How to Create Your About Page that Converts

 Check out your blog’s traffic stats, if you are doing great with your blogs, you will notice that your about page is one of the most visited pages on your site.

If about page is your most visited page, are you making enough efforts to get more benefits out of your about page?

If not, use this article to start modifying your about page to grab more emails, make more sales or boost your readership.

Why about page is so important?

For instance, you have stumbled upon a new site and found the contents interesting and you wanted to find out who is writing such an awesome content.

What happens if you don’t find an about page on the very blog or when you open their about page what if you see the person is BRAGGING more about himself/herself?

Simply you just hit the back button or X button on the browser and move on to the next site, agree?

If you want to create an about page that converts, here are few golden nuggets for you.

Care about your readers

If you want to make your attention grabbing, then care about your readers. You can’t make your blog successful without focusing and giving value to your readers.

Your caring should be shown from the beginning of your about page.

Tell them why did you start the blog and what are the benefits that your readers are going to get.

Use your real picture with a smile and place it on your about page to instantly create a friendly feeling on your readers.


Don’t brag about yourself much

Most bloggers brag about themselves too often. But let’s consider the hard truth about blogging. No one gives importance if you are bragging.

If you want to build a profitable blog, start blogging – not bragging. Don’t try to show yourself as an authority, instead show your readers how can your authority help them to grow their businesses and lives.

That’s how you can instantly grab their attention to read your blogs or about pages.

Give them reasons to read your blog

If someone lands on your blog, can they quickly understand what your site is about?

About page is one of the effective ways of better understanding about your blog. Use your about page to tell your readers “why should they care” and what type of contents they will find along the way.

If you are writing about Internet marketing, try to convey your readers that you have specific topics to cover on your blog and show them that you are really good at what you are talking.

You can even use podcasts or videos to show your expertise or describe about your blog. This way they will be easily find whether your blog is for them or not.

Distinguish yourself by telling your USP

Ask yourself these two question before creating your about page.

“Why should someone buy from me instead of others?”

“Why should someone read my blog instead of others?”

These two questions will not only help you better understand about your niche and audience, they will also help you stand out from the crowd.

No one will like to read generic contents, they want fresh feel and uniqueness.

If you want to create an about page that converts, differentiate yourself by telling your USP. USP is often refers to Unique Selling Point or Unique Selling Proposition.

Give your readers detailed view of how your blog is different from others. If you once convince them with your about page, you will gain their attention for the lifetime!

Don’t allow comments 

Most bloggers, especially the new bloggers allow comments on their about pages. But don’t do that if you want to make your about page shine.

The primary goal of your about page is, telling your readers what to expect on your blog. Don’t confuse them by writing lengthy about page or allowing comments (most commenters these days are just writing comments for the sake of links, if you allow them, it will look unprofessional and spammy).

Over to you:

Did you have any specific tips to create an about page that converts? Have you ever came across great about pages on other blogs? Please share your thoughts below.

Sai Kumar is the Founder  of Crunchyhub. He is a Part-time blogger from Hyderabad, India and he writes about Android, Technology, WordPress etc.

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  • That’s a great post from the guest blogger 🙂

    Totally agree with you and will do the missed ideas as u said.

    Yes, when am reading a post in an unknown blog, i used to see their “About-us” page.

    It is still in my mind – when I started a new WP blog, Atish told me to fill the About us Page without fail.

    Hope it is an useful post for the blogger, thanks Sai kumar for writing this!

    • Hi Nirmala Mam, Thanks for stopping by. Most of the readers read About us page after reading a particular post in our blog. So Adding the About Us page with a proper info is really important for each and every blogger.

      Sai Kumar

  • I kind of disagree with the comments part.
    It’s important to have comments to get a community type feel going, but as you said, it can lead to spam.
    I use disqus on my blog so people really won’t get a link out of it so the ones who comment are genuine readers and giving their opinions and not trying to spam

    • Hi Leslie Edwards, Most of the Bloggers use default commenting system. So by allowing comments in about us page, most of the blog commenters comment for a link which looks unprofessional and spammy. If a blogger use disqus commenting system then there is no problem of spam comments. BTW!! Thanks for Stopping by.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing great article about creating aboutus page. This is very useful information for online review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Sekhar Reddy.

  • This is a new

    Most bloggers, especially the new bloggers allow comments on their about pages. But don’t do that if you want to make your about page shine.

    But why you have not mentioned that if you want to use adsense then you have must an about page .
    @Atish Ranjan Overall it was a great informative article …

    • Hi Atif Imran, Thanks for Stopping by. Yeah allowing comments on About us may look unprofessional. I forgot to mention this point bro “if you want to use Adsense then you have must an about page for sure”. Thanks for adding this point!!

      Sai Kumar

  • Hello Sai Kumar,
    Good information for skilled guest blogers and for people who just start to make their blog. I’m totally agree with your recommendation on how to creat “About” page. Thanks for sharing the usefull tips.

  • Hey Atish,

    Really Its Cool post about How to Create Your About Page that Converts.This post is so attractive for online reader. thanks dear for sharing with us .

  • Hi Atish, interesting topic selection and good post again.Bloggers generally do not think much about their about pages but as you know that it is very important that a blog has about page. Above tips are really great and I have implemented the last one to disable comments.

    • Hi Kumar Suhas, You are right bro most of the bloggers do not think much about their about pages mostly newbies. Creating About Us page with proper info is really important for every blogger. Thanks for Stopping by!!

      Sai Kumar

  • Wow amazing post,

    Well i agree with all your points about “about page” at any blog which is usually very important for all blogs. I think most of the readers will have a habit of reading about at any blog.

    So we must write an attractive about page.

    Thanks for the tips.

    • Hi Sarvesh Darak, yeah most of the readers will have a habit of reading about us page at any blog. So try to add a proper info in about us page and make it more attractive for readers. Thanks for Stopping by!!

      Sai Kumar

  • agreed that About Us page is one of the most visiting page.. and Its a good Idea to utilize it ….usually on my blogs I use it for creating a soft image for visitors and advertisers, both. AndI’m not in favor of accepting comments on such page..

    • Hi Syed, Yeah you are right bro!! About Us page is one of the most visiting page of every blog and allowing comments on About Us page may look unprofessional and spammy. So always we need to make about us page more attractive. Thanks for Stopping by!!

  • It’s a great post Atish!! Thanks for sharing it with us. I totally agree that about page is one of the most visited pages on a site. Therefore it must be expressive about the site content.

    • Hi Lalita Bisht, you are absolutely right About Us page is one of the most visited page on every blog. So we need to make it more attractive by adding proper info into the page. BTW!! Thanks for Stopping by!!

      Sai Kumar

  • Thanks a lot Sai kumar for your guidelines to make about us page. I agree with you about page is one of the most important page on a site.
    wonderful share from you 😀

  • Excellent post. I think that if you make landing pages for human being and consider yourself as a visitor and see how a user would like to convert then you can make your landing pages awesome.


  • Hi There

    I am new user of blog.and i want improve my blog contain and profile.When i read this post
    i really follow this.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Nice post.This is really important to every one, Don’t brag about yourself much i totally agree with this point.Who don’t have knowledge regarding particular thing they always taking about their self.

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