How to Handle Ambiguities in an iPad 3?

The iPad 3 comes to the market with the best features. People purchase the iPad 3 to get the most from its specs and apps. Unfortunately, several customers have raised many problems with iPad 3 like Ghost apps and weak signals of Wi-Fi. They get upset as they pay a lot for this gadget. Here are some ways to deal with common problems of iPad 3.

Sometimes you feel unhappy when you install a new app and find that it does not match or work on your iPad 3. You may be thinking you have enough space for your apps, but you may find that the downloaded file has expanded after installation. Make sure to install the latest version of iOS and delete unused apps that will offer more space for the new ones.

People feel worried about their sensitive data on iPad 3. They are looking for different ways to have backups for all files and documents. There are several methods to protect your data. For example, you can use iCloud service that keeps all your data stored and personal data up to date except media files. Once you lose your data, you can restore it through iTunes.

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You might feel that the battery life of iPad 3 chargers slower than the previous version. It takes more than six hours to reach 100%. The main reason is that the new features of iPad 3 consume lots of energy. You need to understand two facts about the iPad 3 battery. The first fact says that the iPad 3 battery is much bigger than the previous version, so it will take a long time for charging. The second fact is plugging your charger into the wall outlet to charge is faster than using USB ports of your computer. Do not charge your iPad 3 while you are using the apps or media files because all energy will drain from the plug to operate the apps and other files. Never charge your iPad 3 within the iPad covers, as the iPad 3 will be overheating and affects the battery negatively.

You need to identify the problems of not accessing Wi-Fi before you find the proper solutions. If the iPad 3 can pick up the network near your router, you have to move the router to another location. When the devices are fine and you cannot find the problem. It is preferable to restart your router or turn on Airplane mode to force your iPad 3 to reconnect. If you do not have a problem with the router or any devices, just restart your network settings and type your details in the Wi-Fi section.

Ghost app might appear in your iPad 3. You will try to delete it, but you will find that it is still in your device. It is not easy to get rid of the app. You can solve this problem by accessing to the Apple tab, select the home screen and delete the Ghost app, or restart your iPad 3. You can also install Ghost Radar app to detect the abnormal activities for iPad 3. This app includes sounds and vibrations to let you know when abnormal activities are detected.

Sometimes, you cannot print something from iPad 3 onto your wireless HP printer. Make sure that you install all updates related to your printer and iPad 3 has enough battery before using the wireless printer.

People cannot access to the Apple store that may be happen after updating iOS 6 or app store is vanished. There are many solutions like setting the date of your iPad 3 one year ahead. Restart you iPad 3 or launch the App store that may load slowly because of networking issues. You can pick another language for iPad 3 as changing the language will get back the App store to what it was originally.

 If you notice that Wi-Fi signals are weak and slow, apply the following steps. First, go to your iPad 3 setting and choose the network under general tap. Then open the Wi-Fi section, next tap on the blue arrow, select forget this network and reconnect later to the same Wi-Fi network. Sometimes, iPad 3 has low storage space that is not enough to run the Wi-Fi network. The solution is to have more space by deleting the unused apps, cookies and web history.

In conclusion, settle down when you face any problems with iPad 3. For every complex problem in iPad 3, an answer is clear and simple. Always check the Apple website and read how other people deal with various problems on the discussion board. The most important thing is to enjoy your iPad 3 and its applications. It is all that matters.

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    Thanks For These Tips…I found it very Informative and good and read almost whole.. :p
    Gautam recently posted…How To Root Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100My Profile

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    hello zainil,
    i was thinking about buying an ipad3 but i have also heard from my friends about some problems with ipad3 like weak wi-fi signal as you have told in your post.However i waswondering is it a good deal to do buying and ipad3 or should i look for samsung tab which is much cheaper?

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    I think the new additions of iPad mini and iPad Air will address some of these issues. But yeah, in order to get much better battery life that could last for 10 hours, you really need to charge it for such long hours, even my cell phone needs to be recharged for 5 hours to reach the full bar, let alone tablet. With a new chip and optimizations on the software, i believe the new iPads will be more powerful than predecessors.
    Brian Johnson recently posted…What Makes Bioshock Infinite Songbird so Special in this Game?My Profile


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