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How To Simply & Effectively Maximize Your Productivity When You Work From Home

Whether you’re a blogger, online entrepreneur, or maybe even an employee who works from home full-time, you need to adopt certain habits to maximize your productivity. Working from home for many people can be incredibly distracting and even a place where tasks do not get completed on time.

In this article, we will go over a few simple yet powerful tips in order to destroy procrastination and even increase your motivation when you set up for work at your home office.

Let’s get right into it! 

1.) Put Smartphone in Another Room 

One of the best strategies for increasing your productivity from home is to put your smartphone in a completely different room while you’re working on important projects. If this sounds too extreme, at the very least you should flip your phone upside down and place it far away from your workspace.

The smartphone as helpful as it is in our day to day lives, can be detrimental to our productivity. Constant text messages, email alerts and other notifications can sway us away from the projects we need to be focusing on. This step alone can increase your productivity by a long shot. If you do feel the need to check your phone (don’t worry, we all do), then look at it only every hour or two. Once you start stringing together full hours of work without interruption, you will get a heck of a lot done. 

2.) Close Out of Unnecessary Internet Tabs

One of the biggest killers to a productive workday is having unnecessary tabs like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube open in your browser. When you work from home, there’s no one looking over your shoulder to tell you to stay on track, like a boss or manager. You have to have the discipline yourself to make sure you are not surfing social media or watching videos on YouTube.

Now of course we’re all guilty of this from time to time, but if you want to get important tasks done, try to make sure that the only Internet tabs you have open are contributing to the project at hand. Then maybe after you actually get something finished, you can take a short break and surf the web for a few minutes as a reward.

3.) Listen To Stimulating Music

This is a very underrated step and one that is helpful for many people. Everyone’s musical taste is different, but try to find a certain genre or style that helps spark creativity and optimism in what you’re doing. You can even search on YouTube for “study music” or “stimulating music” to put on your headphones or in the background. You’d be surprised just how much this can help get you in the “zone”. It helps drown out outside noises to keep you locked in to the current task you’re plugging away at. 

4.) Coffee or Tea Anyone?

Having something to sip on, for example, coffee or tea especially in the morning is incredibly helpful for concentration. Green tea contains l-theanine which actually promotes calmness and focus and may be just what you need to do your best work.

It’s important that you don’t go overboard here with the caffeine because this could have a negative effect. Too much caffeine can cause you to become more jittery and irritable, so it’s important that you balance this right so you have just the “edge” you need to get things done.


In conclusion, some of the most successful and financially successful people who work from home are the ones who utilize some of the steps laid out above. If you work from home yourself part-time or full-time, give some of these a go and see if they enhance your work day. Track your progress in a journal and note which steps have helped you.

These may seem simple and some may even seem like common sense, but don’t knock them until you try them for at least a full week (or even longer). These little hacks alone can help increase your productivity by leaps and bounds.

Do you currently use any of the techniques above?

Do you have any other helpful tips for people looking to increase productivity while working from home?

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  • When I am working I always have my phone with me, it help me research quickly when I multiplied task work on my computer. Maybe it just depend on the person how he/she uses his/her time.

  • Hello Evan,
    That’s so cool!
    I hope, hereafter no one will feel lazy while doing work from home after reading this post.
    Thanks for the coolest idea to make money while sitting at home.

  • Hi, Much needed help in this right now. I am working from home and its too hard to properly concentrate on your work. Lots of Distractions!!!
    I like your music tip and will surely try it

  • One of the biggest culprit I found is mobile phone. If it is around the n, it’s really gonna be hard to be productive at all. A To Do list is always effective for me.

    Make small tasks, and have a deadline for it. It is incredibly effective and make you sure do a lot of work everyday. That’s what my experience is.

    Yeah , I agree it’s not gonna be easier, if you are working from home. Better have a separate space at home and discipline is the primary aspect.

    Thanks Evan and Atish.

  • Thanks for sharing this article. I definitely drink too much coffee and this works for and against me at times! Good tips on closing browsing tabs (which I do) and moving the mobile phone.

  • Hi Evan,
    Really the best thing is for each one to feel confident in carrying out the tasks, in my case I need several tabs, I don’t listen to music, I use my cell phone when necessary, Youtube is a problem since I follow channels and I love the videos, I usually watched on 2x speed…
    Thanks for the tips, this is useful and helps people a lot.

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