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How to Prevent Spam Comments in WordPress Blog

People who spam on your blog are annoying and hated by the blogging community. They are called a lot of negative names, and many people refer to spammed links on their blogs as “dirty stains” or “blog rape”. So why do so many people hate them? Mainly because links are a nice way to raise a person’s website in the search engine results pages. Getting higher up the search engine results pages is hard work, and takes a lot of time.

If you have worked hard to get your blog ranked highly, and then some skip rat comes along and takes advantage of your ranking for their own personal benefit, you would be mad too, right? There are also spam comments that do not have links on. They will just contain sales information. These are not as bad as link-comment spammers are, but are still annoying. Here is a few ways to make a spammers life a little harder.

Make any links in the comment section “No-Follow”

This is where you tell the search engine that if any links are added to the comment section, that they will not count towards the other persons PageRanking/SEO. This will deter long-term spammers from revisiting your blog, but will not stop people in the short-term unless you advertise that the blog comments are tagged as “No-Follow”.

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Do not forget that if you put the comment section as “No-Follow” that the comments added will not count as SEO beneficial “updates”, which search engines use to figure out which websites are updated frequently (and rank them accordingly).

Administrate/curate the comments yourself

This is the best way to stop spammers from abusing your comment section. You simply pick and choose which comments are allowed to be added to your comment section and which ones are not allowed. This means that you can keep your comment section as a “follow” comment section, as oppose to a “No-Follow” comment section. It also means that you are not making it difficult for genuine commenters to add their opinions, thoughts and ideas.


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CAPTCHA will stop automated spammers

Using CAPTCHA is going to stop automated online spiders/bots from copy/pasting a comment and link onto your comment section. It will however act as a hurdle that some commenters cannot be bothered to get over. Sometimes a commenter will add a comment, fill out the CAPTCHA answer incorrectly and then give up on adding the comment. Just remember that CAPTCHA may be too frustrating for some users and that is will not stop people from manually spamming your comment section.

Use a Plug-in to help stop Spammers

There are plenty of different WordPress plugins that you can use to help you stop Spam. Some of them track IP addresses of suspicious people, so that if you ban them they will not be able to sign up to your blog again (even if they use a different email or user account info). There are other plugins that offer various types of CAPTCHA, and some plugins that will remove any links from comments, or make you verify links before they are posted on the comment section.

Use a sign-in account system with a verified email address

This is another method which may stop honest commenters from commenting–primarily because it is a hassle to have to sign up and create a password, etc, just so that you can post a comment. It will put a lot of people off of commenting on your blog. On the plus side, it is great at stopping spammers. This is because you are able to cancel/deactivate the accounts of people who spam comments and links on your comment section.

To do this correctly you need to have the user sign up to your blog and create an account. When a person clicks to comment on your blog, have a pop up appear that asks them to create an account with a user name and a password. You should also have a little check box that they have to un-tick if they do not want to receive your newsletter.

Once they sign up–your system should send them an activation email. This will contain a link, which they click to confirm their email address. This is the best way of preventing people entering fake email addresses. If somebody enters Spam onto your comment section, you can block his or her profile and block that email address from ever signing up again. The spammer will then have to go to the trouble of creating a new email account and signing up all again, which is more effort than most are willing to put in.

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  • Agreed to your points i am just fed up by removing spam-my comments manually i really need an application to handle on its own thanks for your thoughts too

  • I keep getting hundreds of spam comments every day … Now I am very curious to prevare the advice in this article spernado can solve this great problem.

  • Thanks for sharing nice tips to preventing spam commentator. Plugin automatically prevent the spam comment but commentator don’t know but admin know. So Plugin are very helpful to preventing the spam.

  • Spam commentators are not adding any value to your website but they want to taking the link juice for your website. So you should prevent such spammer. Thanks for sharing nice tips!

  • great article Atish.., today the major problem in blogging is spams.., they corrupt the website or weblogs ., there are many plugins available which detect the spam and trash them.., but sometimes a true commenter get himself traped in this.., there is no way to purely distinguish between a true commenter and a spammer..,
    by the way great article as always..:)

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