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How to Choose the Right Hosting Company

In the world we live in today, web hosting is a major real estate. It refers the world to as a global village and web hosting represents the land on which they build this village. Without it, there will be no such thing as the internet as we know it today. This is how important it is.

For the sake of clarity, let us start from the beginning and look at what we mean by hosting or web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

In the general English language, hosting means to accommodate or house a person or thing. In this case, hosting means to hold or keep files, web pages etc. on powerful computers known as servers. These files each have an address that can be accessible to everyone or only authorized persons.

When you type a web address, you are simply calling up a particular file in a directory on a server somewhere. These files are said to be web hosted. This allows people from all parts of the world to access websites and pages from practically anywhere. You can learn more about hosting here.

Types of Web Hosting

There are different types of hosting and it is important to know these, so you will be in a better position to decide on which is best for your needs. Some different types of hosting we have included below:

Shared Hosting

This is one of the very common types. Hosting services became popular because few people could afford to own their own servers. These host companies, therefore, provided servers and rented them out to people. This was by far cheaper than trying to own a full server.

However, this was still beyond the reach of the majority of the people so to make it more affordable, shared hosting came on the scene. This means that it allowed different users to share the same server, sharing the cost among them. With the smallest share costing as low as $5 monthly, users can opt for this or larger portions of the server.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is a more recent addition to the hosting bouquet. With the increased popularity of WordPress as a content management software, hosting companies now offer managed WordPress hosting. This aims to offer easy to manage WordPress websites.

The provider of the hosting handles a lot of the backroom stuff, to ensure the user has very little to do to keep their WordPress site running smoothly.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This is not exactly a private server but something close to it. In this type of hosting, though the users in this plan share the same server, it allocates them defined resources on the server so one user’s activities cannot interfere with another’s as is the case with shared hosting. Learn more here: https://www.techopedia.com/definition/4800/virtual-private-server-vps.

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Dedicated Hosting

This is simply a case where the user rents a server all to him or herself with no sharing of any sort. This is the type of hosting that you go for when your business has grown to a point where the traffic to your site is now pretty significant.

Aside from the increased cost of using a dedicated server, you may also need to hire a system administrator to help you with the management of the server unless of course, you have the technical know-how to do so.

Reseller Hosting

The name reseller says it all. This is a shared hosting plan that allows you to rent out part of your hosting plan. It provides the tools you need to run this side business smoothly. You can read more about Reseller Hosting by clicking here.

Cloud-Based Hosting

This is another new kid on the block. It is called a cloud because it involves the linking of several servers and having them work as one, forming something like a huge server or cloud. One benefit of this type of hosting is that your capacity to receive traffic is increased as your traffic increases. You will not have a case of your site crashing because of an unexpected influx of traffic.

Colocation Hosting

This is a special kind of service in which you bring your server operating system and just rent the rack space with power, cooling, security, and uplink.

Self Service Hosting

This is how hosting started. This is you providing everything you need for your hosting.

Choosing a Web Hosting Company

Having looked at the different types of hosting available, you will probably be wondering from whom to get the one you think is ideal for you at this time. One of the most trusted ways of choosing a host is relying on reviews from past users and professionals. If you read a review of the Top Hosting Company 2019, you will be able to pick out the companies that can offer you any of these service packages.

Choosing the right hosting service will help you operate your website on a sure footing. This is because you will get affordable packages and it will also provide you with the much-needed technical support to ensure you operate your website with no hitches.

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