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How to Leverage Offline Events for Link Building?

When it comes to link building campaign, the only thing we focus on is developing backlinks with the help of online link building strategies. Of course, this is the best way to earn high-quality backlinks from a reputable company and get recognition from the search engines. But the interesting fact is you can even leverage offline events for link building. Yes, you read it right! Why not try all the possible methods of developing the perfect link building strategies when you have plenty of options?

Whether you have recently commenced your startup or you have been running a multi-national company for years, building backlinks for your online presence is the most crucial SEO strategy. Of course, you must try all the online link building techniques, but you must also make use of the offline methods for bulking up your backlinks. Whether it calls for attending an event of hosting one, go for it. ClickSlice states that any event that helps you collect backlinks from reputable organizations is worth attending or organizing.

Use Offline Events to Promote your Link

From the beginning of the event to the promotion part, the users get multiple opportunities to obtain quality backlinks from different sources. All you have got to do is follow the right strategy, and you’re done! One high-quality backlink from a famous company and your website are gaining the attention of hundreds of thousands of visitors overnight. So, are you ready to make your brand visible to your target audience? Here we have come up with some interesting tips on how to leverage offline events for building quality backlinks for your online business. Let’s have a look:

  • Connect with Influencers

The first step to acquiring backlinks through offline events is to connect with influencers, i.e., the bloggers that sell the same products and services as you do or post content relevant to your website. Before you approach the influencers, it is necessary to conduct some research on who they are, what exactly they do, what products they offer, who is their audience, and so on. Proper research is important because you don’t want to breach Google’s backlink algorithm by having your link displayed in irrelevant and unnatural posts. Your aim is to have a link (directing the viewers to your page) placed on the relevant web pages so that the search engines recognize your website and rank it.

Note that getting backlinks from influencers isn’t that easy how it seems. You can’t just email them and expect your link to appear on their page. You need to connect with them through offline events. Approach the influencers and tell them how important the backlinks are for your website. However, don’t expect the bloggers to do you a favor. In this competitive world, it is very hard to convince people to share your content on their website without offering some incentive in return. You must offer some cross-site promotion opportunities so that both of you benefit from the deal.

  • Host and Attend the Events

Before you get started with the link building strategy, it is imperative to know which domain and pages are you planning to share with others. If you want to promote your domain in an event, it is best to develop a landing page that invites your audience to register. As soon as you have your domain and pages work done, it is time to take these pages to the event site. It is worth to note that the location you are hosting an event will have a great impact on the type of backlinks you earn. For example, if you are planning to organize a small event in your nearby area, you can expect the backlinks that drive the traffic from a specific location.

On the other hand, if you are hosting huge events that involve the national audience, you can expect some reputable sites such as Meetup and Eventful to get you the quality backlinks.

  • Generate Links During the Event

Whether you have organized a national event or you have one of your representatives sent at the local event to speak on behalf of you, there are plenty of link building opportunities you can leverage during the event. The guests attending the event have a major impact on your website’s link campaigns. So, how exactly can the attendees help you earn more backlinks?

You might have heard of the saying, “you weren’t present in the event if you didn’t post about it.” Well, that’s true in today’s internet-driven generation. No matter where you go, the first thing you do is click some pictures and post it on your social account or blog. That’s exactly where the business benefits. When the attendees post about the specific event they attend, they tend to mention the name of the business as well as the link to the company’s website. If you manage to have some professionals and influencers post your website link on their social media sites or blogs, you can expect significant traffic to your website (as most of their followers are likely to click on the link to check out your page). All you have got to do is draw the attention of attendees and offer some incentive (probably cross-site promotion).

  • After the Event

Apart from generating links at an event or before the event happens, you can leverage offline backlinks when the event is over. As soon as the event is over, remember to track all the backlinks you have received with the help of social listening tools. If you believe the sites linking to your page can offer you synergies, then approach them and offer a mutually-beneficial collaboration.

Make sure that all the efforts you are putting in the link-building development will soon be paid off. The people placing links to your website on their social media channels and blogs can help you get a better ranking on the search engine. In addition to that, they can become regular attendees of all your future events.

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  • I’ve tried this method only once, when we decided to co-host the Global Enterpreneurship Week’s events here in our city, it didn’t go well in terms of link building though. Some offline media told abut our series of free meetings for enterpreneurs, but gave us no links. Not even one. 🙁 I wish I had read this article earlier, maybe I could achieve better results.

  • What a nice post? Training shared in this post, I think this, is more than a tip. If one can afford hosting an event, it’s the best and strategic way to get backlinks offline.

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