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How to Clear Broken Registry Items?

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular and the most extensively used operating systems today. No matter how many operating systems come to life, Microsoft Windows will remain a go-to for many. Registry is one of the most important parts of Windows OS, and we are going to talk about it today

What is Windows Registry?

Windows Registry is the key component that contains information, settings, options, and other values for software and hardware which are installed on the Microsoft Operating system. Whenever a software program is installed on a particular Windows Computer, a new subkey that contains the settings and information about that particular program such as location, version, and how to start it, are all get added to the Registry.

Broken Registry can be problematic for PC to perform well at times. Sometimes, there are broken registry items that need fixing or deletion. If you don’t do it, it may slow down the PC or create different problems.

Let’s dive deep into it, and find out how we can fix broken registry items.

What Is A Broken Registry Item?

The Windows registry is a repository that houses user settings and all information related to the downloaded applications, software, and even opened web pages. In simpler words, everything that you do on your computer is stored in the Registry Editor

There is no doubt that this is a solid database, but there are chances where there could be some issues and instances where certain items could get corrupted and turn into broken registry items. 

 Now you must be thinking, what causes broken registry items? The answer to this is that these errors can occur anyway. Maybe you just uninstalled an application, or the software got old and corrupted. The reasons of what causes broken registry items can be endless. What is important is learning how to clear broken registry items so that your computer can function correctly.

How To Clear Broken Registry Items?

There are plenty of ways to get rid of the junk and trash that’s been lying in your computer’s registry. There are tons of applications too, which claim to solve this problem of yours. These applications are often called Windows 10 registry fixer. However, Microsoft Windows also gives you few ways by which you can get rid of the broken registry items to revive your computer in some easy steps. 

Method 1: Performing Disk Cleanup

How to remove broken registry items in windows 10 is relatively easy. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps to clean your disk, which will remove all the broken and corrupt items from your registry.

  • Press the Windows key, and type in Disk Cleanup
  • Select the first option that you see.

  • From the option, select the drive on which Windows has been installed.
  • All you have to do now is just click Clean Up System Files and select the drive again.

  • Check all the options and just click OK.

Wait for the clean-up to end. This will clean up all the junk from your system that has been slowing it down. This is by far the easiest and the most trusted process if you wish to know how to remove broken registry items in windows 10.

Method 2: Refreshing Computer

If the previous method didn’t work and you are still figuring out how to clear broken registry items, you can now refresh your computer using the restore option. Don’t worry; you won’t lose out on any personal files or data through this method.

  1. Press Windows Key + I to open settings.
  2. Now you have to click on Update & Security.
  3. Select Recovery from the left pane.

  4. You have to now click on Get Started and also select Keep My Files. This way, you will not lose out on your important data.

  5. There would be some on-screen instructions, all you have to do is follow them. Now, your windows will refresh completely, automatically deleting all the broken registry items.

This method acts as one of the best and the most useful broken registry items cleaner. 

Method 3: Run DISM

This method is a lengthier and a little technical one. But is surely one of the promptest solutions if you want to fix corrupt registry in windows 10.

  1. Press the Windows Key + R Key together to open the Run.
  2. Type in cmd and press Shift + Ctrl + Enter together.
  3. Type in: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth and press Enter.

There you go, all you need to do is let the computer finish its process. Later, just check if all broken registry items are deleted.

Why Deleting Broken Registry Items on Windows Is Important

The computer is a complex system that makes our lives super easy. However, many times, this computer could act up and create some issues. All we need to do is find the error and rectify it. Clearing broken registry items were the solution in this case.

Why you should delete your broken registry items in your computer is super essential to answer. If you don’t, your computer can become slow and hamper the operating system’s working.

Hence, it is super essential to fix the corrupt registry in windows 10 time and again.


If you spend a lot of their time on their computer, you might know how important the registry of the Windows is. This is the storehouse of all the applications, even if they get deleted. By this, you might understand how much junk is in there. Hence, how to clear broken registry items becomes a vital question to answer. I hope that these methods work out for you and you can clean your broken registry items successfully.

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