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How to Start a Blog For Your YouTube Channel?

You’ve captured the eyes of millions of viewers with your YouTube Channel. Congratulations, that’s really hard to accomplish, even as video content consumption continues to grow. The problem you’re facing now is getting those viewers onto your website.

So, how can you go about attracting and retaining viewers on your website? Why not start a blog?

Turning Videos Into Blogs

You already have a great base of content to start with right on your YouTube channel. Take your videos, and turn them into blog posts. You can even add calls to action in those videos to push people over to your blog and your site.

Since you are going to write about the blog video, it would only make sense to let them see the video on your blog page too. By embedding your content into your blog post, you can boost the relevance of the content on the page with the content in the video. This is called multi-channel engagement, but it’s done through your blog post alone.

Use Keyword for Your Posts

I’m sure you’ve done some keyword research for YouTube to find the best titles. The same concept can be applied to your blog posts. You can use tools ahrefs or SEMrush to find keywords that people are actually searching for. That means you can turn your video into a ranking monster by making a post with keyword-rich content that directly affects the quality of user experience for the better.

Add Benefits to Visiting the Post

A lot of times getting people to convert takes giving them a reason to move beyond simply giving likes for a YouTube video. Maybe you have a marketing talk show, and you want to spread awareness of your event. You can ask your viewers in the video to visit a link for a chance to win free tickets or sign up for your event in general.

Even making it simple and offering a free downloadable template or tool is a great way to attract views to your site. Your free offer could convert a longtime viewer into an active customer. If you play your cards right on the offer, you can put their contact information to use for your company through email marketing afterward.

Create Video Round-Ups

If you have a large pool of content, you can start to group them together and make massive blog posts about the topic. These are called cornerstone pieces of content and they are a great way to get people to click through your blog to other topics that might interest them. If you create a strong linking structure on the page, you can get people to jump from post to post to learn more. That’s good for your authority because users love the content. It’s also another great opportunity to get your videos in front of more eyes. By making a lot of content that fits together, you can develop a greater understanding through one post. When you pair that with your multi-channel engagement tactics, you will start to see a longer time spent on your pages by the viewers. That’s good.

Ask Your Viewer What They Want

Another great way to generate content is simply asking your viewers what they want to read about. If you listen to your viewers’ great ideas, you could find yourself attracting them and others like them to your content. This is an especially good idea when you hit roadblocks in the content creation process. There is no harm in asking, you might be surprised the types of answers you get. The customer is always right, so ask for their opinion. Good or bad, their opinion will help you grow.

Keep It Relevant

At the end of the day, the best way to build a strong catalog of blog content is staying relevant and on topic. If you stray too far from your bread and butter, you might lose your audience’s attention. It’s important to build larger blog posts, but you have to stay on topic. Don’t try to force content length, just make sure you cover an idea in its entirety. If you forget something, go back and update that content with your information. Google loves when you update your content, so don’t be afraid to continue to develop your ideas. The more your page covers and relates back to itself, the more complete the understanding of the topic is. That’s really good for the bots that index your page. The more information the bots can relate together, the better your page score will be.

Keep It Simple

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is keep it simple. Creating great content comes from simple questions being answered simply. If you could hand it to a 5th grader or someone who knows nothing of what you do, and they can understand the purpose of the article, you’ve done your job with creating a good blog.

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  • Hey Atish, this is great. I found a cool plugin on WordPress to automatically integrate videos from your YouTube channel into your page and it almost acts like a blog. Having text content about the videos is a must though too.

  • Hello, Atish
    Well, This is a great idea to reach up to more platforms, Content repurposing is the best way to turn youtube videos in blog posts that gives you more traffic.
    Thank you for sharing such a useful article….

  • Yes, Atish,
    I used to find this kind of strategies many Vloggers doing so. Besides, If they optimized with ads on their website, surely, it will be a double income.

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