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How to Buy the Best Inverter Battery in India?

In your area of residence, do you face regular load shedding? Unfortunately, in India, it is a common occurrence. But there are a couple of ways that you can fix this situation. You can use a (diesel) generator, for instance. In most cases, however, this choice is expensive and maintenance intensive.

But there is another simpler way of combating the issue of load shedding. You guessed that correctly. An inverter & Inverter battery system

Let’s say you’ve got an inverter. What now? 

The next move will be to select the best inverter battery compatible with your inverter. And how are you going to do this? Don’t worry! We are here to help.

What Factors Do You Need to Consider When Buying the Best Inverter Battery?

You can’t go and buy just any inverter battery from the market or online. To get the best one based on your specific requirement, you need to keep a few pointers in mind. Here are some tips from us.

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  • Compatibility with Your Inverter

In the Indian market, there are myriad inverter models available. They are not all compatible with all of the other batteries. Some need a special kind of battery to run. So, you must understand your inverter needs before you go to purchase one of the best inverter batteries.

And then purchase a battery that is compatible with your particular inverter model. There are several inverter batteries with inverters that are universally compatible. If you do not want the distress, you can get one of these.

  • The Battery Backup Time

The energy supply differs from area to area. There could be 4-5 hours of load shedding in a particular area, for example, and only 1-2 hours in another. So, you should get the best inverter battery for your particular situation that will give you desired battery backup. You can measure the battery backup time with ease. Here’s how:

For example, , suppose you want to run 2 LED light bulbs of 18 watts, 1 ceiling fan of 60 watts, and an LED TV of 50 watts – and you want to know the most optimum size of the battery for a 6 hours power cut. There are brands like Luminous that provides you and easy to use an online load calculator.

Types of Inverter Battery for Home

There are numerous types of batteries available for inverters. You must decide which type of battery to choose depending on your requirements. 

  1. GEL Batteries
  2. Tubular Plate Batteries
  3. Flat Plate Batteries

GEL Battery

These batteries employ an innovative technology by adding fine silica powder to the battery acid inside to make a GEL. Even though these batteries are more expensive than the flat plate or tubular variety, they make up for it with a no electrolyte maintenance cost, enhanced charging efficiency and greater consistency. Luminous INVERGEL IGSTJ 18000 battery comes with 48M warranty. It is once fitted in your home, you forget about power outages & battery maintenance issues! Gel Battery requires no water top up. It guarantees up to 20% more power, longer life, and more consistent backup than distilled water battery Advantages:

  • In absence of liquid type electrolyte, it will not leak out of battery if tipped on its side.
  • Higher tolerance against damage from deep discharge.
  • Extended shelf life, low self-discharge rate.
  • Steady quality & High consistency.


  • More expensive than flat plate or tubular batteries

Tubular Plate Battery

These batteries employ an advanced construction and are highly recommended for areas with long duration power cuts. Even though these batteries are more expensive than the flat plate variety, they make up for it with a longer life span, much less maintenance and greater reliability. With less positive plate shedding, tubular batteries provide up to a 30% longer service life than flat plate batteries. 


  • Built for areas with long and frequent power cuts 
  • Requires less water topping than flat plate batteries because of their design – Ease with which acid circulates around the tubular plate design. They can hold a lot of distilled water, which, in theory, makes them less prone to drying out quickly
  • More reliable than flat plate batteries 
  • Usually come with a longer warranty period than the flat plate variety


  • More expensive than flat plate batteries

Based on overall size, Tubular Batteries are again divided in to 2 types: 

  • Short Tubular 
  1. Comparatively smaller and compact. Used for areas where there is a constraint of space.
  2. Comparatively higher maintenance required, in terms of water topping up 
  • Tall Tubular Batteries
  1. Most suitable for long power cut areas – Highly reliable
  2. Minimum maintenance required, in terms of water topping up
  3. Long lasting service life – LUMINOUS LIFEMAX battery comes with 75M warranty

Flat Plate Battery

These batteries are recommended for frequent power cut area and for areas where power outage is not very long. While these batteries are relatively inexpensive, they require regular maintenance (water topping) to keep them performing optimally. 


  • Cheap and light on the pocket


  • Require regular maintenance 
  • Have a shorter life span than tubular batteries 
  • Not recommended for long duration power cuts

You can search online and get the best inverter battery for your home from reliable brands like Luminous. They offer myriad options of inverter batteries for various kinds of inverters. You are just a click away from getting the best power backup solution for your home.

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