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How to Send & Receive Fax from Email?

In the past traditional analogous faxing machines were used to send the documents. Online faxing services now replace these machines. All you need is to have an active internet connection and a device such as PC, tab, Mac, any iOS or non iOS devices, or a laptop to use these services.

Through them, you can directly fax your documents from email over the internet if you are wondering how you can send a fax from email. Keep on reading our article to figure it out.

This article covers all the necessary information you must know to get familiar with the old faxing machines & the reason they were wiped out? Email to fax services and their working, also some compatible and reliable faxing service providers such as CocoFax

What is an Email to Fax?

Faxing is used both by private and government sectors to share sensitive documents; therefore, this still holds a unique position in the list of modern modes of communication.

Fax to email is a revolution in the world of faxing. Email to fax is a service that allows you to send or receive the facts directly by using your email account. It is very much similar to sending or receiving emails. The only reference that the receiver does not receive the fax on his mail. Instead, the facts are received on the fax machine. People can use your address to send you documents from a fax machine that will be directly received in your inbox. 

The email works on digital signals as it uses the internet. In contrast, the fax technology uses analog signals as it travels on the telephone. So if you are currently thinking of connecting the internet to the fax machine, then it is not possible because both of these modes work totally differently.

There is no way to send a fax through your email account directly. So you are required to involve third-party service providers such as CocoFax. CocoFax is an online service provider which is used by millions of users around the world, comprising professionals as well as business.

 Cocofax review done by Techtimes suggests that it is one of the most reliable and here fax service providers and about the users to send or receive the faxes through email, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, laptop, and other devices. Due to its convenience and device compatibility, it stands out among other faxing service providers available online on the internet.

How to Use Email to Fax the Documents?

  1. When it comes to using the email to fax your documents, you need to create an account on the website of cocofax. Once you have signed up, you will be provided with the fax number, which you will use to send or receive the fax through email.

  2. All you need is to fill your email address inside of the username while signing up.
  3. Once you have created your account, click to compose the fax. Add the fax number of the receiver, write the subject, attach the documents to send it right away.

  4. You can save the fax as a draught for later use as well.

It is worthy of mention here that once you sign up for the Cocofax, the fax number you are provided with is not permanent but for a specified period. Once this time limit expires, you need to buy the subscription plan in order to keep your fax number active.

Traditional Faxing Machines

Some businesses and organizations may not accept your documents through email or any other source and ask you to fax them. It may be because they still use this mode of communication, which was quite popular a few decades ago. In the past, the fax was used by officials and some professionals only, and it gained popularity after it was started using it as a personal mode of communication. 

This method is still used to share documents all around the world because of its reliable and secure services. Nowadays, you will find thousands of online faxing services and facts applications compatible with almost all devices. 

How do traditional faxing machines work & why are they not used now?

Fax machines are not easy to operate. They are connected to old telephone lines and work in the same way as a telephone call does. The fax machines receive and send the document over the telephone lines.

This process was ideal before the advent of the internet and was used on a massive scale. To send the fax through the fax machines, you were required to type the document, print it out, can the hard copy into the fax machine and send it over the fore line. On the receiver end, the facts stand, entering back into a digital file. This is not the only inconvenience but also tends to lose image quality.

There is no way to connect these machines directly over the internet because this is for telephone lines only. To use a more convenient and the fastest faxing service, you are required to use online faxing services. Some sort of gateway that accepts allows you to send the document through the internet.


If you want two variants, the best faxing services, cocofax is the best go-to choice. One of the primary reasons is that it allows you to send or receive the documents quickly. Moreover, it is secure and compatible with all the devices. You do not need to sit on a chair and use this service on your laptop or PC; instead, you can fax anywhere anytime walking, lying, or listening to music.

Through this service, you can and send a fax from email (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.). 

This is the very same reason; many professionals use CocoFax for handling their fax needs. So if you are up to sending some documents through fax, sign up to the official website of cocofax, get your fax number for free and try sending test fax.

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