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How to Motivate Yourself?

Motivation and demotivation are the parts of human’s life. Every human being feels demotivated at least once in his lifetime. Many times demotivation can destroy everything if you don’t know how to cope up with it. So learning to handle demotivation and stay motivated is essential for a successful life.

As like other people, Bloggers also feel demotivated many times when they get something unexpected like not getting enough traffic, not getting enough comments, sudden degrade in Page Rank, traffic Drop, more criticism instead of appreciation etc. Many of them get distracted or feel like lost everything but few are strong enough to tackle the situation and stay motivated.


So today I am sharing the post how to motivate yourself in which I would write everything from my real life experience. I hope this post can help those bloggers who feel demotivated most frequently.

Here are few ways that can help you to stay motivated:

Forget the Google updates

It might seem odd to you that I am suggesting you to forget the Google updates because it is most important to understand the updates and prepare your blog accordingly in order to stay safe from them.

But still, I would like to suggest to forget the Google updates because most of the times it is going disappoint you. I am not saying to ignore the updates completely but forget it at least for some time when you are demotivated. Just try to write great content for your readers.

!Don’t think about those stuff which will tense you when you need some good time!

Remember the Good phases of your life

Whenever you feel disappointed, try to go in flashback of good times happened in your life. It may be a family tour, a picnic with friends, your achievements and many more.

Most importantly, try remembering the achievements you have made in your life. Think about them as how you have started and achieved those things. I am sure you would feel relaxed and motivated.

I am taking my example here, like others I do feel demotivated many times and feel like lost everything but I don’t just give up. I start remembering how I migrated from a small city to the capital city, New Delhi and how I studied then entered into professional life and how I started blogging and became a part of blogosphere where now I am being loved by a number of fellow bloggers and others.

Just talking about yesterday, I made a page on my personal blog named as “featured on” in which I have mentioned all the blogs where I have got featured my name. These might not be the big achievements but still, when I check them out I feel relaxed and get the motivation to work even harder to achieve more. I created the page so that I can check all of them out at one place whenever I feel demotivated.

!Live the happy moments so that it could help you motivate yourself when you feel demotivated!

Read the words of appreciations for you by others

In the life, you get both appreciation and criticism. Both help you grow but when you feel demotivated, go and check out/remember all those good words which were either written or told by others for you. If you are into blogging then check out the comments on your posts where other bloggers/readers wrote few good words for you. This is just a small thing but this can motivate you to a greater extent. I can say this because I have tried it many times and got motivated.

!Do something great and get appreciation from people, so that for later you would be having something which you can remind to motivate yourself!

Read about few extremely successful personalities

I am not sure if it can work with everyone but whenever I read about successful bloggers and other people I feel full of motivation. Few days ago, even I know about Sir. Amit Agrawal but still I read a lot about him here & there and also watched few of his TV interviews on Youtube. That time I was feeling so motivated that I cannot explain in words. Years ago when I had started blogging I read a post written by Onibalusi about his life and I can say that inspired me a lot during my infant period of blogging. There are a lot of success stories of different personalities which all I cannot mention here in one post.

!Always read successful stories to motivate yourself. It works!

These are few ways you can use to motivate yourself. This is not just another list of things to do for motivation but these are my real life experiences. Hope these can help you motivate yourself as well.

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  • Getting motivation is more important to stay with happiness. If you’re not getting encouraged in any way, you’ll get/feel demotivate soon.

    I feel hard many times for not getting my work recognized in both blogging and home, so i get demotivated easily and feel like lost everything.

    Thanks for the helpful tips!

    • Thanks for your comment Nirmala. Encouragement is needed but even someone encourage for every work then it has no mean. It should be sometimes when you do something that you never did. We care about those things more which come to our life in lesser amount. when something comes in great amount then we don’t care much about that. Its simple human psychology.

  • I recently got finished shooting a video for bankruptcy lawyers after a year or so of planning. It’s really hard to stay motivated when you’re organizing multiple unreliable people. I found one thing that really helped as taking care of as much stuff as I could do myself.

  • Hey Brother,

    Very nice post and your points are indeed motivational. I want to disclose one thing few of the points are matching with my feeling.
    I generally go for reading the comments full of appreciation and leave good impact also convert your demotivation into motivation.
    It is almost like walking in the grass in the morning.

    You encounter lot of demotivation in your workplace and in personal life but how do you cope with all and stand for yourself by confronting all challenges is called spirit of life.
    This is the mantra of life which I learned from day to day life.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas..

    • Thanks Di for stopping by. Satying motivated is the way to success and for this we should have to motivate ourselves everyday. Infact when you are working from home either as a blogger or as freelance writer or any work, you need motivation to be more productive in spite of so many disturbing elements at home.

      keep visiting and sharing your thoughts on my posts. 🙂

  • Hey Bro! Nice Article… I Have been blogging from last four years. I Have seen many phases in my blog life, some good, some bad and some very bad. I used to follow some of these to motivate myself and keep up my work.

    Jaymin recently posted..Ahmedabad Lightning Up with Free WiFi

  • Hello brother

    Motivation is main key to get succeed in our life. Without Motivation person can’t do anything. We always need to have push in our life.

    Even Birds Pushes their children to learn fly.

