How To Skyrocket Your Writing Productivity?

Regardless of whether it’s a short blog post or a full-fledged novel, one of the most important characteristics of a successful writer is knowing how to maximize his/her productivity. Even though there are various techniques that can help you achieve this, their efficacy differs from person to person. A good planned out approach is what separates good writers from the excellent ones.

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Why You Should Boost Your Productivity?

  • Higher Earnings

This mostly goes for thewriters that deal with blog posts or those who are paid based on how many words they can put out. The more you’re able to type out per hour, the higher your salary is. However, you have to keep up with a certain quality standard, which many writers find difficult when they try to increase their speed. The harsh truth is – productivity won’t come overnight. As long as you’re consistent and practice a lot, you’ll find that it comes naturally. 

  • Developed Discipline

Distractions are quite common for the newbies who just landed their first writing gig. Maybe it’s a social media notification, a phone call, or even frequent breaks. This is one of the most frequent causes of low productivity, and it’s often a tough habit to break. When you focus on being more productive, it’s a lot easier to replace bad habits with the good ones. After all, it’s the discipline that’s going to make you persistent – motivation is fleeting. 

  • Increased Exposure

As you start being more productive and regular with your posts, your exposure is guaranteed to go up. This also boosts your rankings in Google’s search results, since its engine prioritizes websites that are regularly updated. In turn, this means that more people will notice your blog and likely click on it. In addition, you’ll get more shares on social media, which will essentially get you an exponential increase in visits.

Alongside these methods, there are some different utilities that you can use to aid you in this journey. The following five are the ones that are more than worth your time.

Five Best Tools For Increased Effectiveness

  1. Google

If you’re looking for an inexhaustible source of information, Google is one of the first places to go to. It’s common even for the most experienced of writers to lose their train of thought every so often. Fortunately, you have an easy way to boost your imagination right at your fingertips. Run a search on the subject that you’re writing about – chances are high that you’ll find hundreds of different sources, all of which you can take inspiration from. If you’re not stimulating your brain constantly, it’s going to be a lot harder to maintain focus and think of new information to write about. As long as you’re not copying, this is one of the most beneficial tools. 

  1. Evernote

The key to a successful writing session is to brainstorm different ideas beforehand. However, you need to have a spot where you can keep track of them easily. Evernote is, according to their website, the best note-taking app out there. It’s free, supports projects of all sizes, and it helps you remain organized. It gives users options to add attachments, clip corresponding web pages, as well as arrange notes into their respective notebooks. There is a number of different premade templates depending on the type of notes that you wish to take – habit trackers, support networks, meeting notes, etc. If you’re working from multiple different devices at once, there’s no need to worry since Evernote syncs across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

  1. Audext

Instead of going through all the tedious, long-lasting audio material in an attempt to find useful information, it’s much easier to sift through it in its written form. At first glance, this might seem like an impossible task to execute efficiently. As it turns out, this can be very easy with Audext, audio transcription service.

Audext is a website where users can upload audio files that are then uploaded to an AI-powered cloud where they undergo a transcription process. The tool is able to convert voice to text in a neatly formatted way, in the exact same fashion that it would be as if it were written. It’s even able to label each speaker correspondingly if there are multiple ones, as long as you enter their names before the process starts. Afterward, the built-in text editor gives you the ability to copy and paste all the details that you find useful, or even modify some of the transcribed parts if you wish to do so.

If you’re a new user, Audext offers a free 30-minute transcription trial – the only requirement being a registration with an email and a password. If you decide that you need more, you can choose one of the many pricing plans that fit your needs. 

  1. Now Novel

As the name suggests, Now Novel focuses specifically on writers who want to start working on a novel. The website itself was created by a smaller core team of five people, three of whom specialize in writing. They know how difficult the journey can be, which is why they offer services that are categorized into three groups depending on what you’re struggling with. You’ll be able to look at both written courses and learn through interactive video lessons. Now Novel has different novel packages that they recommend according to your aspirations and your current skill level. The prices range from $15 to $149 per month, and there are different benefits involved with each plan.

  1. Trello

At first glance, Trello looks like a very straightforward to-do list style program. But in reality, it’s a productivity tool mainly developed for teams of two or more people. Trello automates workflow, as they say, through certain event triggers, cards/buttons, calendar, and due date commands. Once you create a project, you have the ability to add tasks as well as their deadlines, with each task having its subcategories. Everyone on the team can update these elements as they progress forward and even add new key points. Trello has a free version that supports up to ten team boards, while the paid ones remove that limit and add a few other perks.

For the best results, it’s ideal to implement all of the above methods and tools. Remember, even when it might seem like you’re not moving forward, it’s important to stay persistent until the end.

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