are infected and your computer can be one of them. These infected computers are referred to as Zombies. 

How to Tell if Your Computer is Part of a Botnet?

Wondering is my computer part of a botnet? There are a few indicators or signs that can prove to the fact that you are a part of a botnet. Understanding it will help you get access to the best action against the botnet infestation. 

  1. Your computer is taking a considerably long time to shut down

Most of the time, the malicious software can result in inducing several issues and symptoms. One of the symptoms can be that the shutdown process can take a considerably longer time period. However, it should be noticed that a few issues in the software or operating systems can also create the shutdown issues. You may need to check out each of the factors before arriving at the inference that you are affected by a botnet. 

  1. You have several posts and messages on Facebook

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Imagine you notice several outbound posts and messages on your Facebook wall. That can be yet another clear indicator to prove that you are part of a botnet. The malicious software may have hacked your account partially or fully and you would find it affecting you dearly enough. You can check if your entire computer has been affected or only Facebook has been hacked. It can be one of the indicators in how to tell if you are part of a botnet. 

  1. Your programs are running extremely slowly

Are you noticing a sudden decrease in the performance speed of your computer and programs on it? It can be an indication of the hidden programs taking a toll on your computer resources. Of course, you may also check out the scenarios such as a few programs that are not genuine. The issues can be created by a host of other files and not necessarily be the result of a botnet attack and serve as the botnet check. 

  1. Failing Updates

Have you been receiving no updates for your operating system? Are the Windows 10 updates are consistently failing? That can be one of the huge indicators that your computer is a part of the botnet. In fact, the inability to download or install the software updates can be a symptom you should never ignore. Since the updates address the security vulnerabilities, the malware and master computers working on the botnet restrict the updates. 

  1. Inability to download Antivirus updates

Just like the malicious software blocks the operating software updates, it also restricts the antivirus updates. You will not be able to download the software updates for the antivirus solutions o even the definition update for the virus. You may also be prevented to visit the official website of your antivirus vendor. That can clearly indicate a severe issue and can be an indication that your computer is a part of the botnet. You may need to go for botnet test if you face the issue regularly. 

  1. A very slow internet connection

Despite having a high-speed broadband connectivity, you may find that your internet connectivity works too slow. When that happens consistently, you can rule out the possibility of a broadband ISP issue by checking the connection performance on other computers or devices. The internet goes slow because being a part of the botnet makes your computer hog the resources. 

  1. Cryptic and unidentified programs in Task Manager

Launching the Task Manager and checking for the running programs can be one of the excellent options to help you find if you are a part of the botnet. The task manager may a host of cryptic names you may not be able to identify. However, do note that just because a name on task manager appears to be cryptic should not necessarily mean you are a part of a botnet. If you find a cryptic name and suspect it to be an unwanted program, search to find what it is. That way, you can eliminate unwanted programs easily. 

Those listed above apart, a few of the other issues that may be helpful in how to tell if your computer is part of a botnet can include: 

  • An excessively higher memory usage 
  • A traffic that is extremely non-native in nature 
  • Outgoing traffic to a single destination
  • Excessive traffic to your web resources 
  • A high web-server CPU load

How to Kill the Botnet?

If you are an average user and are not aware of the tasks involved in botnet removals, it may not be your business to fight it. You can opt for the enforcement individuals who can help you pick the best options for almost each of your needs. 

The Botnets have always been a huge threat right from the days when the internet as a concept came into the being. It has been only recently, however, that they have become excessively intrusive in nature. It will take a huge effort on your part to ensure that the issues have been resolved. The focus on the DDoS attacks and other issues can prove to be difficult. Taking care efficiently can prove to be one of the excellent options in improving performance ever. 

The Closing Thoughts 

Well, finding how to tell if your computer is part of a botnet can prove to be extremely easy if you are careful enough in finding the facts. The tips we have shared here should ideally be helpful in letting you pick the right options for your needs. 

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