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How To Play PUBG like a Pro Player?

If you are a PUBG fan, you must know that it is the most played game in the world currently. To top that, a consistent increase in the number of PUBG players day by day adds to its popularity. 

Unlike the old times, everyone owns high-end gadgets and high-speed internet now, enabling people to access games like PUBG. This has also increased the competition among gamers. 

Nonetheless, irrespective of the competitive nature, many players are still striving to become PUBG pros. If you also want to know more about PUBG hacks, you can visit https://battlelog.co/pubg-hacks/.

In this article, you’ll get to know various tips and tricks that will help you become a pro PUBG player. 


If you wish to be a pro, it is very crucial to pay attention to every mechanism of the game equally. You will come across many successful players who have been utilizing the scope button as an effective tool to regulate long-range bullets. Thus, it is important to gain expertise in using all controls. 

Team Roles

Teamwork is the primary component to be a winner in a PUBG squad match. It is crucial to define the roles properly to have good teamwork. A team should have four different roles: Leader, Assaulter, Sniper, and Supporter. 

Also, it is advisable not to be hungry for kills, which can be a huge blunder in this game. There is no doubt that a kill score is crucial, but being there with the team till the last circle is more important.


The experts will advise you to get a holographic, red dot, or a 2x scope during short-range combat. Also, you can make use of 4x, 6x, or 8x for long-range ammo sprays. Moreover, you should utilize AKM or UZI for close combat since they come with big damage ability. 

Smoke and grenades

Another sign of pro players is that they are quite aware of how to ace and make optimum usage of every supply in the game. Such a play can throw out an opponent or even finish an enemy team with grenades. 

The best way to not allow your opponents to react is by holding frag grenades for nearly 3 seconds. Additionally, you can make use of smoke grenades to obstruct the vision of your enemy while reviving your teammates, looting a crate, or going into the safe zone. 

Vehicles are essential

There are times when vehicles can turn out to be very valuable in a game when you have to rush into the gaming zone. Also, with the help of a car crash, you can kill your rivals.  

Be covered

New players often miss this point. You should ensure not to be overexposed when playing PUBG. Particularly in TTP game mode, it gives the performers a 360-degree sight to allow them to spy rivals around. 

This advantage is for everyone playing the game. Therefore, it is advisable to cover yourself if you don’t want to die soon. Firing without cover might make you an easy victim for your enemies. 

Understand the Game 

During team matches, an in-game leader plays a very significant role. In-game leaders need to be skilled and understand the game properly to plan a proper program for their team. 

It is the leader who will make the decision of where to land on the surface, when to engage in combat, the way to move, and when to go inside the safe zone. An expert leader will be able to figure out the correct place to camp and make the team a winner. 

Play with other skilled players 

One of the most effective ways to be a pro player is by playing with expert and pro players. This might be difficult for some as not everyone is social and comfortable playing with strangers. But it’s more beneficial if you play with experienced players. This is a great learning opportunity for you.  

Watch other players

If you want to hone your skills, go ahead and watch the stream of expert players and get tips from them. You can learn weapon handling skills and master sniping skills from these videos. 

The above tips will help you enhance your gaming skills and become a PUBG pro player. Grow these skills, and you will turn into an expert in no time. Stay tuned to come across related content. Also, if you have any doubt, do comment below. 

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