How To Recover The Deleted Files & Permanently Delete The Files

Most of us believe that when we delete a file it goes to the recycle bin, and when we empty the recycle bin, that particular file gets permanently from the hard disk. But this is a myth.

What Happens When We Delete A File?
When we delete the file, it is not sent to recycle bin, but it is still located at the same place of the hard disk. The deleted file name and file path has removed and stored in Recycled folder it is a hidden folder. Now the file gets new name and new file path and stored in a file INFO2, a hidden index file, located in in recycled folder. When you restore your file from recycle bin, its gets original file name and path from the Recycled folder and file is restored to the original location.

What Happens When We Empty The Recycle Bin?
It is the same case. When we empty the recycle bin, the file still remains on your hard disk, but you lose the file path now. But now you do not have an option to restore it.

If you compare a file to a book page, deleting the file does not tear the page out of the book, but rather deletes the page’s index from the table of contents, represented by the file system here.

Now when you add a new file on your hard disk, it will overwrite the deleted file. At this moment, the file which you deleted gets permanently deleted. So till the time these files are overwritten, the deleted file will be present on your hard disk.

How To Recover The Deleted Files?

By now you must be knowing that when you delete a file it does not get permanently deleted. Since these deleted files are on your hard disk (until overwritten), there has to be some way through which you could recover it. To recover them, we have 100′s of recovery software’s available on the Internet. But before using these software’s or before recovering the deleted files, you have to keep in mind certain very important precautions.

When you use any application, it tends to creates temporary files. For instance, if you are playing game or using any other tool, then the game or the particular tool would create some temporary file. These temporary file needs to be stored somewhere. Therefore these temporary file gets stored on your hard disk.

If you do anything on your computer, the temporary file may coincidently get stored on the same location where your deleted file exists. And if this temporary file overwrites your deleted file, the the chances of you recovering the file go completely out of the window. Thus you need to stop everything that you are doing on your computer. Even when you shut down your OS, temporary files are created, so be very careful.

Now comes the software. As I said there are 100′s of recovery softwares available on the Internet, & all softwares are good. Google them, & you will find them.

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Restoration is one of these softwares. It is very easy to use & you can download it for free from Internet. You can also try a bit advanced software Recuva.

How To Permanently Delete The Files?

After all this, you must be thinking that, there is no way to delete a file permanently. But that’s not true; there is indeed a way to permanently delete a particular file. So here is the way for it — File Shredder!

As the name reads, File Shredder shreds the files. Files deleted with this shredder cannot be retrieved back. When the files is deleted using File Shredder, the file is first over-written with some random bytes before it is deleted. So now, even if someone would try to recover the file, it won’t serve any purpose.

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