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How to Rotate The Screen on Chromebook?

Chromebook has been buzzing with great news as soon as it was launched. It is a new-age operating system that does not depend on a lot of paternalizing functions of lagging and system crashes that frequently happen in Windows OS. It is very customizable and easy to use as per convenience. Chromebook is a mix of both laptops and a tab. 

Hence, you can fold and work in the system without facing any problems. Since it offers the landscape mode, you will also need a view that peripherally helps with that simple access right. You can use the rotate screen feature to view your screen in a much more free manner. In this write-up, we will exactly know How we can rotate screens on Chromebook. It’s pretty direct and fairly easy.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebook is Google’s answer to the laptop market that’s going stiff and strong in the coming decade. Chromebooks are advanced Tablet+Laptop that exist as these dual devices because of their flexibility and providing more with their multi-functioning system. It’s a Linux-based operating system being operated on chrome. 

It relies heavily on web-based interfaces and internet-driven system processes. But with time their designs are getting acceptance and Google tried to make it as offline as they can. Chromebook is part of Google’s other attainments which also had other products too.

Google has Chromebox desktops and Chromebase, which places the computer in an all-in-one unit, an HDMI stick PC called a Chromebit, and Chromebook tablets. Chromebooks have become so popular that in 2020, they defeated Apple in terms of sales. Microsoft is not even part of the long race.

How to Flip Your Screen on Chromebook Through the Keyboard?

The flipping screen on Chromebook is fairly easy from the .keyboard it just gets done in 2-3 steps. 

  • You need to press the Refresh key with Ctrl+Shift. 
  • You will be asked whether it was you who altered display settings. In case you would want to proceed, you need to click ‘continue’.
  • After that your device will move 90 degrees, you can repeat it until you find your desirable side for the placement of the screen.

Some drawbacks do exist with the devices for instance if you do not have function keys disabled chances are the shortcut keys might not work. You can manually activate these keys.

Activate Function keys

  • Click on your system clock first. 
  • Then click on the ‘gear’ icon to access your settings.

  • Then go to the ‘devices’ option.
  • In ‘devices’ you need to look on the left window and then toggle on ‘treat front row keys as fn keys.

How to Rotate the Screen in Settings on Chromebook?

Follow these steps:

  • Firstly please open the cogwheel icon which is the ‘settings’
  • In the settings window, click on ‘device’ and then select ‘displays’.
  • As the display window opens up on the right, you will see an option called ‘orientation’.
  • Now select desired ‘orientation’ from the available lists.
  • If the function is not working switch to laptop mode. In tablet mode sometimes the system overrides.

Why use this long feature over shortcut keys?

Both these processes help us in activating an orientation shift on your OS. But what if you want a very precise rotation axis? In that case, the long route helps. It has better options and offers more room for maneuvering the screen. Let us have a comparison table to understand it better.

Comparison of Shortcut keys and Settings Method

Shortcut Keys Method Settings Method
This is a short method with a relatively long-term engagement of function keys. It is a long method but is further instantaneous.
You need to activate this method by simply keying Ctrl+Shift+Refresh Key (F3) You do not need to activate the method it happens instantaneously. You need to opt for changes on the screen and then save the settings.
After keying in you need to continue pressing the keys to move 90-degree clock wise till you get your desired space. You can access orientations of 90, 180, and 270 degrees on an instant basis and you can just get it done in a single step.
You cannot use it in tablet mode as well you need to use the auto-rotate for Chromebooks 2 in-1 models No keyboards are available in the tab, you can still customize orientation with the software.

Rotate screens in Chromebook

If your Chromebook is connected to any other device through the second display you can also replicate the orientation change in the second display as well. For instance, suppose the Chromebook is at distance connected with any other device, like a mobile. So, here the change that you do on the screens of your phone will essentially also mirror itself on the system screening as well of the Chromebook.

How to Rotate Your Chromebook’s Screen Through the Touchpad (Tablet Mode)

Chromebooks are also like other mobile devices that have ‘Auto Rotate’ option. In the dropdown menu, you can access the option. The drop-down menu in the Chrome OS platform is also known as the quick settings panel and you can access this without much issue. 

You will be shown the current stature in terms of the positioning of the phone, whether is it in horizontal or vertical mode. You can simply tap on the auto-rotate icon and the position of the icon will be bent diagonally, making it to be flexible. The same can be said for the vertical stance as well. The outer boundary would have a blue color to appeal to its fixed state. When you tap there and the screen orients that means the screen is susceptible to movement.

Chromebooks and their integration into Android

Chromebooks have used a Linux-based kernel to build their OS. They have partnered with companies like Asus and Acer to launch products, especially in the laptop category. Chromebooks ‘Pro’ and ‘Plus’ came with a better version of the laptop quality and it was made with partnering with Samsung. These laptops were first in line to be made available with Play Store Apps. With time, these Chromebooks which can turn from tab to laptop in just a few seconds had outsold apple in terms of goods purchased in 2021.


How do I force Chrome to rotate?

Chrome’s screen orientation will rotate once you activate the rotation feature by pressing, ‘CTRL + ALT + F3 (Redresh key).

Then click continue.

Press the keys again until your screen has the best proportion.

What does ‘Ctrl + K’ does in Chromebook?

Ctrl + K actually initiates a web search. You will get the search bar on the screen appearing in front of you. You can type in something and then press enter you will see search results. If you want to use a replacement for these sets of keys, ‘CTRL + E’ also does the same.

How do I manually rotate my screen?

You can use either of the shortcut method as well as the settings method to rotate your screen. I have mentioned this in this writeup.


To rotate your Chromebook screen you can simply do it through the long settings method and shortcut keys method. You can choose whichever one works. Just that there is precise orientation in settings, however, the shortcut takes time to open from a list of options. But by and large, the entire laptop screen rotating is an easy affair and you can assess the screen easily.

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