  • Hi Atish,

    Lovely post indeed 🙂

    Yes, we all tend to get demotivated sometime or the other, and that’s very natural. Either it’s something concerning our blogs – the rank game as they call it, or the drop in traffic, Google update, or then our personal lives, if things aren’t going well on that front.

    I guess we need to turn the leaf and boost our morale in such cases. Seek inspiration from people around you, just as you mentioned, and there are a lot of ways you can do that. Sometimes even an animal can inspire you or nature as such – you just need eyes and an open heart for it. Remain positive and positive things come your way, and that is true as I know of it.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Thanks Harleena for your thoughtful comment. In life there are times we feel demotivated but we should stay strong and keep ourselves motivated. You are right sometimes animals also motivate us.

  • hello atish Bhai
    great Article this Is Thanks for Sharing this article here. Whenever blogging Demotivates me, i Read articles on Your web and on Ravi verma’s Blog. Really it helps me lot. thanks for Sharing Again 🙂

  • Hi Atish,

    I didn’t expect such an inspirational post on a tech blog. But I enjoyed the way you blended this into the theme of your blog. Excellent write up!

    When it comes to motivation, I have a few things that I would like to share with you and your readers here (and I hope it adds some value):

    1. To remain motivated, you need to have a burning desire for which that you want to accomplish. Napoleon Hill said, “Desire is the starting point for all achievement”

    2. Stay focused on task at hand because broken focus is the cause of all failures.

    3. Associate with positive, uplifting people who are going somewhere just like you are. If you associate with wrong people, you can’t get in the right direction.

    And last but not the least, watch the way you speak because you hear what you say the first. Are you speaking in an empowering tone, or, are your words speaking defeat. Use the power of spoken words in your favor and you will not need to seek motivation. You become motivation for others!

    Great topic and enjoyed sharing some thoughts here. Have a great week my friend!


    • Hi Gauraw, Thanks that you spend time reading and writing a thoughtful comment along with some of tips to stay motivated. I love this kind of comments which add value to the post. Great Comment!

      TTW is not a complete tech blog but it is a multi niche blog, I share blogging tips, SEO, Business, how to guides and Tech combined. But yes it is primarily focused on Tech and softwares!

      Coming to your comment, I strongly agree with your words about having burning desire to achieve some particular goal keep you motivated even in hard time. few little things are well enough to let us feel motivated. I somehow think as you said, we infact try to change the way we speak. When our words are energetic our inner-self gets motivated.

      keep coming Gauraw!

  • Hello; some great suggestions here. I am going to add a as featured on page to my site right away. Its not only a good reminder to yourself but could be helpful to people considering using a blogger’s services. Then when you update it with new as seen on posts you will be reminded of all the past successes. and i always listen to books by or about inspiring personalities while exercising. I find that getting my body and mind stimulated at the same time is even more beneficial. thanks and take care, Max

  • Hey Atish,

    I just went through this myself but it was more then just not being motivated. I kept having issues with my hosting and that prevented my blog from even staying online. I dealt with this for two straight months and I thought someone was trying to tell me I shouldn’t be doing this.

    I did keep blogging but my heart wasn’t really in it. I was just so frustrated because my hosting company kept ignoring me so I couldn’t get my problem resolved. I fell into a funk because it was my baby yet the people I was paying and depending on let me down big time.

    I will tell you though that my community kept me going. They believed in me and knew that this was where I was suppose to be. They helped me, gave me suggestions and really helped inspire me which I appreciated so much. Your suggestions here though are good too and I know my issues were bigger then just not being motivated. I hope that doesn’t happen to me again though.

    Great share and rock on my friend.


    • Thanks Adrienne for sharing your story here. Its really tough to stay motivated when nothing goes well. Especially for bloggers hosting issue is the worst thing because it doesn’t let your blog up and running and thats the saddest part of any blogger’s life.

      I hope all is well on your side now! Keep writing! Stay motivated!

  • Very inspiration article
    I think this really help people to continue pursuing their target and finish it successfully.
    thanks for your valuable sharing.


  • If you work from home motivation is indeed the most important thing you need. You have to motivate daily to work more from home. I agree when we don’t get what we expect even we work hard then we all feel demotivated but I am happy that you have shared some cool tips to overcome the same. Good pointers Atish. Keep writing such stuffs.

  • Hi Atish
    thanks for sharing such a great post because this post is related to every human on this globe.Self motivation is the key for getting every success of our life.
    Thanks once again.keep posting.

  • Hello Atish,
    I tried to comment on the laptop, but it gave me a JavaScript error, so I thought I would try from my iPad.
    John Denver once sang a song with the lyrics… Some days are diamonds, some days are stone.
    There are days when everything is picture perfect, and other days, such as when you’re demotivated, that don’t go so well. When that happens, redirect your energy and attention to what you can accomplish. This will not only motivate you to be better, but will also give you something to look forward to.
    Kind Regards,

    • Hello Bill,

      Thanks you stopped by again, tried commenting again until it come through. I really appreciate. I am glad to read your views you shared here on my post. Keep coming. 🙂

  • thanks for sharing such a great post because this post is related to every human on this globe.Self motivation is the key for getting every success of our life.
    Thanks once again.keep posting…..:)

  • The most important one

    Read inspirational quotes 🙂

    For Example

    No dream is big and No dreamer is small.

    The word impossible says itśelf I M Possible.

    It always seems impossible till it´s DONE.

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